How to Add my Own Image in a Post - Quick Help Guide for Noobs

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Posts without pictures will hardly attract the attention, and posts with own picture will even do better.
The advice comes from one of the most successful authors on Steemit @dollarvigilante - see
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You cannot directly load your own images into a post on steemit. Instead you need to host them on the internet and then enter a link to your image in your post.

Go to Img Safe Website:

Register as a new user. It is free

Then login with your email and password

After your login you can now upload your images

For each of the images you need to click on the upload button

Now you are ready to submit a new post on Steemit:

Go to My Images on Img Safe and click on the image you want to add to your post:

My mission is to upvote your lifetime dreams:

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You should try steemIMG for hosting your pictures. It's specifically created for Steemit users and and works really well.


Thank you wiser. I add the url here:


Yes I love steemIMG for images but appreciate knowing the method @steempowerwhale shows here too.

Thank you for this step by step--with images!!--how-to guide. I had read a couple of others and found them to be rather confusing.

Excellent how to. I had to learn this about a month ago.
Great way to help newcomers @steempowerwhale.

Another way to get cool images out here is to use the Public Domain. I use much of the time when I haven't the type of photo I would like to write something about.

So I would go to Pixabay. Get to the image page and right click so to open up the option to view image as a new tab or image link location. You can tap hold release via iOS or Android to also open any mobile web browser options to do the same. Then simply copy that image URL must end in JPG or PNG though to render on Steem via the editor.