How to Comment on Posts and Make Money Immediately - Quick and Easy Help for Noobs

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For the majority of Newbies the first months on Steemit can be frustrating. A lot of effort is put into writing but the rewards are little or none. I am in the same situation.

Do not give up. There are other opportunities that will need less effort and over longer period of time build the basis for your future success as author on Steemit.
In my case I currently make more money with commenting than with writing.
In this quick help guide I will first show the ones who never have commented on a post on how to do it. In the next step I will explain you how to make money with commenting.
At the bottom of each post you can leave your comment by clicking on Reply.

The text box will open and you can enter your comment. When you are finished click Post.

Once your Post is published in your profile the statistic on the number of your posts will increase by one. Steemit does not differentiate if you have written and submitted a story or made a comment.

How to make money with commenting?
If the author or other readers upvote your comment you get rewarded in Steem Dollars and Steem Power. Steem Dollars can be transferred immediately while Steem Power can be withdrawn in 104 weekly instalments.
I track my comments rewards on

Click on the Comments Tab.

The list will indicate which of your comments will be rewarded.

With one line of comment I will receive 0.03 Steem Dollar and additionally Steem Power. If you get several upvotes for your comment you could potentially make several Steem Dollars.

My highest reward so far is 1.217 SD and 0.8444 Steem Power.

The success also depends on the way you comment on a post. If you just leave a Thank you or that was a great post note this will hardly get you an upvote. Your comment needs to be relevant to the post and add a new perspective or an important information.

Additonally you can make Steem Power through upvoting a post. Please see my previous guide on upvoting. Currently I make more Steem Power from voting than from writing.

My mission is to upvote your lifetime dreams:

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM!
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Thak u for information


For sure it does make start easier.


Why can I only reply to comments, And not start my own comment ? How long does it take to create my own comments ? Thanks.

Thanks for this post. Its a big help on noobs like me who don't know yet what to do how to earn money here. I just signed up and struggling how to get started to earn some money here.So your post is really in deed a great help.


Here here. I agree with you, there is a great need for platforms for newbies to be tough the fundamentals of Steemit.


I think most of newbies will have the same problem and slowly they will dissappear from Steemit

This is really an original content. I'm new to Steemit and I still do not know these dynamics well. Thanks for your advice.

thanks for this post, i'll try to practice and earn money from this.

thanks for the article. I have noticed the same, as I am new I have added a ton in the first 2 days, D tube is not working correctly to get videos going and this is the next best thing. I hope this site makes it and D tube gets their act together, so we can bring people from YouTube over, especially videos that are censored. thanks for the tip

Thank you for sharig this valuable information. sharing your thoughts and commenting can help. :)

THANKS @steempowerwhale FOR THE HELP Spirit of Happiness.jpg

Your posts are helpful to newcomers . we have just launched our new initiative on here and have been seeking to understand how to use Steem.

the first of our monthly blogs is here

Thank you.... This is insightful!

Thanks for sharing. I'm also new and it is very hard to get to know the system.

Another good post on how to interact here on steemit. It can be confusing to us noobs navigate through all the content to figure out how everything operates. Thank you for posting the detailed pictures. Very informative and encouraging!

Dude, thanks for that tip in commenting. I'm new in steemit and I have a lot to learn about this page and its opportunities.
I found this page and it kinda made me want to make a blog.. I like driving and travelling, these things are part of my job. I'm a truck driver. It's not only what you can get, it's what you can give to people. It's entertainment.
But still, dude, thanks for that commenting tip and I wish you all the best!

Just found this post, I'm also struggling as newbie thanks @steempowerwhale

Nice job on putting words to help others grow in this community.
I will work on commenting now too.


Thank u..👍

Amazing content. I am quite new to Steemit myself, never knew even by commenting can earn myself steemit dollars..

The whole process is still a bit confusing, but articles like this helps the learning curve. Thanks for taking the time for creating this content.

Thank you for this post!

I'll start commenting more and write back with updates on how successful I become! :)

I am just getting started on steemit and this post was very helpful in showing me how to comment on posts. Thank you for taking the time to inform interested steemer's .

thank you for this information :thumbs_up: :)

This system is kinda hard but it pays off if u comment hard.
Thanks for tips i followed you to see other tips :)
Have a nice day fellas who try to make some money and making someone day by upvoting and commenting with good words :)

Thanks for this great read. It helps me to know how to put a comment in a post. I have been looking for it on google but found this. Good luck in the future in this work for you.

