SteemPower Investments - SPI Token offers a 95% buy back - Load the boat and HODL!

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Hello everyone, i hope you are all having a wonderful day, let me make it better for you. Today i will be mostly talking about the SPI buy back offer.

Steem powered investments @spinvest has been set up to offer an investment fund based on funding from STEEM POWER. Investments are funded through extracting value out of STEEM POWER and taking advantage of STEEM's high inflation rate. The aim is not to get rich quick; the aim is to build a safe portfolio of investments that will stand the test of time while insuring all investors starting capital is not at risk. Full details can be found here

Why do i offer a 95% buy back?

I have complete confidence in the plan that i have set for SteemPower Investments. So much so that i can offer a buy back deal. I am here for a long time not a good time so paying back 95% and earning an instant 5% on those tokens is not really a problem. I dont want anyone to be returning their SPI tokens, i want ya'll to buy more, spread the word and let people on STEEMIT know about SteemPower Investments and it's 5% max risk!!

What does this mean for you?

Just think about this for a few seconds.......................If you bought 500 SPI tokens today for 500 STEEM, your maximum risk is 25 STEEM. There is no trickery here and it is exactly how it is wrote, no hidden rules, just straight. If you bought 500 SPI tokens, your maximum risk is 25 STEEM and it's only a loss if you decided to sell them back to me. 95% buy back until 1 million tokens are issued meaning if SPI's are worth 2 STEEM each in 1-2 years time, @spinvest will buy them from you for 1.80 STEEM.
Now your trying to figure out how it's a scam and it's not. Drop me a comment if you have questions.

It means load the boat with SPI tokens and HODL

How is @spinvest affected when it buys back tokens?

Depending on how many tokens it was, i might take a few days to process but most buy back deals could be completed within 24 hours. The tokens would return to the spinvest wallet ready to be resold at 1 STEEM again. It's not a bad thing at all offering the buy back as remaining issued tokens would be worth more. I personally own around 3500 SPI's (all paid for btw), if i sold all my tokens in one go, @spinvest would instantly profit 175 STEEM plus my share of all off platform investments making all remaining issued tokens worth more. The short answer could be everyone else that owns SPI tokens gets a small richier and the returned tokens are resold.

How long does it take to make 5%

Just a random thought if mine. Its pretty simple to work out and screen shot so why not share. It can be done on @dlease request a lease part.. Based on 500 SPI's being sold and using 500SP, it would take around 90 days.

The 29.25 STEEM payment is not what the delegator receives, dlease needs to take their cut to pay for their services.

How to buy SPI tokens?

You can send any amount of STEEM you like to @spinvest and you will receive the same amount in SPI shares up to 2 decimals. All SPI tokens (shares) will be transferred to investor’s steem-engine accounts within 24 hours of sale completion .

Convert other steem-engine tokens to SPI tokens

Most of us by now earn a few different tokens through other steem front ends are have been airdropped tokens during launch ect. I have wrote a step by step post that shows anyone how to convert other steem-engine tokens into SPI tokens. You can learn how by clicking here

Resteeming is a wonderful way to spread the word and get as many eyes as possible on this. Let's get a buzz going

Discord Invite - Click Here -

I go by silverstackeruk#3236 if you would like to DM me

And the cherry on the cake

What do you have to lose? What token has a operator with so much faith they offer a 95% buy back


Ohh very NICE! I have seen SPI token on SE Dex but never read about it.
Good investment though..

Thank you. It's set up to make money from leasing SP and it's value should only increase over time. It's a HODL token

Would the buy-back policy mean that spinvest would need to keep sufficient liquid steem to cover any withdrawals?

Not really, right now i would avg 150-200 token sales a day which would currently cover most investors. The 0% bank of @silverstackeruk are @steemcryptosicko could provide loans to @spinvest for larger investor withdraws.
If someone like taskmaster4450 was to sell all his 1281 SPI holdings, a power down would be required and agreement made.

Yeah - your last point about a big investor is what I was thinking about. Before @taskmaster4450 made his big investment, the top ten investors (apart from silverstackeruk) held around 2,000 coins between them. I was wondering how that would be covered if they all decided to withdraw.

Sorry if I missed that information, and I don´t have the time to search for it, but once I bought the SPIs what is going to happen? What is the business model, how you want to create a return for the investment? The SPI value won´t increase over time by itself, what is driving it? Again sorry for overlooking this in the first place.

Simply the spi you buy gets converted to steem power then leased out the profits from there are taken and invested in different things currently some btc has been bought. So each share is worth some btc etc. Have a read through some of the previous posts. It's still a new project so definitely worth looking into. Ps I have nothing to do with the platform just an investor 👍

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Many thanks! Only missing puzzle piece for me is how the value of the invested BTC or whatever comes back to the buyers of the SPI tokens. If I play the devils advocate here, so far it looks like I give a man on the street some dollars and he says he will invest them smartly and guarantees me I get 95% of my $$ back. Sounds nice but if I would not give him the dollars, I would have kept 100% without risk.

SPIs are something like stocks, so @spinvest has one year to appreciate them. Dividends should be paid after one year ;-)

Absolutely agree. Your spi is converted to sp so will take him 13 weeks to exit.
Find out who the guy is what he has done what he is doing only you can do that research. Even down to what sort of people are buying the token and what sort of rep they have. I did all that so look along those lines defo have a look at some of the previous posts to put your mind at ease.

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Good idea to check out the reps of the people who are investing.

Hello. You said that you were busy and had no time to research properly.

SPI tokens are valued on by adding together the @spinvest wallet, steem-engine wallet and any off platform investments. Convert that amount into STEEM and divide by the amount of tokens issued. They are shares backed by STEEM POWER.

Im the man on the street for you today but you'll hopefully be seeing more of me around. Thanks for showing an interest and dropping comments, all feedback is welcome my friend.

Just bumped into a post about SPI. Don't have time to go through details atm but will check it later. But I don't have any trust issues as I know you from ssg. So I've emptied my wallet today for SPI. Let's see how it goes. ATB for this project!

Hey man, thanks for your supportive comment. As the project grows and gains trust while the token value increases, it'll pick up and getting some at 1 STEEM will seem like a bargain. Good to have to aboard man

Yeah, seems a bargain to me too. Received my tokens. Thank you!
Will check your airdrop conversion post too ,,,may be, I can get some more.

Hello @spinvest,

I'd like to avail your buy back offer for all my SPI tokens. I need to convert those to STEEM to avail Hive airdrop.

What do I need to do?

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