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After a private conversation with a newer user the other day, I thought that it would be best for me to share a bit of my advice with the entire community. I answer a lot of questions in chats with others, but then only that particular user gets the advice, and the rest of you miss out. In case you missed the first part of this series, you can find it HERE.

Since steemit is a community, I used the analogy of a neighborhood in my last post, with newer users being strangers who just moved into town. Specifically, I covered first impressions and introducing yourself to individuals last time. Today, I will build upon the foundation that I have previously laid.


Before I officially begin, there were two points that other steemians brought up yesterday in the comment section of my previous post. I felt that they were so accurate and thought-provoking, that I would mention them here to help others grasp a deeper understanding.

In his reply yesterday, @jonknight had this to say about some users:

here to make money (they think), and not to make community.

This struck me as interesting. It seems that many of us, myself included, have spend a lot of time and effort into helping build this community. Making a better steemit a better community has its own rewards, but an interesting byproduct for many of us has been the rewards. If we focus on putting out solid content that adds to the community, help and encourage others, and take action in ways that bless this community and its members, then sometimes the money comes anyway. Those who only focus on money often end up disappointed. Thanks @jonknight for the food for thought.

The second comment that I thought was worthy to share came from @awesomianist, who wrote the following:

The reason you have the recognition you get is not because of your effort for that post. it is the culmination of your work over the whole year, 12 months, 365 days, non-stop. Many of us don't see your 1 dollar posts, 7 cent posts, 0 cent posts.

I had mentioned in the previous post that post payouts are not always about being rewarded for that specific post, because plenty of much better posts than mine get much lower payouts. Building a following and real support takes time. Therefore, it is often the particular steemian as whole, including their previous presence, involvement, and investment in the community, that is reflected in the potential post payout. I've certainly spent way more time on some posts that got far less rewards before.

Basically, a brand new user with an amazing post has a high probability of being overlooked and not rewarded well. However, by consistently posting quality original content you are investing in the culmination of your presence on steemit.

Remember, steemit is a great place to meet incredible people and interact while sharing ideas and information with others. It is one of the very few places online where you could potentially be rewarded for your time, but that may take a lot of effort and there are no promises or guarantees.


In the last post I mentioned about ”introducing yourself personally” to people, and making sure to make a good first impression. This is when you leave a comment on someone else’s post. A real comment can encourage others to see you who are and what you’ve been up to, without begging them to do so.

I also talked about posting consistently in the last post. When you make the effort to post and comment on a daily basis, you are leaving evidence of your existence. The more evidence that there is that you exist in our community, the more likely others are to notice you. Each comment and post you make is how others have the opportunity to “see you” in the community.

When they search certain tags that you have posted in, they can happen upon your post, and “see you there.” When they read the posts of others and notice your relevant comments, they can see you again. Though they may show up days after you were there, you still left evidence of you being there for others to see. Basically, comments and posts are like little messages that read, “@papa-pepper was here.”

Of course if someone just sees that you’ve left 50 comments on trending demanding “FOLLOW ME,” you will not be giving a good impression of yourself and others will most likely NOT follow you. This is why it is important to leave real comments and post high-quality posts. Be present in the community, but in a good way.


As a newer user who may basically be a "stranger" in our community, your investment in others with comments and upvotes is important. You may wonder why, if your upvote is only worth a few cents or less, that I would say your upvote is important. Basically, it is one of the few things that you can offer others. Since only the top 20 voters (ranked by Steem Power of the upvotes) show when someone clicks on the total number of votes, no one will see a newer minnows vote listed there once they have more than 20 votes on a post.

For a newer user then, commenting on the posts that you upvote is crucial, in my opinion. Without a comment, the author will most likely never know that you were there. Also, without a real comment, they will never care. Trust me, the votes and comments from people who basically say "upvote me" or "follow me" are by and large overlooked. They just clutter up a reply section of a post and people train themselves to move past them in order to find the real comments that actually relate to the post.

I've seen hundreds if not thousands of them already, and my life will not be improved at all by reading a thousand more "upvote me" comments. I don't have time for that. I want real connection and real interaction, because that is how relationships are built and communities grow.

