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SO GLAD you asked!

Spunkee Monkee is an online Treasure Hunt that is powered by REALITY, and fueled by STEEM! Kids and parents set up FAMILY ACCOUNTS on Steemit, then kids begin earning points by completing parent-assigned tasks to earn online treasure, while simultaneously gaining LIFETIME treasure!

Treasure? I like treasure! Explain more!

Sure! No problem! This Spunkee Monkee Treasure hunt is a way to make it fun for parents to help kids learn and apply good habits and healthy mindsets! As the children start to complete tasks in their lives to contribute to good health, clean environment, learning talents, having hearts of service, and learning about future careers - they earn points in their Spunkee Monkee account. When they've earned enough points, they get to trade those points in for digging up potential treasure on the Treasure Map! After choosing coordinates on the map with the help of their parents, they can check to see if they've won a prize! Sound fun?

...and parents?

While they're hunting for online treasure and prizes, you get to feel GREAT about the fact that they're building up LIFETIME priceless treasures while they're encouraged to focus on:

  • Health and Hygiene
  • Service
  • Environment
  • Hobbies and Talents
  • Future Career Interests


    What's this? More fun? YOU BET! This is only the 30- day alpha test where you've been invited to play. And by the way, THANKS for all your help! But, in just a few months, we expect the full version to be launched where families from different places can play together for 6 months, encouraging one another, supporting each other, voting for other families.... and seeing how their Monkees rank in the Leaderboards!

    At the end of the 6 month Treasure Hunt, we plan to choose 25 of the top 100 semi-finalists in the Leaderboards, and invite them to a three-day SPUNKEE MONKEE GALA event, where they will be treated like the shining stars they are! Fun, food, flair... you name it - we want to do it! And after those stars have had a chance to showcase what they've learned during the year, we will announce the:


    AND THEN.....

    The game for the next year begins all over again - so, all our monkees keep growing, learning, and shining!


    All Spunkee Monkee images have been created for Spunkee Monkee by the amazing @jimramones! Images are not to be used without permission from Spunkee Monkee.

    Font by James Fajardo

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    Hi spunkeeminkee

    How wonderful! I can't wait to see how the families get on and how the Monkees do in finding their first treasure. What an exciting project! E x


    Thank you so much!!! I'm excited to get this alpha testing underway also, so that we can work out little kinks now and make it an amazing program for the future! :) So appreciate your support always Evie!!! :)

    Welcome spunkeemonkee!
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    Oh, how very interesting! I love the idea of bringing kids to experience LIFE!
    Great approach, @dreemsteem! Love it :-)


    yes!!!! lets show them that there is so much out there to explore and enjoy!!! all little prizes in their bag of tools :) thank you for letting me speak on the Barbarella show today!!! :)


    You are always welcome to come back with any of your marvellous projects and ideas! It was a great pleasure having you with us. You made a terrific Cup-bearer. <3

    So excited and so proud of you!
    Amazing thing for kids and families.. and of course, you are so amazing!
    Thanks for always thinking of how to make others betters!


    thank you!!!! I think it will be amazing too!!!

    Hoping that it brings joy and laughter and learning in a really fun way! I'm not sure who is having more fun - me or the kids. :)

    Okay, I think I'll be trying this out with my older child. Might form a new account for this!


    wow - thanks so much @derangedvisions another awesome gift from you! :)

    This is going to be awesome! I can't wait to see where this project goes.


    It really is awesome! Thank you for the great support to this project! I really hope that it grows into something that changes lives!! Believing in kids (and families) is a passion of mine, and I truly hope that this will be a fun tool for success!!!! :)

    Thanks again :)

    So this is what you were so excited about!!! I can now see why! This is just so pure and beautiful, I can see this wonderful thing going places with proper expansion in the future 😍


    yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!! now you see the source of my excitement!!! hahahahaa

    We have amazing plans in store!!! now we just need to take each step - enjoying the experience, one day at a time! :)

    Thank you for sharing the excitement with me! hehehe

    I just love it, this is soooooo coooooooooool.

