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Four years ago, I had an idea. I've had a LOT of ideas. Some were awesome - some... not! But I really believed THIS idea was something special. After a lot of brick walls and detours, this year I decided that I wanted to launch this idea on Steemit. Why? Because I love Steemit. I love the community here, I love the support here - and I believe that this place can be INCREDIBLE.

As soon as I decided to go for it - the FLOODGATES opened! It has been absolutely overwhelming to see the ways that people are coming alongside this project because they BELIEVE in it! Everything is happening so fast, and I just want to thank so many people for supporting this and supporting me! Thank you so much! I'm celebrating tonight - and I know you're all celebrating with me!!!! (Wanna know what Spunkee Monkee is? Check it out!!!)

On Saturday, I asked if I could be on @aggroed's show about dapps - IF there were a few minutes left at the end. He had never heard of me, never heard of my idea - but still graciously said, "Sure!" I waited for my turn, but so many people came on to share their awesome projects - time was slipping away. I worried that I wouldn't be able to do it justice with the few minutes left! I tried my best, but in the end I was 30 seconds too long! The best part of my presentation was cut off because the other radio show had been given the mic!

Oh, I was so disappointed! But, I tried - right?

Instead of being a "walk-on" for the show - @aggroed invited me to be an invited guest on his show for the next day! YES! He said we could talk for 15 minutes all about Spunkee Monkee! (@spunkeemonkee)

But we didn't talk for 15 minutes


And just when I thought it couldn't get any better... Could it GET any better???? YES!!!!! I had applied for a 5000 SP delegation, and though I thought I had offered a great price, no one fulfilled the lease delegation. The request was returned to me, so now I had to apply all over again! @aggroed asked me what my next step was.

"As soon as this show is over, I'm applying for the 5000SP lease again!" (-me)

"Don't worry! I already took care of it for you! There's your 5000 SP delegation" (-@aggroed)


I am still beaming with joy and appreciation from your support! Thank you so much for all your attention and interest and for having faith in this idea enough to delegate your power to it! I'm so looking forward to coming back to your show to follow-up, and I'm hoping that we will have TONS of data and updates to impress you!!!

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Argos Font by Dieter Steffman
Spunkee Monkee images created by the amazing @jimramones. Only use Spunkee Monkee images with permission.

Amazing banner created by @liberty-minded



thank you so much @aggroed. This is amazing. I also managed to talk your steemmonsters partner into donating 20 packs of steemmonsters cards for prizes for spunkeemonkee.
The people on steem are amazing. @dreamsteem you are also amazing and I know this will be a massive success


and you miss....


I was tempted to start gushing about everyone in that one post - hehehehee but - I have posts forming in my mind now to start the real gush fest LOLOLOLOL

Thank you @paulag!!!!!!!!!!! You continue to surprise me daily - and I am so grateful for your amazing support!!!!!! I can't wait to start handing out packs hehehehehe (THANK YOU @YABAPMATT!!!) and now that I saved money on the delegation lease - cuz ummmmmmmmm @AGGROED!!!!!!!!! lololol I'm gonna use that to build build build more :)

awwwwwwww this feels amazing. I can't wait to start making kids' eyes light up hehehehe love it!!!!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

You can do anything you set your mind to <3

SO SO SO Happy for YOU and all the people / kids that will benefit from YOU!!


Oh my goodness - i really think this will end up being something super special! I am so happy to get to do WHAT I ENJOY!!! doesn't feel like work- just feels like joy!!

It definitely happened and you did a great job while talking about the show.

The project is so unique with it being family oriented and a great way to bring young people on board. Very creative @dreemsteem.

The current Rambling Radio Schedule can be found here
Come and join us for some great fun!

That is fantastic news! Your presentation must have been really good for @aggroed to invite you back and give you the delegation! Congrats, and many thanks to @aggroed for supporting promising projects like this! 💚

It was SUCH an amazing surprise!!!!!! I was thrilled for just getting to be there again- the delegation was the best icing on the cake!!!! :)

Thank you @thekittygirl

oops - sorry - its Dreemie of course LOL - wrong account :) or.... right account! LOL you know what i mean hahaha

so PROUD of you, and your amazing idea!
Well done, Dreemsteem, well done!

Thank you @bluefinstudios!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!! :) This has been quite a ride hehhehe

Congratulations! Hope you manage to launch this dream game of yours!

oh my gosh! remember a few months ago when we were talking about it????? hahahahaha it's finally here!!!!!!!!!! and i'm so excited :)

Thank you @bengy!!!!! :)

It was more than a few months I think! Quite some time ago, but I'm happy that you are able to put it into action! Will you be running it like this, or will you be moving to a dedicated front end, so that the Steem part is hidden behind a 'normal' website/app?

Yep... Being built as we speak :)

This is just the alpha testing so we can work out any issues and mistakes now!

And yeah... Few months meaning... 6-ish? Hahahaha couldn't be more than that! I've only known you since our graduation lololol

Im super excited about this!!!! It's been fun to interact with the kids and challenge them gently! I really am hoping for but things with this project. I want to see this actually impact kids in a way that a "favorite teacher" is remembered all their lives!

Great to hear! I'll be curious when the front ends launch... at the moment, I'm not sure that I could get the older one to type up a post each day, time is short enough as it is!

we have templates that are SUPER easy to fill out! :) they take about 3 minutes hehehehe

but.... maybe when the time is right - she can join! and if not - we will still love her from afar!


Wow, Dreemie.... That's great news, I am so so happy to see support come your way, this is so gonna be big! Thank you Aggroed for coming through for us...🤗❤

I look forward to seeing Spukeemonkee grow even big. Now, I want to be a kid...😀

hehehehehe i'm so excited!!!! :) i think a lot of adults are wishing that they want to be kids!

I'm just having more fun INTERACTING with the kids! hahahahaha Absolutely loving the interaction that i get to have with them! and the encouragement!! :)

Thank you for your cheering @audreybits!!! :)

Very, very cool. I can't wait to see where this goes!



I knew, you'll blow off heads with this!!!
So proud of you! Love you! Here for you, whenever you need me!
Hugs and kisses, dearest friend!

Thank you!!!!!! Can you believe it Ravi!? hehehehehehe oh my goodness - i'm still beaming my friend!!!!!!!!!! so very thrilled - i can't wait to see how everything continues to unfold for us all <3

Completely deserved! Enjoy your achievements :-)
And have fun...

Oh my gosh!!! I am so happy for you!!! I know you have great ideas and you make lots of things happen!!! LOOOVVVVEEE it!!!!

yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! we will have so much to catch up on when we see one another!!! (i really hope!)
soaring and beaming!!! :)

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