When we see real comments on our own posts and the posts of others, we get intrigued by the user who is commenting. When a user frequently does that, we see a pattern. This user actually reads what they comment on and makes relevant replies! Some of these real comments actually get upvotes on them too to show support for such interaction. Later, when we notice a post from a user who's been making real comments, we say "Hey! I like this guy!" and are more likely to check it out and support their efforts.

I have frequently either "happened upon" posts from users I recognize from elsewhere or specifically look them up just because of their real comments. As long as I like the post that I see from them and see that it is original work, I upvote it to support that author. There are others who do likewise. In these situations, it is the user behind the post who is being supported, and not specifically the post being rewarded. This ties back in with what @awesomianist wrote in the reply yesterday.


There are some users who have shown up and not interacted much. They made good posts and whales found them, choosing to give them continual support. They have not helped others much or invested in the community beyond making quality posts, and yet they have been rewarded. There is nothing wrong with any of that.

However, it is far more likely that the rest of us are going to have to work very hard to get noticed around here. Thankfully, even small amounts of Steem Power can now have more of an effect on the potential payouts. Before, it took me many months to ever have my vote be worth more than a cent. In those days, you really needed a whale to notice you to get any real payout. Now though, just a few large minnow or dolphin votes can get you a few dollars in potential payout.

This is one of the reasons why I think that now is one of the best times to be getting started on steemit. With real investment and effort, this is an amazing opportunity that steemit is offering all of us. Trust me, it is not just some quick-cash, everyone is a winner, lottery where everyone gets fat paid every day. If such a site exists, let me know! But steemit is not that, is it? It is too good of an opportunity for us not to at least try to learn and apply though, isn't it?

I've got a bit more to share, but I'll safe that for tomorrow. For today, I'll just let you digest what I have shared today. Participation on is voluntary, but as long as we choose to be here, we are all in this together and I want to make it as good as it possibly can be. Don't be a stranger! Get out there and interact, show us that you exist, and leave evidence of where you've been. None of us can support everyone every day, but we should at least try to be the type of users that people want to support when they can, or when they do see us.

I'll leave you with this video that I think is applicable based on what I shared. It was the 12th video in my 18 part advice series. If you want even more, the whole series is linked in the comment section of this post. Steem on!

Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with


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Thank you @papa-pepper for another thought provoking post. You are 100% right about building a community, and not just saying vote for me or follow me. One of the things we have done is too support others projects, sponsor others, and select a couple very low level minnows to support. It's very difficult for us since we get allot of noise from many people. Let us know if you need anything and hope to see you at steemfest this year.


Thanks thats cool that you support the minnows. I'm just curious how do you decide which ones to support?


Hey @exploretraveler, love this comment and it's cool to see you explain how you've grown your following as well. Question for you - what projects / sponsorships did you do when you were starting out?

I definitely think interaction is key to building a community presence on Steemit and working my way up into the ranks of bigger fish.

I noticed a sharp drop in the interaction my posts received when I (involuntarily) disappeared for nearly two weeks. It's almost like starting over.

I love that as a redfish, I am able to give a nickel vote instead of a penny (or less), it's important to me to help others (especially small fish) feel motivated on the platform.

Thank you for your work and dedication to the community.


Ouch! Such a break would lead to less interaction. Good attitude about encouraging others.


I tried to keep up the interaction in chat while I waited to get back in, but yeah, it was rough.


Yes steady interaction is always key here since there is many aspects to who is doing what and for why.

I appreciate you saving some for tomorrow and not putting out too much information for the Bandit to absorb at once. I like how you keep referring to "real comments". I can't stand to see comments that are not even relevant to the post. You know the person didn't actually read it and it's kinda insulting. A guy gave me advice similar to yours and said to look at it as giving to the community rather than receiving and you will not be disappointed. Thanks for taking the time to post these tips!


Glad that you appreciate it all. I like your stuff man!

Also, thanks for the REAL COMMENT!

Hi @papa-pepper. I'm one of the newbie, only stumbling onto the platform about a week ago because of my investigation into different crypto currencies.

The community has really been an eye opener for me. It is not people just 'pretty' people posting fitness stuff in tight clothes on Instagram or people posting from the toilet like Facebook... what is striking is how 'real' the community is.

I'm a lover of tech and have a passion for trail running and what wondering what I should post. I tried in few things and promptly realized that the best thing to do is just post what your passion is, the rest will follow.

