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Hello SPinvest club members, token holders and potential investors. We at SPinvest are very excited and proud to launch this new service for the users of steemit. I am of course talking about SPI beneficiaries.

Let's start out with a word from Mr SP Invest

This is Mr SP Invest image.png and I am here to explain to you the basics of SPinvest before we go into beneficiaries. My idea before launching SPinvest was to create a profitable investment portfolio that is self-funded by the club wallets STEEM POWER balance with no risk to investor’s capital. I can say that after 6 months, the business model is working and it's time to expand.
Let me break it down for you. @spinvest has been set up to issue 1 million SPI tokens (shares) at the cost of 1 STEEM each. As tokens are sold all STEEM received is POWERED UP. I take all that STEEM POWER and use it to fill lease requests to receive a daily/weekly/monthly payment rate of up to 18% per year. STEEM payments received from leasing STEEM POWER are used to buy crypto's, precious metals and a range of other safer non-blockchain investments. I will never power down the @spinvest wallet ensuring everyone's starting STEEM investment is safe and the actual investment fund is completely risk-free as it is funded with interest payments received from leasing @spinvest 's STEEM POWER.
We are a strong believer in spreading your eggs and having a diversified portfolio of investments. The means the investment fund will include anything ranging from crypto's, precious metals, shares, premium bonds, p2p lending are even shared property buys. We are not here to trade are take risks, so HODL and compounding when possible is the key strategy here. We plan to have a range of investments that are on the safer side of the risk scale ensuring that there is a positive ROI year on year. We are currently earning around 500 STEEM per week from a 77,000SP balance and we already have just over 5200 STEEM in investments. Our projected ROI for the first year was 20% but at 6 months old now, we have already earnt 21% and with another 6 months to go, i would revise the projection for year 1 to 30% ROI for early investors. We can offer this ROI because we have a huge stream of incomes by earnings from STEEM POWER, post payouts, SPI token sales and of course tribe accounts. The plan here is to not get rich quick but quick rich slow, build everything up, compound it all down and reap the rewards in a few years. When you think about investing in SPinvest, think to invest long term and build a nest of holdings. Think of SPinvest as a saving fund that earns you 20% per year for just holding the SPI token, no staking are effort involved, just buy and HODL.

SPI Beneficiaries Explained

Starting today, any user of Steemit can add @spi-payments to be a beneficiary for their post payouts in order to receive SPI tokens and start saving on the STEEM blockchain. Right now, for your steemit posts, you have the options to be paid by either 100% SP, 50%/50% SP & STEEM are decline are burn payment. From today, you can collect post payouts in the form of SPI tokens using our new saving service. You select the percentage of the post payout and I'll do the rest. It is a very simple and straight forward for the investor and a great way to build a pile of tokens that only increase in STEEM value over time.

For the month of January, we are soft-launching this service to test the waters and find out of this is service that will be used. SPI token rewards will be issued every fortnight and 100% of the STEEM/SP we receive is converted into SPI tokens and issued to beneficiaries, no fees to pay.

Let's go through the process from start to finish

This will start with you writing your content for your post about whatever it is you write about. For all the main used frontends(steemit, steemleo, neoxiancity, palnet, ect), the options are the same so these screenshots should be the same across a lot of tribe websites.
When you have finished writing your post and ready to upload, you can click on the "advanced setting" link that is located above the Post button to set up the beneficiary payments.

After you have clicked on advanced settings, a page like below will pop up on your screen. From here, you click on add account.

You should now have the option to input a username and a percentage number. Use spi-payments, no @ and then decide on a percentage of that post's rewards that you would like converted into SPI tokens. After you have entered in spi-payments and selected your percentage, click on "save" to complete the task.

When you have finished, you will get something that looks like this. You can now upload your post.
Please note, this beneficiary payment is for a single post only and your advanced setting will reset after you click on post. To ensure you receive an SPI token payment on every post, you will need to complete this process on every post you upload which only takes 10 seconds and once you get into the routine of it, you'll automatically do it every post

Using steempeak

I personally use steempeak to produce all my posts and when uploading from steempeak, users have the option to set up templates which a lot of users use for including banners and post signatures. Using templates can also ensure you can receive SPI payments on all your posts using a simple template. Here is a step by step for steempeak.

From the create a post page on steempeak, you will see an add beneficiaries button toward the bottom on the page. You can click on that

A new page will appear. On this page, you can enter in spi-payments and your chosen percentage. To complete the action, click on the plus symbol.

After clicking the plus symbol you confirm that you have added it correctly and everything looks ok before saving the action.

After the click on save, it's done and set up. You can confirm this by seeing a number related to the number of beneficiaries you have chosen in brackets between were i have added 2 red dots to the screenshot from below.

Using a template to ensure every post is paid out in SPI tokens
If you post from steempeak and would like to automatically add spi-payments as a beneficiary to every post you produce, you can create a simple template and use it as the base for all your posts.

  • 1 - From steempeak, click on the pencil icon to create a post
  • 2 - Select "view templates"
  • 3 - On the new page, from the top left-hand side, click on the blue "+ new template"
  • 4 - Follow the "using steempeak" steps above to add spi-payments as a beneficiary
  • 5 - After you complete that, clicked on the blue "save template" bottom.

