☺ How to Contact Anyone on Steemit Directly – The Visual Quick Help Guide 🐳

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There is no direct messaging or email function on Steemit however there is a workaround.
How to send a direct message to a steemit member?

Follow these steps:
Go to your Profile and select your Wallet.

Next to your Steem Dollar Amount click the small arrow and select the menu item Transfer.
In Transfer there is a memo box that you can use for your message.

Type the Steemit User Name of the person you want to send the direct Message to.
You need to enter a Steem Dollar amount. The minimum is 0.001 SD. Type your message in the Memo box.

You need to login again for each Transfer you want to do even though you are already logged into Steemit.

Once done the transfer with your direct message will be executed. And immediately after it will appear in the wallet of the receiver in the history section with your message.

Please be aware that anyone can see your message to this user if they go this user’s wallet.

There are other options to get into a conversation with another person. These are less direct but won’t require any Steem Dollars.
These options are:

  1. Commenting on the user’s posts
  2. Commenting on the user’s comments made on Steemit
  3. Following the the user
  4. Upvoting the post of this user
  5. Go to the Steemit Chat Forum

I have created more visual quick help guides at @steempowerwhale

I am on Steemit because I have a mission.


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nice! cool workaround glad u posted this person i want to contact has no posts to comment on LOL
followed you and upvoted

BOOM! exactly what i was searching for! I just made my wife about a thousandth of a steem richer! cool feature! this steemit thing keeps getting better and better and totally beats the other platforms!

Thanks MANE! great post sent you 0.001 lol and a up vote from me + a follow!

Thanks for this info! I was wondering how to do this.

It seems cumbersome and inefficient. There should be a simpler way to send a message and, as it stands, there is no method of sending a private message, which should also be remedied.

Why can't I just put 0.0 in the amount box?


You are worried about giving away 0.001 Steem to someone else to initiate a contact?
NM....your name says it all........


How do i automate this task ?


Go to your Wallet and under Steem Dollars there is a transfer option after you click on the arrow button pointing down. The rest is self explanatory....


truly said

How do i automate this task ?

An actual direct messaging feature would be awesome (even if nothing is truly private), but this is an ok work around for now.

Unfortunately, two years later, this still seems the best option. :P

There should be an easy way out to do this