This is awesome, I'm a social marketer, and will be curating these really helpful articles to my audience :)

Thanks for this - I didn't even realize we can earn these ways. I am frustrated so far but determined to earn here...

As a newbie here on Steemit, Thank you. This really helps me to get a grasp on the inner workings of the website.

Very helpfull post for beginners and noobs just like me keep up with the good work.

thanks for this wonderful post. This will help me a lot.

Thanks so much for these tips, I can finally start earning a couple of bucks on Steemit!

I just read your two posts on how to upvote and how to comment and as a newbie to steemit, I'm so happy I found your guides in the first few days. I was upvoting every comment and every post possible because, uh, I had no idea how the SP and voting really worked. Now I'm setup for better sucess on the platform. Keep the content coming! Thank you so much!

Thanks alot for Sharing Nice Article. I am new here an I got Complete Information about earning from steemit. Thanks again for providing me Easy and Legal way to make money via Steemit.


Same words here, thanks for this tutorial. A lot help to beginners.

I think I'll definitely be following your lead on this one and following your posts. I see many pf these posts are 6 months or so old, has much changed since? Sorry. Newb here lol

Do you get only steem dollars when you comments or it's a 50:50 ratio between SBD and Steem power?

Thanks for this post! This was new information for me, I'll follow your tips.

Thanks for sharing. Good luck to everyone who wants to climb the steemit ladder !

Wow! This is a big help for me as a newbie! Thanks!

As a new member myself, thanks for posting this!

A really cool post. I'll be posting my progress in a weeks time here after some regular commenting on other articles I read.

Wow thanks for the information and the heads up. Still getting a hang of this. Read both articles and I have an idea of what to do now. Now I hope I can use that info to make money and have fun!

haha damn. Im such a noob. I still have 0 steem dollars lol. Hopefully your advice will help me. Thank you!

Thank you for shedding light into this :)

Great post! This was extremely helpful.

This was helpful. Thank you .^^
I actually was to stupid to find the reply button..
I feel stupid. xD

Third article I've read from you today

you make it so simple

Thanks a lot


Thank you so much for this! Good luck with Steem.

wow, thank you.
The precise yet simple way you explain these things is really the best I've seen here. Thank you so much. You are my go-to to go from novice to steemit pro.

That is absolutely true. Its really frustrating for the new ones. Making a post takes hours including the attached pictures. As new member of this platform, what gets my attention is making comments. I love it - everytime I do a comment Im learning from others'views and proper usage.
I am inspired by the comments of other members because they thousands of comments already.
Your post is truly educational for us to become good curators.

I know this post is older but it really helped me understand how commenting works. I appreciate it! Steemit has quite the learning curve.

Thank you for this post, it has helped me to understand how this works!

What an awesome concept. Steem is gonna take over! My first ever comment goes to your post. Thanks for giving me the low down :)

Thank you for this post. It really helps a lot for a newbie like me.

First of all thank you for your inside. I have a question. Did I understand right? You made over 1k for one comment or is it 1 Dollar?


Over 1 Steem Dollar

Thank For your sharing :) May I resteem your post!

great post its hard at first with 0 steem power! but thinking commenting might be a good idea for making yourself known. keep up the good work =]

Your post is very useful & the way you instructed through your post I got it noticed by everyone. Hopefully I can implement your instruction. Meanwhile I need your support to do better and to learn more to make some SBD. But dont think it will work for me? Any suggetion will be highly appreciated, Thanks again

Nice tutorial i'll do my best to comment thank's

Informative post, thank you. I realized very quickly that writing is not the only way to esrn steem👍

Very informative and I'm sure it help a lots to newbies

I'll try to make it as a habit


This is another blow knowledge to me again i thought comment is just comment only i care voting now i know some tactics regarding of comment thanks man it really help me alot


thank you steempowerwhale

@steempowerwhale that was very inciteful. Thank you. I am new to the community and having people like you show the ropes really makes it an easier transition.

So your saying i can make money just from commenting?

thanks! your post actually made me smile, I was about to give up on steemit, but I recover some hope after reading this, I know this is kind of old but I am commenting not because of the reward of an upvote but because I am thankful. good stuff.