Real people, real comments, real feelings... damn, I think this must be the 'most real' social platform in the world. ;) Thank for building it and helping us newbies. Greetings from South Africa.


Yup, post your passions and have them be as varied as you are. Be patient, make friends, and grow!


Great comment @extremejogging and this place is great. Here we can find each others passions and not just people selling themselves for votes. But it does happen, and sometimes they are rewarded for their shallow posts but in the long run real passion and quality win out. Love this thread! FYI - Really like your photographs on your page.

I don't have WHALE Friends either PAPA but that is OK. It is all about the Journey this is a One Day at a Time Adventure. I as well as you have been BLESSED and Effort and Hard Work do Pay Off. I am listening to the Advice Tip Video right now and what I am getting out of it is.........I Just Want to have a LIFE. Thank You my Brother......STEEM On.


Thanks for the feedback! STEEM ON!


Allot of us don't have whale friends so keep up the hard work. One day your efforts will pay off, and who know what Steemit will be like in five years :-)

Could not agree more - it is 100% about leaving evidence of your presence and your value, plus it's just fun to connect with people! I set myself a target of commenting at least 15 times a day, but only if I can help out that person in some way with my comment. Otherwise, I am just spamming and not being helpful.

Great piece @papa-pepper :)


Glad to hear about your target and understanding of it! Thanks man!

"Real connection and interaction" and I'd like to add a lively dialogue that leads to either open-ended questions and/or a potential future post.
I get some of my own post ideas from reading other members' posts. Then I can refer my readers to that person by hyperlinking their post; opening a new possible connection between both.
Both Part 1 & 2 of your posts are full of tips that new, and for that matter all, members can take something away from.


Great way to create additional dialogue and conversation in the community!


That is one of the things I absolutely love about steemit. The ability to carry on intelligent conversations and share ideas or brainstorm.

Yes! I think a key part of interacting and making a worthwhile contribution is being a careful reader and fully understanding the post before you comment. Being able to give specifics about how you agree or disagree makes for better community and better understanding. If another user disagrees with one of my comments and they have a clear point of view with specifics backing it up, I will usually upvote them and then tell them why I think they are wrong. Mind you my 100% upvote is a full ¢1 so it might be taken as an insult. Although it is meant to say thank you for listening to me and for giving me a clear response of how you feel. This is the kind of interaction that will benefit the community and make us grow! Papa knows best!

@papa-pepper With your experience and rise up through your time invested in Steemit, I believe that there is no one else better suited to provide guidance to newcomers. I am the detail in which you have shared your wisdom and experience. As I read, each point felt like "oh yes - I have experienced this" and I kept wishing I had known it before. Lol.

Steemit is like a real world community and your analogy of a neighbourhood is spot on. When I joined 3 months ago, I tried to focus on good content but had no clue about being social, helpful and freidly to other members of community. I did write thoughtful comments but then ended them with promotion of my own posts. I think only the kind heartedness of Steemians made them ignore that and guide me to grow.

I am thankful to you and all other senior Steemians who strive to support newcomers. Bravo. Upvoted.

Well said Pappa! Thank you for taking the time to encourage up and coming minnows with advice like this! Engagement is everything on this platform! Whether it is in comments like here, or actually talking to people on or Discord, if people like you, they will want to support you!

Of course we still have to bring something unique to the table to make us stand out in the crowd. We can't just sit and agree with everything you say and get noticed! Like you said in your previous post, be genuine to yourself, own who you are, and find other people who like the same things! Heck, maybe there's even a niche out there for follow 4 follow types. If they find each other, maybe they'll leave the rest of us alone!

Always out here enjoying your posts man! Thanks for another good one!!!


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Hi @papa-pepper. I am also still fairly new and still trying to build a following.
I think what some of the newer users get disappointed by is spending lots of time on a post and then only receiving very small amount of views and small payouts.

I think what you said about genuine comments definitely helps to get people to notice you more.

My payouts are still small and my writing still need lots of work, but I have definitely started noticing a difference in the amount of views I am receiving.

During my time here I have also been on a off sometimes due to real life and work keeping me busy but trying to post more regular. But I do think interaction is key to success on Steemit.

Thank you for all the great work you are doing for the community.

