#steem-music Challenge No.1 - Let You Down by NF (Hope We Don't...😉

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Hi There 😊

So, when I first read the about the challenge from @perennial and #steem-music, I thought it was a great initiative. Like who doesn't like music right? And to be able to sing a favourite of yours and even better an original that you wrote, is an opportunity any singer/songwriter would grab. I of course cannot do either... so as @perennial hinted when I commented on the post, I went to the kids.

One plays the piano and sings, one plays the drums, one was willing to rap and one was willing to give the singing a go. Because we only had so much time to practice (carpool karaoke is a lot easier since you just need to sing over a song), we went to the expert in the house, Daddy-O. Who was more than happy to guide the kids and play the guitar.

The song we chose is about an estranged father-son relationship. Coming from the son, his need to be enough and not being able to make his father proud had been carried with him into adulthood. And this is based on real events with the singer NF. And every time I hear this song, it's a reminder to be supportive of the kids, and their decisions. And even if I wasn't crazy about their choices, to work at having a positive discussion. To put myself in their shoes.

So we practiced for a bit on Saturday. Again a couple more rounds on Sunday and we were ready to give it our best shot as weekdays would be next to impossible with school and work. R has had that irritating cough that takes forever to go away, so we would like to apologise upfront for some coughing in the background. Otherwise, we really hope this entertains you.


’Til we meet again over text, pics, videos, maybe even coffee -Steem On!!


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Wow...all the best @kaerpediem. Daddio is really cool with the guitar. Pls drop by on the 14th april in Liberal Latte.

Thank you @perennial.... I won't be in town this weekend, will be in Malacca for a swim meet... fingers crossed I will be able to make it for the next one

How awesome to get the whole family involved! We've done a couple music videos, but my boys are 2 & 5 so they just danced, but we're very funny to watch.

So wonderful to have all that talent in one family. I'm looking forward to hearing more from them.

Thank you @crowbarmama...
Of course I had to go check out at least one of your videos and I totally enjoyed The Bogger Song. Your boys are soooooo cuteeeee.....
And they make great back up dancers....

Wow this time your husband is also onboard? Your boy who raps really can rap! What a nice family activity it has become, @kaerpediem :)

Haha...yes, managed to rope in Daddio this round....I was just thinking the same thing, it's a fun family activity. Something you can do too with @littledrummerboy😊 ... Thank you @happycrazycon

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