STEEM collection for 99% Buyback wall - Bonuses Available!

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Hello everyone, This is a quick update and collection post for the new 99.99% buyback wall. Last's week club vote post has finished and the winner by a landslide is 99.99%. You can see full details here if you have missed it.


Steem powered investments @spinvest has been set up to offer an investment club based on funding from STEEM POWER. Investments are funded through extracting value out of STEEM POWER and taking advantage of STEEM's high inflation rate. The aim is not to get rich quick; the aim is to build a safe portfolio of investments that will stand the test of time while ensuring all investors starting capital is not at risk. Full details can be found here

Finishing up with the current 95% buyback wall

First off, big huge thank you to the members that helped with this. We collected 1195 STEEM, bought back 959 SPI tokens and have 259 STEEM left over. I have done a very quick excel table to show how things are looking and what everyone is owed.
As i plan to upload this post later chances are you have already received your SPI tokens and refunded STEEMP. I had said people are free to add any STEEM back into the 99% wall but I'll just send everyone their STEEM back in the form of STEEMP. Feel free to use this as payment are as part payment to the new 99.99% wall :)


Collecting for the new 99.99% buyback wall

Let's make this interesting,
Limited Time Only!!!
3 DAYS !!!

What about for the next 3 days anyone that sends STEEM to @spi-payments receives a 2% instant SPI bonus on transfers under 249 STEEM are 3% for transfers over 250 STEEM. Yep, you heard that right for the first time ever you can get free SPI tokens for buying SPI tokens. No waiting until the buyback wall is finished, get them instantly.


The reason for the rush is simply because i wonna get it set up and running, get it fine turned and then move one from this mess. It only takes 3 days to do a collection post as 90% of people that are going to take part, take part in the first 2 days.

MemberSTEEM amountPaid (Yes/No)


How we are gonna do this

As i have said before we need around 3000 STEEM to do this properly and make sure we don't run out of liquidity. So to get the STEEM I have withdrawn all the STEEM from our saving wallet. When the withdraw completes in 2 more days i will instantly convert that STEEM into fiat so that we use this STEEM for the buyback wall and use the fiat for our upcoming BTC investment (handy). SPinvest has been hoarding STEEM for a few days and has around 700 STEEM in its wallet. We have just over 300 STEEMP on the SE exchange and whatever we collect from this post with a 500 STEEM commitment in place. Let's look at the numbers and see what we can gather up.


Look at that, 3100 STEEM. We are already home dry in a boat but just for extra insurance, a collection is needed, don't forget the bonus!!

So how are we gonna do this? We are collecting to @spi-payments but we will be using the main @spinvest SE wallet to do this. When all funds are collected, i will transfer all the STEEM to the leo.dex exchange. From there is transfer the STEEMP to the spinvest wallet and then i make the buy order. After that, we wait and see what happens.

Going forward, i would hope that this buyback wall will provide enough liquidity. I expect a rush of tokens to be sold back but in the long run if we issue more than we buy back it all good. I also expect the daily trading volume of the SPI token on the SE exchange to increase as it'll cost nothing to buy are sell back so people can enter and leave token ownership without any finical consequences. This is a plus and with a higher daily volume, we have better odds of being seen by more people as we would list higher.

Let's get this set up and in place to ensure that SPinvest continues to issue the maximum amount of tokens at come
In the past 2 weeks, SPinvest has issued 17 tokens on the SE exchange and that was this morning. After this buyback wall is in place, every token sold on the SE exchange will be a new token issued and we will grow and earn more because of it.

If you have any questions, please ask below and i will get back to you as soon as i can.



Below are steemconnect hotlinks that allow investors to buy SPI tokens directly from @spinvest. Each token is currently priced at 1.00 STEEM and beside each link is the true STEEM cost to reduce confusion. You can also send any amount directly to @spinvest and i will issue you SPI tokens to 2 decimal places for the value of STEEM to send. All tokens bought directly will be sent to investors SE wallets within 24 hours but most likely much sooner.
5 SPI tokens - 5 STEEM
10 SPI tokens - 10 STEEM
25 SPI tokens - 25 STEEM
50 SPI tokens - 50 STEEM
100 SPI tokens - 100 STEEM
250 SPI tokens - 250 STEEM
500 SPI tokens - 500 STEEM
1000 SPI tokens - 1000 STEEM
2500 SPI tokens - 2500 STEEM



Important Information

InformationURL Link
SteemPower Investments Introduction PostClick HERE
SteemPower Investments Club Partnership AgreementClick HERE
How to become a club memberClick HERE
How to convert SE tokens into SPI tokensClick HERE
Join the SPI club Discord serverClick HERE
Join the SPI curation trailClick HERE
What's best for the SPI Club? Centralized vs DecentralizedClick HERE
SPI tokens 95% buyback guaranteeClick HERE
SPI Club monthly Fiat to SPI token group buyClick HERE

All questions are welcome, please ask in the comments below

CLICK here for full details about SPI beneficiaries
Show support to SteemPower Investments through it's Patreon Page
Click here to join the SPinvest community over at (Steemit Communities)


Just sent 256 STEEMP so you don't have to pay the conversion% to get it on the SE wallet

Posted using Partiko Android

I've sent 100 steem over to the payments account to add to the wall.

Posted via Steemleo

Hi SPinvest,
I have send 10 Steem 2 days ago to @spinvest, can you transfer the tokens?

Hey, sorry, man. When i seen your comment i thought. Noooo, i remember that name from a few days back and thought i may be misspelt your name are something but i never sent them. Something must have distracted me.

They are now sent. Sorry again

No problem, thanks!

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I'll contribute 100 again.

Got it and i have already sent you your SPI tokens

Thank you

What's good. I only sent a couple STEEM over last night. Reading this post I see it says to send to @spi-payments. Above the links to send it also says to send to @spinvest, which is what I sent to.

Hello, it's normally @spinvest but for this collection it's @spi-payments. Where did you send it? i dont see anything

To be honest, you can send it to either and i will see it.

Sent 5 STEEM to @spinvest 3 days ago now.


Hey, sent them a few hours ago.

Sorry for the unconvinced

Not a problem at all. Thank you, & good luck selling a million! I'll buy some more after SPUD.

I think it was a good idea! :)

Yesterday I have sent 64 Steem for that. @spi-payments was the right account?

I'm just wondering, because they are still on that account and not used for the wall.

Just sent 250 Steem!

No worrys @slayoutoftherz

I have you tokens sent plus your 3% bonus :)

Thank you my friend

I've been trying to buy my weekly tokens by clicking on links in the last 4 posts. Each time I get this error:

Application error
An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. If you are the application owner, check your logs for details. You can do this from the Heroku CLI with the command

Is this a problem with the links or specific to me? It's not been a problem before this week.

HEey, thanks for the information. They are not working for me either, i'll need to look into these when i gt back from work.

Thank you

Looks like the steemconnect site has changed something. It'ss gonna take a few hours and i dont have the time today so it'll be a few days.

Thank you for letting me know about this.

Just sent 100 Steemp for the new wall. Thanks for the tokens and the refund.

Got it, i have sent over your SPI tokens already.

Thank you

I missed all this excitement - busy week! Never mind, I'll get some bonus SPIs another time! Great the wall is up and sales are going better.

You have a typo in my account name in the table. Fortunetely I got the SPIs nervertheless :)
I am planning to participate in the new paywall again, just need to get some fresh Steem first .

Yeah, spelling is not my strong point :)

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