No BBALL this week & Sprained Ankle

in sports •  2 months ago

No Wednesday night game of Basketball this week due to some national school tournament happening in Palmy North this week :(..little bastards
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We still had a practice run on Tuesday night which was good, until i went up for a rebound and came down landing on someones foot twisting/spraining my right ankle
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so i am limping around or as my partner say's..making a production out of it...:)

Thats about all i got to report..apart from Smudge still being a of the year North Island NZ??

Here he is with Maya helping
very cute

This is me @kiwiscanfly

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Hope nothing worse happens and look forward to hear your next game results!


get hard you big pussy


But i want to make a production out of it

What's it like living in the same house with a celebrity?

Are you starting to look alike?


haha..maybe but i will never be as cool as smudge


law of averages means its gotta happen sometime...could have been worse :)

Well hope you get well buddy :)

While is he really getting fat ? hhahah he sure looks cute by the way :)


yeah its getting better - nah smudge not fat :)

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