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!


    thank you!!!!!!!!!! and that is non-alcoholic bubbling apple cider right????

    hahahahahahahahaha (just kidding)

    thank you for letting me speak about Spunkee Monkee on the Barbarella show today!!!! :)


    YEP it is!!! What else? You know what I think about alcohol :) for sure non-alcoholic bubbling apple cider!!!!

    It was such a please having you with us <3
    Hope to see you and Spunkee Monkee again!

    You are amazing, Dreemie... I so much love this idea! Definitely a great way to have fun,learn and even earn...😀🤗


    yes!!!! i agree hehehe

    earning is the icing on the cake of course - but... still a fun way to earn maybe a trip for the family? or maybe setting aside funds for college tuition or studies! :)

    Thank you for the support my friend!!! I love the hugs hehehe

    whooowhwhwoooooo so glad you made this announcement. Resteeming now


    yeahhhhhhhhh don't forget! Your princess has a map to dig hehehehe lots of points to use for her :)

    It's all ready! Just leave a comment on whichever map she wants with the coordinates of the tile she chooses - i'll leave a comment back , revealing what was under her tile)

    thnks for the resteem! :) I can't wait to see how fun this will be heheeh


    just done and the new post

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    This .... Is ..... Awesome!!!


    From that night you had my stomach tingling to seeing this up and running gives me the goosebumps in the bestest way twinnie!!

    So very proud of your dedication and grit! Let's take it to infinity and beyond!!! :)

    All the best to the pilot families! Ooooh how exciting. Can't wait to see what comes up on the hunt. Nah, not the treasure, but the experiences!



    yes!!!! the experience! woo hooooo

    can you believe it? hhahaha remember that first day! we both had such chills! LOLOL

    thank you for always encouraging and loving!! :) so excited!!!


    Yes! I remember! Like it was yesterday ;)

    I am soo excited for you in experiencing this journey Twinnie xx

    Will leave you a voice message soon. Xxx

    Wonderful idea!

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    thanks so much @mcoinz79 :)

    so perfect for you!!!!!!!!!!


    hehehehe so super fun, right @snook???? ahhhhhhh i hope this is a blast for the kids - cuz i sure am having a good time! LOLOLOL

    Wowy!!! This is fantastic!!! You go, girl!!!


    Thank you miss @mariannewest!!!! :)

    I hope I have an awesome update for you in December ??? mayyyyyyybe if it's not too hectic we can grab a quick gelato hehehehehe <3

    (although - that panini was pretty amazing! hahaha)


    I would love that!!!!!!!! ❤️

    Will there be combs?

    I shall introduce the youngins tomorrow.
    Prizes and combs!


    hhahahahahaa oh my gosh!!!

    you always have the best gifs LOLOLOLOL the monkee's face is hilarious hahahahahhahaa

    have you ever seen the Misadventures of FlapJack?

    the episode where doctor barber wants to buy combs from the most beautiful man in the world????

    "yesssssssssssssssss I am in need..... of combs"

    LOLOLOLOLOL that show would be right up your alley - the first season for sure!

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    thanks so much @arcange! :)

    super exciting to launch this project for Steemit!!!!!!!!

    This sounds like a very clever and fabulous initiative! Kudos for your creativity in helping children learn and have fun! 💛

    Wow, this sounds so interesting!!! I will promote it to my friends who have older children (mine is still a baby ;) )

    @spunkeemonkee this is a genius idea and have no doubt it will be very successful! Will keep an eye on it and let others know. Thanks for sharing!!

    I love this @dreemsteem. I wish I can be part of it! So funnn!!!

    Hello @spunkeemonkee, Welcome to Steemit
    Currently, I & my friend are supporting for the Planktons by our small upvote. You may like it, check my support here & my friend here.
    Wish you success with Steemit

    Hey there!

    I finally got around to checking this...

    I am so glad to see that you're bringing your idea to life! WOOT!

    Don't let me forget about this; keep me posted on how it's going, lest I forget to come around...




    ok! hehehe we just started and this is alpha testing - so lots of kinks to be worked out :)

    but hopefully we keep moving forward one step at a time!!!

    (and hoping I get to see you in December! hehehe)


    Must do some singing together.... MUST sing! :D

    Test away! ;)