🌞 Visual Quick Help Cards for Beginner Success on Steemit – Volume 1 🐳

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You can have a more successful start, save a lot of time, and avoid costly mistakes if you just follow some of the advice in the following list of visual quick help card posts.

The Dream

Maybe you are just like me and want to immediately publish your first post because you aim for this:

The Reality

Of course you can but be aware your chances are to have zero results. Just take a look at the list of new posts any time of the day on Steemit.
Here is just an example:

Build Your Audience

The difference between picture 1 and picture 2 is the size of your audience. The authors who are successful on Steemit have a huge audience. Either they were already known before they joined or they have built their followers over months on Steemit.
Build your audience first by connecting to them on Steemit. You have many options to do so.

One that you should use between 20-40 times a day is your upvote power.
In this post you will find the guidance on upvoting.

How to Upvote, Make Money and Avoid Costly Mistakes!

Upvoting will bring you immediate steem power. And steem power means influence. And your audience is also attracted by your influence power. Upvoting will build your network on Steemit because people will start to follow you.

The next power you have is commenting.
In this visual guide I will show you how to make commenting a success.

How to Comment on Posts and Make Money Immediately!

With comments you can add value and appreciation to a post. Authors will value your attention. They can upvote your comment.

Your third option is to contact a user directly.
It will be explained in this guide.

☺ How to Contact Anyone on Steemit Directly!

Your First Post

Post with pictures always perform better than posts without pictures.
In this guide you learn how to insert your own image.

How to Add my Own Image in a Post!

Additionally, you can make your title of your post stand out by using emojis or symbols.
Here is the guide on how to include them.

🌞🌝 Emojis ☹ 😡Anyone😭? 🍎 – 🍒 How to Include Emojis and Symbols in Your Title and Your Post 🐬🐭🐮🐯🐰🐱🐳!

The best way to start is to write an Introduce Yourself Post with the tag introduceyourself.
In here you put down who you are and what value you will add to the community and your followers.
You can use your Introduce Yourself Post also as a signature and always leave a link to it when you make a comment in the future.

Some more advice

Just before you publish a post care about your network. Give them your attention first and they will return it. You see it in the Feed section in our profile who has just published a post.
My other practice is to follow anyone who interacts with me.

Hope I was helpful.
I am on Steemit because I have a mission:


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This is really a big help to those who are starting with Steemit and looking for success with minimal rate of failure. I have included this post in my wiki project SteemWiki.info steemit FAQ section.

Followed. Because we need more of these for everyone wanting to be successful in Steemit. Looking forward to your future blog posts.


Thank @cjclaro for including me in your wiki project.

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Another post that helps me on my way in becoming a Steemer. I´ll get on to introduce myself right away. Thanks!

Thanks, hunting down the right way to start here on Steemit and found this very beneficial @steempowerwhale

Useful for beginners:)

This was a useful post for a newbie luddite like myself. thank you, oc

ps. How do you make a 'signature' on your replies? I can't find the access for that set up.

11 months old and it still helps me. Thank you!!

This was super helpful, and all things I can try right away even as a beginner.