We went straight into summer, running and participating in the #runforsteem challenge

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Apparently spring was skipped this year and we went directly from winter to summer. At least thats what it felt like yesterday (and also today). I just hope we wont be going for autumn in a few more days -
I decided to leave work an hour early yesterday. The day before had been really long, since I had a meeting in Århus (app. 3 hours by train) so My work day had been around 11 hours. We have the possibility to flex so thats what I did. the weather was fabulous, with temperatures around 25 degrees celsius. So I really wanted to sit on my porch with a beer. I also really wanted to go to the forest for a run and see all the anemones for myself (I knew they had come about a week ago , but had not had the time to go see them)
I decided to do both, first running then beer. So i set out at around 4:30 wanting to do app. 10 kms.
The run turned out to be as much a nature thing as a fitness thing(as is practically always the case for me when i run in the forest). I stopped at least 6 times to take pictures of flowers and trees as well as the catch of the day : A grass snake, or as we call them in Denmark: Snog.
I am not entirely sure about the etymology of the danish name but it sounds alot like the danish word for winding which is sno. Thus I think it is a reference to its movement, but who knows. It is one of only 2 snakes native to Denmark and this one is not poisonous. The other one is the Hugorm (lit: strikeworm) or common viper. I rarely see those (and when i do i keep my distance) But the grass snake is a common sight in our woods, and is easily distinguished by the bright yellow dots behind the eyes.

Even though the snake really got my attention, I did not forget the anemones. They were all over the place. It was really just a matter of finding the right sunny spot and get a few images. This one was quite nice I think.

I decided that since I was out running anyways I might as well participate in @jumowa s runforsteem challenge, It was @steevc who made me aware of it, so lets see if I have got this right :

resteem his post : done
upvote his post : done
mention #runforsteem in title: done
use #runforsteem tag: done
link to challenge post : done here
show image from my endomondo proving I actually ran :
done. (if the one at the top isnt proof enough)
Then I think I only need to write a comment on his post linking to this one phew. almost got me more breathless than the run itself :-)
hope you liked it.... oh and yes I got time for the beer on the porch too, and it was great!

Im EvilHippie, a compulsive creative and jack o' trades. If you want to know more about me, check out my introduction post here

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Hey Evil Hippie! Thx for your cool entry and welcome to runforsteem

That's some good running considering you stopped for photos. I find running gets me closer to nature and I can also explore where I live. Hope the weather stays good for you


I have my endomondo setup to pause automatically when i am standing still for more than 10 secs. So i dont loose a significant amount of time on that. But thanks anyway. I am getting to where i like to be again. Yes nature is a big part of it for me too as is exploring my local area


Good to see someone else uses Endomondo. I don't see it mentioned much, but I like it


Yes I have used it since forever actually (more precisely since 2011) it is a danish company and I almost got a job there at one point


I've used it for years after getting it on special offer. I just want all the stats and it does that well

Wow!this is really amazing natural photography.This one attractive me