Got Caught SPUD'n

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Hey Steemains and Spudders

So its the 1st of a new month and as tradition now dictates, we power up on the first of the month, or well that's what @streetstyle has got us into believing.

If you want to know more about SPUD 5 and all the prizes up for grabs you can check out the original post here

My 5th SPUD

I've participated in every SPUD so far, some bigger than others and this is my largest power up so far. 616 STEEM and closer to a dolphin than I have ever been.


I'm now 88 STEEM shy of being a dolphin and if my current weekly STEEM earning rate is anything to go by I should be a dolphin sometime this month.

It's so close I can taste it. If anyone wants to upvote me closer to that threshold by all means don't let me stop you.

There's still 123,7 million liquid STEEM up for grabs if anyone is keen to get involved lol. Plenty of steemians dumping steem like a hot potato, so why not pick it up.

Voting for stakers not sellers

I'm also curating all SPUD posts for day so keep the momentum going so tag correctly so I can find you and upvote you.

I want to upvote people who I feel will hold on to their steem because they have skin in the game.

Let's connect

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I have no idea what SPUD is and do not to find out at this moment either.

You bought your status or really earned it in the good old days or by using bidbots and selfvoting?
Congratulations in advance 🎈🎉🎁💕

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It's simply a movement to stake up your wallet and since I want more stake I don't mind joining.

The good old days was more of a marketing ploy to gain interest, it was never sustainable. Very few people who got those big payouts stayed around.

Hoping this is the dawn of something new with HF22 and 23 looking to bring more value in than just authors and whales dumping

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Well since steem is suspended on binance and I'm being a company man today I might stop my powerdown and consider spuddin...

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I think the price will tank a little more in the coming months but I want to see what my returns will be based on the new HF.

I did see a big buy order come through from Bitrexx someone buying in over a million STEEM wonders what thats all about?

Well, I bought some BTC too, all about stacking satoshis each month and trying to become part of the 21 club. I have 0.75 BTC now hoping to get a full 1 soon.


1 million steems wow that's legit! And my man grinding for the full bitcoin that's inspirational !!

I also think we have a ways to go till we bottom out, that's based mostly on my wishful thinking that btc will drop 25% or so and I can hustle up a decent buy in.. ATM I went into bnb and it shit the bed too.

Do you know if steem being suspended on binance is due to the AWS issue that's effecting some other coins? It's been at least a week now and o haven't seen anything on here or big internet to confirm my only hunch..

Fork it though I might as well stop my powerdown and get spud Mackenzie !

Crazy as it is new steem has been good to me so far, I've made some friends that seem to appreciate the skrammy brand. Which I did switch up today in the name of not being a full time dickhead, I was annoying myself. Anyone such as yourself that I'm happy to know checks out my stuff is fully aware what my gripes are so no sense in boring everyone with that shit.

I can get back to my evading the po-po tales and release my dporn stroking the skreezy series 😎

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Jessie here,

I did a SPUD without posting a few weeks ago and your post reminded me it's time to do it again!



LOL I think the real SPUDrs are the ones that do it quietly throughout the months and every power up counts, just nice to shout about it every now and then and get everyone to rally

I’m so stoked this my last SPUD as a minnow and I’ve finally hit dolphin yeaaaah now to do backflips with the big fish


Oh, to be a dolphin <3 I love that you are so close you can taste it!! I will join you one day!! After not being able to power up on steempeak and steemworld for some stupid reason mine finally worked after asking around on the steemit frontend. Happy SPUD Day <3

Glad you finally got to SPUD I see you’re well above minnow which is what we need more of! I’d love to see like 200k daily active minnows one day that would make for an interesting place where is more about the majority curating and not just whales and orcas!

Hope to see you keep growing your account


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Iv never heard of SPUD yet... I guess I will check it out soon. I've come to the point where I need to find new avenues to explore if I want to earn more steem.

It’s a monthly rally so feel free to join in on the first of every month! I’d say the best way to earn is to pick a niche and start contributing in there with their tribe that’s what I’ve been doing

I also play a bit of Splinterlands but I have yet to sell my cards just keep adding to it

Then I’m also doing actifit I’m not like balls deep in all the Steem opportunities though like video and such

But there’s plenty to explore! You just need to find what’s comfortable for you


I love slpinterlands, I spend more time there then I do anywhere else.

I do think I need to narrow in a bit and find that niche. so far I have been testing the waters on various Steem projects see what I like and don't like.

Check out steempeak and what tribes are currently available and see if there’s anything you’d be keen on!

I enjoy contributing to steemleo which is money and investing, AAA for movie reviews , realityhubs for all reviews, stem for science stuff and sportstalk!

It’s much easier to curate and find good stuff to read and also inspiration for stuff you’d like to write about, well that’s how it’s been for me

Will do, I have learned a bit about tribes and have earned a few tokens on Steem engine but have yet to dedicate my self to a few..

Seems like a good day to check them over again, pick a few and go from there.

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I think you got your numbers wrong? It looks like you are already a dolphin...


WOW I’m actually in shock! I just checked my wallet and my dyslexia must have had me miss it

Thank you so much for helping me reach my goal! I’m so stoked right now I can’t believe it! I’m dolphin material now time to prepare my coming out post

Again thank you so so much!!


Hehe, a pleasure, now fly dolphin, fly!!!


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Keep building that Steem Power and stacking those BTC Sats!

“Soon to become a dolphin and a member of the 21 club.” - How good!!

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