SteemIt Promotion • Final 4

Note to viewer

Running for the next several days, the Final Four winners' countdown of the March Art Madness promotion finishes here. In alphabetical order below, the following list presents the entrants who now advanced to the top two. Counting internal votes, peer votes, and SOA ratings overall, it turns out that these entrants received the most points overall during the course of the initiative. Up-vote and comment for your favorites below if you like. All winners'-pool votes will be added to the tally as we count 'm down to number 1. Your vote will help promote steemit for the benefit of all steemians (yourself included).

Last month, these creatives put out an outstanding effort to get the word out about SteemIt via the arts and creative sciences. In a couple more days, we'll reveal all winners and positions.

Event History and Review

For event history and details see the following link (and other embedded links from previous weeks; if so desired):

So go ahead now, up-vote your favorites for the Top Two.

Top 2 Now

Once again, "kudos" to the Top 10 winners. (We will display all 10 winners again, at the end.) We are down to the final two. Congratulations again. Over the course of the event, these are the two that racked up the most points. Vote/comment and keep your favorites alive to number 1.

Here's the Top Two entrants for last month's SteemIt promotion, March Art Madness:

• jeeuuz (graphics)

• matytan (graphics)

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@stateofthearts how do we claim our winnings? Sent you an email as instructed, just wondering


Yes, that should do it. I'll check to make sure you are followed up on and receive the award. Thanks for the heads up. I'll check back with you also jonatftforest to make sure it was done.

A massive well done to @life-on-earth on an epic 4th place performance.

A cool, soulful sax-laden track with a lazy summer night vibe overlaid with a chocolate velvet vocal.

You have a wonderful talent...Keep on creating and keep on Steemin '

To the final 3 @matytan @jeeuuz @jonatftforest
Kudos to this awesomely talented trio and the very best of luck :)


Thank you @stevenwood you are a great one too.

Well done on your success @jonatftforest quite possibly the coolest artist on the planet...I mean, come on...

Chainsaw artist! It does not get much more "Rock 'n Roll" than that, does it?

You work is stunning on an epic scale, I have been checking out your back-catalogue (so to speak) I am simply staggered!

Did I mention the chainsaw already???

Your recognition will grow and grow and...(you get the picture lol)

Again, congratulations, take good care and keep taking artistic risks most would never dream of :)


Thank you sir, here's a sneak peek at today's work in a famous cemetery. One more tree to carve before I get to go home.20180419_194312.gif




OMG! Freakin' EPIC as ever!

My best friend is an artist and he loves the more outlandish art-styles, as do I, cannot wait to show him what you do :)

I gotta declare you to be unconventionally awesome!

Woo! Thank you so much for this! @stateofthearts especially to those steemian out there who voted for me and Goodluck and congrats to us @matytan


<3 <3.

I like @matytan 's pirate kitty good art for promoting, so i vote for 1st place .


Thank you :).


Nearly, nearly there guys :D

I would be hard-pushed to choose between you both, many people would find me describing your entries as similar a little bit strange.


both entries are fun, vibrant in design and use of colour and they both have at the heart of them, the promotion of this platform, that was the contest brief, right?

I love the optimism conveyed by both pieces too, sickeningly non-commital comment, but whoever is 1st and 2nd I fully agree with the choice lol.

Not long to wait, good luck :)

Voting for @matytan! Such a talented artist :)


Thank you <3.

@matytan is soo passionate... although others are gr8 too.. ;)


Thank you :)

Woo! goodluck to us guys! @jonatftforest and @matytan


Thank you Congrats to u tooo :D

I'm voting for @jeeuuzz , it's an awesome way of promoting steemit. You can easily get what steemit is all about by simply looking at it.


Thank you so much!!!!!

soo excited :D :D <3 <3!!!