Wow, thank you. This is part of a great set of posts that is helping me. I've been frustrated for these first 10 days. Getting stuck by running out of Power. Have been lucky by one person helping me with a kind upvote. I didn't realise you can make power from replies and comments!! Wow.

Thanks for the fab info! Steemit can be a little confusing for a noob like me, especially a blonde one 😬

Thanks for the info very helpful

This is good knowledge. Thank you so much! Upvoting comments is a good thing. People can still earn even if they don't want to post blogs & just enjoy reading them.

Thanks it helped me with my query

This was very informative, thank you. I'm not sure how to go about things around here!

I’m new to the plate form and am trying to still figure this all out. I have been investing in steem from the crypto currency angle but now im interested in participating as member. I believe that this will soon be the new go to social media site and we will see huge migration from facebook, youtube and other social media platform. Thanks for putting this out and i will be following you!

Very informative. I'm going to try commenting my ass off here lol. I don't understand Why this post hasn't made much.

What do you mean by Steem Power can be withdrawn in "104 Weekly Installments?" How come I can not just withdraw right away?

i am following you @steempowerwhale up right away,i cant be left behind on your subsquent useful posts

Thanks for the great information. Appreciate it!

wow upon this post has been up to 2years but its still very relevant and useful for newbies like me..i am to enjoy this platform.

where is the comment portion i have not found it thanks

Great tips! Thank you!! Why is it that steemit themselves have not set out some great guidelines like this, it would make it a lot easier for new comers to try and navigate their way around if there were some great instructions explaining how it everything works.

Thankyou for making this easy for newbies like me! It's been a few weeks since I've started using steemit and believe me it is very confusing for me!!
And also can somebody help me with transaction of money?

Few days ago after reading your post regarding upvote I understood about steemit upvote system. Right now after reading your post regarding comment I understood about steemit comment system. And after making some post I realize that I only can get $$ if a person vote me (not from everyone only who's vote are effective).

Anyway, @steempowerwhale I will follow your guideline before giving any comments or upvote and thanks for your steem help guide.

Wow, I had no idea you could make money just by commenting. I see that someone else who commented on this post got over $5.00. I wonder how much this comment will get :-).

Nice article for newbies who want to earn but don't know how to write a blog. Keep it up!

Im new on steemit and trying to make some money here and trying to understand it. This was very helpful, appreciated man. :)

yes i agree

I am a newbie, I really just joined this steemit social network. After reading this article I have realized many value to be able to bring more benefits to me and everybody here. I will try to make more valuable comments and make more post!
Wish everybody here can I maximize own profit
Thank you and hope you have a great day

Just found this (old) article via a google search, I've been struggling to get upvotes (and I guess in effect: paid) on Steemit for articles.

Going to try bolstering my "income" (on Steemit) by forcing myself to comment more on articles like this.

Thanks again

Cool tips even after 2 years after You post.
Voted Up!

Thanks for explain
but i wish There were specialist and psychological solutions
For example, َA comment to make the audience more effective
Some people speak of something that, even if you have nothing to say with them, you like to say something :)

@steempowerwhale I am a newbie and still a little confused here. Could you please answer and explain this:
Given that a specific post which the curator upvoted has gone viral? In which case would the curator earn more?
Case 1: If the curator had upvoted in 3-15mins range (10% curation awards)
Case 2: If the curator had upvoted after 30 mins (100% curation awards) ?

That was funny to read :) Do you want comment on my first post? I wish you could saw how I laugh about this question myself. I am here to have fun with you folks!

That was a nice helpful post. I'm good at commenting than writing stories. So im trying it right now on your post. It's a shame this post only made just 0.4$.

I have just joined steemit 2years after this post and I find it helpful. thanks. Good ideas don't grow old for sure

thank you for such post,i have almost lost my motivation on steemit


Yes you are right....thnx for tye help bcz I was searching like this for 2days...finally I got a guys ca also increase your income by adzbuzz which is its alternative. It Lso pays like this

Thanks for your post. It is highly useful to new entrants to STEEMIT.

this post help me so much as newbie, TnX

Just saw this article. At the point where I'm beginnibg to get frustrated, this article gave me the boost I neef nit to give up.
I'll follow your details and perhaps, I'll be able to make my first few bucks on steemit.
Thanks for posting.
Thabks also for your concern for us minnows.

I'm currently trying my hand at writing and only commenting now and then, but I guess I have to balance things a bit more. Thank you for clearing this up.