The Birth of a blade #9 About time don't you think?

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I have not had the time recently, to do sword forging. At least not as much as I would have liked. I still dont. I do hope that I will find the time in the coming weeks or so, but right now I prioritize enjoying the fabulous spring-weather that we finally have.

To compensate, I have decided to post some images of a sword I havent talked about before.
It is a simple one handed sword with a wheel pommel, of the type that would have been common throughout most of the middleages. The quillons are equally simple. Just a flat bar with a hole in it, nothing fancy, A utalitarian design, very much like most of the similar historical swords from the perio

The handle is wood(I cant remember which kind, but I think it was beech or ash) covered with black leather. I have shown how to do this in this post.
It does not have a scabbard (yet) But I plan on making a woodcore scabbard for it at some point, because a sword needs a home. I actually find that when hung on a wall the blade is better of exposed, while a scabbard is great for transport. If rust start to form on an exposed blade , you will notice right away and can take care of it while a blade in its scabbard look fine even though it might be slowly corroding inside without you noticing.

That is also the reason why I have made a habit of checking the one sword, which is currently displayed in its scabbard, every month or so, to make sure no rust is forming.
The blade I am talking about is Gyldenklo, described in this post.

Shoould I ever(gods forbid) find myself in a situation where I would have to defend myself with a bladed weapon, this sword would be my choice, hopefully paired with one of my bucklers ( described here ) . If I couldnt get a buckler I would probably rather have a longsword due to the increased range or at least a sabre due to the improved hand protection. I dont own sharp version of either of these though, so the one hander it would be.

I have called it Negotium which means business, work or trouble in Latin, and is also the root of the word negotiate. A fight is in many ways just a negotiation gone to the extreme.

It is currently hanging on the wall of our staircase. It wont be taken down unless the Zombie-apocalypse or some other world-changing event, or if I want to do some test cutting.
I am quite happy with this one. A real sharp sword is something quite different from a training sword.

Im EvilHippie, a compulsive creative and jack o' trades. If you want to know more about me, check out my introduction post here

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Finally, some blades. :)

That's a nice collection of swords you got there. You really should find some time to get back to them.

Cool sword. what type of metall you are using=?


what about workshop, where you have it?


I use a fairly low-carbon water-hardening spring-steel. I cant remember the exact specs but it has a fair amount of silicium so it is fairly tough. Only problem is that water hardening is hard to do properly. regarding the workshop, its in my garage. you can se my introduction post above. It has images of the workshop if memory serves me right


You sell your swords or just for hobby? It looked well crafted enough.

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