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I know you all have been waiting desperately to find out what my second new inflatable is? - well here it is a slightly smaller slide than the orange 18ft one - this one is 14ft and should be alot easier to manage :)
Now at least you will be able to sleep again knowing this important information

This is me @kiwiscanfly

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Holy crap you got $227.37 for this post. Now that will keep me up tonight.


y yo rompiendome el cerebro pensando que carajo escribir que sea interesante y que al menos alguno pueda leerme

Good content is in the eye of the beholder, wouldn't you say? Probably an eye filled with gunk!

I'm just kidding. :-)

Did you say inflatable?

I have had this one a while..she got mouldy but thats alright
Image result for sex doll

That isn't mould :)



Bah ha ha — you just made my day!

Well it sure is cool by the way ;)

He sure looks quite curious while you were taking the image ;)

haha he does

'Now at least you will be able to sleep again knowing this important information'

Thanks man, on behalf of my dog as well. He was completely lost the last couple of days ...

my job is done then :)

All that porn you posted crashed Steemit...

Damn kiwi!!! That’s the way you do it!


At least you're not trying to disguise your shit posting.

thank you i want it , oh

Another nice addition

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have just been defended with a 100.00% upvote!
I was summoned by @kiwiscanfly. I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...

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and your cat is going to ride this slide ;)

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Where I get it ?

i used to play on a similar slide a bit bigger one and i used to love it. @kiwiscanfly

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It's curious and demanding, looking sharp, can someone purchase it in Nigeria or be an agent? I know they will patronize and be happy.

They are so wonderful.

What is the gig with the huge range of bots - are you doing an experiment to compare payouts?

Great , but cannot understand , if you can explain

So not so great then.

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It is interesting and fun an inflatable mattress but 157 votes for a photo I find incredible, well those who like to look at photos ...

Lovely piece of information @kiwiscanfly! Keep it up!!

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@kiwiscanfly you are doing a great work. Keep it up buddy. I am happy to see you successful.
Cheers Mate
Regards, @momimalhi

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