I had 4 days without entering the page for work and personal commitments, but I like to enter and read publications of high quality, such as those you provide and I agree on something: many people enter steemit with the simple intention of making money, is not desperate ?, but few understand that other people come with the purpose of making friends, create a group or link, there are people who have difficulty being able to habalr and develop in people, ie "are shy" and look in steemit that way of being able to interact and make friends, and it is for them that many leave the page, because they do not have faith, they are disappointed of it.

you obviously have to publish quality content, obviously you always have to answer all the comments in a correct and very respectful way, the truth I believe in steemit and I have gotten good friends like your friend @paradise- found "Brian" is a great person and very admirable and I have realized that both you and he have something in common, I think that goes with me, we have in common that we are very familiar people and that is nice, I love people like this, me they look wonderful.

the advice you give in this post are wonderful and really will work a lot for those new users, well actually I am too.

greetings, my friend @pap-pepper


Thanks again my friend!


there is no friend, congratulations for your great post

Whew, I here for the money! Hehe Jusk kidding.

Thank you for a well-written inputs on how to better navigate this platform as new Steemians. Those who came just for the money are very misinformed.

This platform turned a curios noob; me, into a lover of freedom and cryptos. I'm learning so much from posts and interactions with some really cool people here. Oh, some are really smart.

Aloha @papa-pepper!


I heard this very successful business mentor say once you have to love to drive. What he meant I think was that in order to be successful you need to sort of love the process too and not just the outcome (the money or what the money can buy maybe?)... made sense to me I think it is a good approach to have. In his book "How To Get Rich" Trump also says don't do it for the money.

A must read for new users for sure. We all need to remind ourselves how to start. Thanks sir

Great write up. I'm in the same wave length as you. One of the first ppl I saw blogging on here was you. Take care.

Oh I love what you had to say to new steemanians. I've been on Steemit for 3 months, but I've been really really active. I learned quickly that your community can help build you up, and the people here are amazing, smart and generous!

I also loved you pointed out that posts payouts usually occur because a lot of work has been put in in the past to build your reputation. It reminds us to have patience. Keep posting high quality stuff and make friends! Personally making friends is my favorite part about this community.
What a great article and I love the advice. :) Steem on!

Wow. You have five children! Even more amazing that you find the time to do all you do. Thank you for the pep talk and to be a community builder. Hope your land and house will be a reality for you soon.
Going to pass on Skorpion videos though :)
All the best to you and your family.


Thanks again! We are living it and loving it, moving forward every day!

Nice post @papa-pepper I like that. Thanks for sharing. If you are not busy, visit my blog for a look around :)




Sure thing.

Man, you've got me hooked. I'm picking up tips and techniques from you that will hopefully help me here at Steemit. I really need to step up my posting rate.

I actually worked on a post after watching your video yesterday. It just so happened that I got to experience a really cool thing down here on the farm, so I wrote about it.

I've not been here long, just since June, but only participating for a few weeks. I'm already so sick and tired of the "follow me" business. As soon as I see that I want to put up a wall to block that user. I like to follow people that interest me or teach me.

I'm looking forward to part 3.

Nice post for share information about steemit.

I love your attitude. That's what I've been looking for. I've sampled a few of your other posts and appreciate how eclectic and grounded you are.

I really want to be a part of this community. I've got lots to say and a huge backlog of writing that has been hiding on my hard drive. I know my writing is good and that my ideas are novel. Being an ultra impatient person I was getting a little upset that my posts were not reaching a wider audience. I spend a lot of time polishing them. But then, I've only been here two weeks, and I didn't post the first week at all, just cruised around sampling a bit of this and that, supporting posts when I felt they deserved it and thanking the authors for their insight. And really, I've already had what I consider to be a home run. Thankfully, this post and your last post were a reality check for me. I like it when something I read modifies my attitude. I really need that sometimes. We all do. Thank you.

I love this process, I love to write, I love to connect with an international community and so I'm in this for the long haul. My sangha will find me. I know they will. So far, you're the most helpful Steemian that I've come across. Thanks again.


So far, you're the most helpful Steemian that I've come across.

Wow! Thanks for that. Also, I am glad that what I shared has helped you. Another also, nice avatar, I love turtles!


