RESULTS - Highest Scoring NFL Game Contest #3

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Congrats to @vicspics for beating 5 other contestants (@full-measure, @liberty-minded, @palikari123, @galasek, @edgarf1979) with a tie breaker of 63 which was closest to the actual total points of 66. Great prediction skillz @vicspics!
Highest score #3 Winning upvote 1 - 09 09 2018.jpg
Highest score #3 Winning upvote 2 - 09 09 2018.jpg
Highest score #3 Winning upvote 3 - 09 09 2018.jpg
Highest score #3 Winning upvote 4 - 09 09 2018.jpg
Highest score #3 Winning upvote 5 - 09 09 2018.jpg


1 Winner will get 1 STEEM or a 1 STEEM upvote from a bot of my choosing (Winner decide the prize by commenting on the results post)

NFL Week 2 Final Scores:

KC vs LAC - FINAL - 09 09 2018.jpg
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Congrats to the winner!!!

Thank you for playing and join me soon for the next block pool contests.
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thanks @mellofello

For your prize, would you like 1 STEEM or do you want me to buy a 1 STEEM upvote to try to increase the prize?

1 steem sounds good

Congrats on a great win. Thanks for participating in my contests.

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