March Art Madness: Promoting Steemit with Art and Steem Pirate Kitty ( Tortures)

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Steem Pirate Kitty

Ahoy, matey! This is Steem Pirate Kitty and he finally found the Steem and cryptocurrency treasure chest!

I made Steem Pirate Kitty for @drakos because he likes pirates and cats. And because I met him in Steemit, I added a treasure chest filled with Steem and Bitcoins. This is Steemit Treasure Island where you will find these doubloons.

Promoting Steemit Through Art

it's a contest by @stateofthehearts

I have been drawing almost everyday since joining Steemit and I always post these drawings. I always think of what to draw and I also think of the people I have met here and I draw for them. I made cartoons of their faces or avatars and I also made logos for some of them when they ask for help. This is because I think Steemit is about community and helping one another. And this is my way of promoting Steemit and the values of community.

I will also share this post in Facebook and a cryptocurrency group in Cambodia by CryptoAsia. I will update this post with the link later. By sharing this in that group, more people in Cambodia will know about Steemit. And they will also see the beautiful art work that we create here.

Pirate kitty.png

It takes me an entire day for each drawing which has about at least 35 photos in the process but i only post 26 photos . It's difficult but it's fulfilling.
I show screenshots of my work because it's a bit easier for readers than making a video or gif which can be a torture

Here we go:

1-sketch and colouring
















2-Coin box



3- Steemcoin and bitcoin










Thank you !!!

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This is nice. I like this one. :D Pirate kitty!

Btw, you should make one for @torico also. You know her discord handler nickname, so be a pirate. Lol. :D

puppy pirate!!

yeyyy puppy pirate

hahhahaha i will try

OMG, this is so drakos and so awesome! That's the cutest thing! And I really appreciate your showing the creation process. I have no such skills and really love getting a view into skilled drawing.

thank you for notice on my work. i believe in you can do it so :D.

This is beautiful and wow!

Thank you

You're welcome

nice I like it @matytan

thank you :)

Its nice one (Y)

thank you

That is so cool. I think it is amazing that you can do that. What program do you use?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you, i use adobe illustrator u can see it in my sc

Thank you. I am new to computers.

not a matter just practice it :D

This is cool little Pirate Cat I also liked that you showed us how you reached the finish product.

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sorry your link doesn't work.

Is it the lost cat of the pirate in spongebob squarepants?? Lol! Nice art @matytan! I do love also the howmade! Keep makin the world colorful!

hahhahah glad you love it.

Very interesting seeing the process of your drawings. Well done!

Thanks for your contribution to @slothicorn. You have been upvoted by us! Stay slothy!

thank you so much