Thanks for replying. I'm still getting to know my neighbors. Let's have a block party!

I love turtles too. Back when I was a teen I thought I was a Taoist. My path was nature. Somehow the turtle became my totem. They lived while the dinosaurs died. They're hard on the outside but soft on the inside, slow and steady wins the race, etc. Nature is a great teacher and I'm please to note that you are tapped into it. My next post will be about baby ducks (sort of). Keep your eyes peeled for it. Thank you for your "welcome to the neighborhood" casserole. It's delicious.


Your comment caught my attention. I'm very curious to find out what you have been hiding in that hard drive now.


Thank you for your interest. I have some short stories, essays, rants, blog posts I never posted, even two novels. As the great Oracle once said, "All will be revealed in due time," (or something like that).


Yes, something like that.


i hope one day someone with high steempower notice my posts


Thank you very beautiful information

That was a great tongue twister, do you use markdown2? I love your graphics and txt layout.

I like the way you stick to an idea. It's paying off papa-pepper. I know that you WILL attain all your goals. I talked my son into joining Steem, I want to have him watch your videos, especially this one. You're an inspiration and proof that this can work.

Great advice! I personally try to post 1 time per day and interact/curate 10-20 other posts per day. Not every post gets a lot of attention, but I feel like I am slowly building a following over time


You bring some good stuff to the table, and I certainly appreciate your entries in my contest. Are you near Shreveport?


Yes, Bossier City which is right next to Shreveport

Your passion for this platform and for helping others is incredible. I am relatively new to steemit and I find the most value in the interactions I have with others about their posts and in the process of creating and posting my own content. I feel like there are some larger life lessons in here somewhere - like if you spend our time thinking you deserve to be making loads of money on the platform then you'll mostly just be pissy and bitter about how it's not working out for you. On the other hand, if your focus is on all the cool people you're meeting and producing great content, then you'll build community and have content to be proud of and over the long haul, you might have a bonus which is a little extra spending money. The second choice is win win! Thanks @papa-pepper for being a great advocate for steemit and the community!

I’m enjoying this post series, and in the spirit of this post in particular I figured I would leave a comment/question. As someone who is newish to Steemit, and realistically content creation in general, I have trouble thinking of things to post about. Even when I do come up with an idea for a post I usually discredit it with the thought that it wouldn’t add value to the community. At my current rate, I am making around 1 post a week if I’m lucky, even though I spend roughly a collected 3 – 4 hours a day on Steemit.

What advice would you give to someone who has found something truly amazing with this platform, who wants to be part of and add to the community, but who does not currently see themselves as a creator?


Be a builder. Curate (upvote) and comment to encourage and motivate others. Sometimes checking the contests can be fun too, and they may even give you some post ideas.


Great advice, and advice I will use. Steemit is made of two main aspects IMO, creation and curation. A lot of people on the platform can perform both aspects well. Some have more skill with one over the other.

Contests can definitely be a lot of fun. However, some lead to @papapepper killing you off via multiple tons of rock in a cave in lol.

I think that to build the community, we need to co-exist harmoniously. Contribute and interact- they're the very important if we would like to sustain a life here in steemit.
Thanks for reminding about the top 20 upvoters @papa-pepper.. all the while there was a way to view the rest of the voters...😅😂

I just wanted to say a big thank you. Your advice is golden :)

Thank you so much for taking the time and making these posts for new users like myself! these are all great suggestions. I'm still figuring things out, what the numbers mean, what the community is all about how it all harmonizes in the world of information... so much to learn!


I try to help! Thanks!

From this community I have gained some good friends .I interacted with them and be a good friend. Previously when I was new , I never new about the comments , it's importance. Simply I copied some text from Google and uploaded. This is the major problem , newbies are facing. We don't know , the copied content aren't allowed here. This is a community of good people . Now these days , I also suggest that commenting is the best tool to win someone's heart. It is the best way to interact with the people. Sharing the views and the feeling via comment. You are always awesome .

Eagerly waiting your next post .write something about steem steempower SBD too. It's confusing more people. .I tried to ealborate myself. But I don't think that was enough. Thank you for your time

I like it

You've got some great advice here. If only everyone would play by these rules. My concern is that too many of those get-rich-quick users will put a bad reputation on Steem at it's whole. When people Google Steemit and all they see are random posts with nothing but plagiarism or strategic upvote type of posts, it'll be a turn-off.

