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Title:Improving the Steem Torch Experiment

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AuthorTitleSBD When VotingCurrent SBDGrowth RateTime
@flauwy Costa Rica Magic5.18813.69762.12%2019-03-11
@geetharao Trying to Reach the Sky??12.15122.44945.87%2019-03-11
@louisthomas How My Opinions About Crypto Have Changed Over Time [CREEPY ENDING]8.01212.46435.72%2019-03-11
@sebastianjago [Coaching Advice] - How Are You Getting In Your Own Way0.0340.38991.26%2019-03-11
@cryptopie Dear Diary: Wow I Don't Know If It Is Achievement Or A Curse As I Have Turned 41 Today1.2734.01968.33%2019-03-11
@artguru Have a good reason… to Go Viral !1.2041.2040%2019-03-11
@acidyo Carved in stone 10.67990.49688.2%2019-03-11
@bleepcoin Cow Town0.0790.30674.18%2019-03-11
@steevc TenKMinnows: Ways to earn a bit more, and a giveaway3.1985.81545%2019-03-11
@discernente Açaí com água de coco0.2978.67696.58%2019-03-11
@danilamarilu Feliz Cumpleaños a mí ! 🎂0.1510.15-0.67%2019-03-11
@freiheit50 Das Geld "steem" (Teil 1)3.97423.28782.93%2019-03-11
@cryptopie Dear Diary: I Am Longing For A Productive Garden To Keep2.1853.81842.77%2019-03-11
@ezzy Woke up this morning and found the car looking filthy and in dire need of a good ...9.51114.87236.05%2019-03-11
@taskmaster4450 New Game Coming To Steem: NextColony5.72213.45757.48%2019-03-11
@abh12345 Your Resteem Data - ENGAGE tokens required!7.66625.81870.31%2019-03-11
@stackin ✴️ TONE VAYS WILL BET $250,000 THAT BITCOIN WILL DROP BELOW $2,000! 😳11.68451.70777.4%2019-03-11
@taskmaster4450 Steem: Get Rich Slowly8.00712.69136.91%2019-03-11
@ace108 📷#MonochromeMonday Not. Let's - 单色星期一? 不。 添色😎 (by @ace108)0.3411.39275.5%2019-03-11
@inertia Meeseeker Op Timestamps -
@whatageek Happy Mario Day!20.28920.5211.13%2019-03-11
@aggroed Steem Monsters Marketcap Chart5.51665.23891.54%2019-03-11
@rok-sivante The Ignorance Of Propagating Crypto Platitudes...2.681310.63%2019-03-11
@roelandp Out Of Office - why your hear less of me these days :)8.86616.25145.44%2019-03-11
@crypt0 The Future Unfolding: Ethereum, and why I'm STILL rooting for it above all else.3.1876.85953.54%2019-03-11
@x22report Be Vigilant, Indictments Coming, Pain Is Coming - Episode 1811b0.4010.50119.96%2019-03-11
@truth-revelation Superior Quotes #66: Fyodor Dostoyevsky0.0331.38197.61%2019-03-11
@stephenkendal This is a big shout-out to the DigiByte Community! I am pleased to confirm that the Digi-ID flyers are now on order with the Printers.0.5850.98540.61%2019-03-11
@utopian-io Utopian Colony - Empowering Open Source Innovation32.65737.37612.63%2019-03-11
@stephenkendal Social Media is changing! People are simply fed up of being ripped off by Facebook. In a World that is clearly heading for Dentralization, the creators of the content in the future will be those that are rewarded. Not the shareholders! (Latest tweet)2.2124.86154.49%2019-03-11
@jaynie Share your FAVORITE #TrackoftheDay and WIN!! (11-18 March)3.9295.11723.22%2019-03-11

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