Excellent read for new users like me. Thanks for all this great info!

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Thanks for the mention, Papa. To quote Steve Martin:
"This is the kind of spontaneous publicity, your name in print, that makes people!" (from The Jerk)

On the topic at hand though, we see that dynamic play out in real life as well. Some people are in it just to 'win' it. The ones we value the highest usually aren't even competing - they just do.

Steemit life is no different from physical life. We're going to succeed in any space ultimately because of what we contribute to our community.

(Edit) Oh! @jonknight was here! 👀


You are correct about the real life applications too. Makes me wonder about some people!

Nice quote!

Nice follow-up to the previous article - and judging by the almost complete absence of 'upvote me' comments here, maybe your message is getting across!

Analogies, such as your flowers on the doorstep, definitely help break things down to the basics



Thank you. I like trying to put things in perspective.

This is a very thoughtful article. We have said from the start we are not here expecting to make money but to make friends, share knowledge, and learn. And those things are happening already. Thanks for the great articles.


Glad to hear it!

This is perfect post for nee user because i starting people see steemit as only earning site and start to deal with vote and again vote, Follow for follow but its not a right way. I also did in beginning but one of my friend explained me and i stopped that thing. She also told me that no need to beg vote and if your post is good then automatically you get vote. But still some people still comment that i voted you so vote back like they are ordering but its not a way. We have to give time to build followers. Sometimes good post not get much votes but sometimes some post also get higher value so its happen with all. You tell all thing here properly and i wish it will helpful to users.


Thank you! We all need to keep learning and improving, so I'm glad to hear that you are!

Thank you for the post and advice!! Being new to the Steemit Community, it's nice to see people helping us newbies get up to speed. I Iook forward to being a part of the community!

Papa peper, i am one of the steemians here that i don't really much care on what i will get for my pay out i just want to share my talent here and give life in this community. Lately my post have a payout of less than 5 dollars, i am happy that they appreciate it. Your advice is really helpful to all new users in steemit.

Thanks for making this post of yours.

And this is why I'll continue to vote for you. No matter if you publish 1 or 5 articles per 24 hour, you deliver quality. I recently wrote an article about posting patterns of 20+ established Steemians because I want to shed light upon the low quality and mass-produced content being well-rewarded.

You, my dear friend, are unique and one helluva guy. I wish you the best of luck and I definitely hope you'll be rewarded more. You have great support and reap great rewards already, but you deserve more. Much more.

Keep it up papa, you're doing an amazing job!

I love the community feel of steemit and it was that 'feel' that really made me go for joining. This and your last post have got me thinking though - is there room for the slow approach on steemit? You have clearly invested a LOT of your time into steemit and it's clear that others with large followings also have. What I find hard is that I genuinely just don't have much time to put into it. Right now for instance I should really be doing the accounts for our family business or catching up on sleep after helping out at a sleepover for 142 six-eight year olds (it was fun) or writing a post for that matter! So although I have a lot of posts in my head I don't end up posting very regularly. I still enjoy reading and commenting but do sometimes wonder whether, with this sloath-like approach of mine whether my posts will ever get out to a wider audience. Do you know of others that have taken the slow approach successfully? I hope this makes sense as even whilst writing it I can feel my brain shutting down. Definately going for that second option on my 'to do' list now! Thanks as always for another helpful post.

I have to be honest. I got caught up in the money aspect. I imagined I could do this for a living. The truth is I love doing this and would do it for free. We live in an instant gratification world and we want it all now without having to put in the work. Just today I cleaned Ed up my follower list and include people who I thought had good content
Now my feed is not cluttered. I came here to find connection and to share value. It was the reason I didn't like fb. Lack of connection and too much content that didn't add value to the community. I hope to be part of a larger tribe here and I know it will take time.

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Another great post! ....always so informative (I just don't comment as often as I should; that's one area I can improve upon).
Thank you.

Thanks for this @papa-pepper. I watched the video too.

One of my business mentors suggested I follow his social media strategy for building relationships with people I have never met, and I was using facebook heavily for it. Building a network on there but then I switched to Steem because my friend introduced me to it and it made sense.

I often feel like I am making a great post and then I get like 60 cents, and sometimes most of them are from a voting guild. But am now starting to think that maybe even if I don't make anything, it is still better than fb because this "place" is crawling with entrepeneurs, which are the best types of people to network with.

I totally agree with you. Interaction is extremely important to be seen and to increase the likelihood of it. We have a lot of great content on Steemit, which does not get the right intention. At this busy time, it is easy to be overlooked as a blogger on Steemit. You need a lot of patience to survive those times. Therefore, I appreciate very much what @minnowsupport is doing. 👍
I started recently a blog series to promote good food content. I had the same feeling that the attention is lacking in this area (I love food/cooking). I call the series “Food by Red Fish”. It is focusing only on the starters (below minnows called red fish). Let’s see how it works. 😊

That was a huge help, @papa-pepper, thank you. I have newbie questions, esp. about how the wallet works, and how upvoting effects my wallet, but I'll watch your videos. Perhaps I'll get it!

Thank you for sharing. I did what you saud in first video and today i managed to get over 100 bucks on one post. Again thak you for sharing what you have learned about this great community.

Both of the posts so far are really insightful and appreciated - the more I watch Steemit, the more I'm noticing the value of interaction and caring about what other people are thinking and posting...and the more the junk posts are bugging me. And if they're bugging me after only a few months, they must get really tiring after a year or more.

The biggest obstacle I'm encountering is actually finding the time to post daily. I can easily curate daily, but posting daily is much more of a challenge. When I watch what you're up to daily, though, I tend to think this is a problem of my dedication more than my circumstances.

Thanks for the thoughts and encouragement and I'm really happy to see your hard work and thoughtfulness paying off - you've worked hard for it and this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

When does one become a whale?
Is it the amount of dollars/ steem one has?
Is it the amount of assistance one gives?
Is it the quality and quantity of the posts one puts up?
Is it being a all round nice guy?
On all of the above papa you are definatly a whale.

I enjoy your series on different thing you have posted I even watched your 18 post series for newbies on steemit. And @papa-pepper you have encouraged me to start a series of my own a few days a go. And yes I am one of those 1 cent upvotes people. But I figure it takes time and effort to build a community. So you have to make the time and put a effort into it. If we each do that we can benifit from a great community. Nothing ever comes easy,you need to work for it. And I feel steemit issomething worth working for.

So true that it will take some time before you can see results of your labor. :)
Being active in this community can give you more rewards as you start being part of it. "_

Thank you @papa-pepper for writing this post. It is an inspiration and motivation to newbies like myself.

Congratulations @papa-pepper!
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Tanx alot @papa-pepper for the encouraging post eslecially for a newbie like me.

I came to Steemit for the community, expanding my knowledge, meeting people of like minds and if I make a little money on the side, then that's a bonus. Steemit has been the best experience ever. It is through people like you, who help the community grow that this experience is so awesome. Thank you for all your hard work...

Followed you up @papa-peper, Your post truly inspires us. Keep on posting helpful tips for newbies. ^_^

Just watched your music video, Poppa Pepper make it rain. When did you first realize peppers were your spirit animal?
Follow-up question, how spicy do you like your food? I like it at a heat level just below a raw whole jalapeno all by itself.

This is really educating and useful to me in particular. You're indeed a good mentor. Cheers!!!!!

Hey papa-pepper, I am a newbie, probably still a stranger to most, due to less frequent posts and I am just slower moving than most (older/health/energy/ issues). Hopefully, I will be less of a stranger as time goes by. But I have thoroughly enjoyed being here so far. It was a THRILL to win a contest with my first post in @jacobtothe story cubes. Honestly, no amount of payout or lack of, could affect that thrill...Having said that, I really appreciate your wise advice in this post on how folks (newbies) can build relationships /followers by contributing and encouraging others with honest, thoughtful comments.
I also enjoyed your video and admire that your priorities are your family, that THEY are why you are working so hard outside and inside steemit. It shows a generosity of spirit to share what you have learned so far with the rest of us.

So...I want to say thank you for posting all this (and for bearing with me as I ramble on) and congrats on the new addition to your family!

I followed the first part and the second part
Real parts are very important
The two principles of the sitemate must be known so that they can stay here
Thank papa-pepper