Now for every post you what like to write, you use this template which already has beneficiary payments set up saving you a few seconds each post but more importantly, you'll never miss a payment.

Your set up, time to wait 7 days

After 7 days have passed from you uploaded your post, you will receive your post payout minus the percentage you have saved and sent to spi-payments. I have for the past week been running some tests from an account to make sure everything is working. Please note that the test account is not connected to SPinvest.

Using steemworld to track everything gives the option to filter out all the stuff we don't need to see and only show us benefactor rewards. From the screenshot below, we can see how it appears.

When clicked on, we are shown all the details we need to record. User name and amounts. Using the test account, we can see the username is steemcryptosicko and the reward payment is 1.336 SP and 1.336 STEEM

The information is recorded to a spreadsheet which is updated daily. Each fortnight, all the figures are added up for each beneficiary and SPI tokens are issued to that amount

In the example below, we can see that we have received 3 beneficiary rewards from our test account. These 3 payments give a total of 4.208 STEEM and 4.210 SP which is 8.418 when added together.

Every fortnight i will go to Steem-engine website and issue new SPI tokens to beneficiaries of spi-payments. Using the example above and based on the 3 payments received, steemcryptosicko would be issued 8.42 SPI tokens.

Process complete!!


Finer details

By now, i would hope that you will understand the framework, how to set yourself up and how everything works from start to finish. Of course, i do still expect some questions about the finer details so below are a few things that we should all be made aware of.

  • All members of Steemit are welcome to invest and save
  • Payments are issued every second Friday starting on the 17th January
  • Minimum reward payment spinvest can issue is 0.01 SPI
  • 100% of rewards received are converted to SPI tokens
  • A fortnightly post will be uploaded to include, charts, users, payouts and updates.
  • The STEEM/SP balance of @spi-payments belongs to @spinvest and will be used to generate income.
  • The account @spi-payments in a non-posting account. Please contact @spinvest for details.

Why would i what to do this?

Simple, saving is awesome. The key to saving up a big amount is to save a little amount very often. SPI tokens earn 20%+ every year and have off-platform/off-blockchain investments already in place. They say the proof is in the pudding. Let me show you the results of saving a little often. We have an investor that swings by the handle silver-hammer. Every 2 weeks from launch, silver-hammer buys 35 STEEM's worth of SPI tokens.
That 35 STEEM every 2 weeks soon adds up and with 420 STEEM invested in total from launch 6 months back, total token holdings are worth 511 STEEM giving an 18% profit. That's why you should want to do this. Saving little and often adds up quickly.

The beautiful thing about beneficiaries is that once you make it part of your routine to add this into each post, you don't miss the reward as you get used to it. We are all advised to take a percentage of our salaries out for saving, why not your steemit earnings as well? It all adds up no matter how small and if STEEM moons to the 50 cents-1 dollar range, you'll have a nice kitty build up.

Questions Welcomed folks


Below are steemconnect hotlinks that allow investors to buy SPI tokens directly from @spinvest. Each token is currently priced at 1.00 STEEM and beside each link is the true STEEM cost to reduce confusion. You can also send any amount directly to @spinvest and i will issue you SPI tokens to 2 decimal places for the value of STEEM to send. All tokens bought directly will be sent to investors SE wallets within 24 hours but most likely much sooner.
5 SPI tokens - 5 STEEM
10 SPI tokens - 10 STEEM
25 SPI tokens - 25 STEEM
50 SPI tokens - 50 STEEM
100 SPI tokens - 100 STEEM
250 SPI tokens - 250 STEEM
500 SPI tokens - 500 STEEM
1000 SPI tokens - 1000 STEEM
2500 SPI tokens - 2500 STEEM

View the SPI token market on the Steem-engine exchange


Important Information

InformationURL Link
SteemPower Investments Introduction PostClick HERE
SteemPower Investments Club Partnership AgreementClick HERE
How to become a club memberClick HERE
How to convert SE tokens into SPI tokensClick HERE
Join the SPI club Discord serverClick HERE
Join the SPI curation trailClick HERE
What's best for the SPI Club? Centralized vs DecentralizedClick HERE
SPI tokens 95% buyback guaranteeClick HERE
SPI Club monthly Fiat to SPI token group buyClick HERE

All questions are welcome, please ask in the comments below

CLICK here for full details about SPI beneficiaries
Show support to SteemPower Investments through it's Patreon Page

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Great work, I can see a lot of people doing this.👍

I hope so, we will find out in 7 days i guess :)

Woah man nice comprehensive post here. Can’t wait to keep adding SPI to my portfolio

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Thanks man, wrote it a few days back and edited it a few times adding more and more. I might even just keep my test account set up and collect SPI's on 2 accounts, lol.

Thanks for checking out the post bro

Gonna set up my main ;)

Nice Work, Spinny!

Hey.. I'd like to do this but I need it to work with the Actifit front-end .. how does that work?

Great news! Just did a SteemPeak post yesterday with @spi-payments as 20% beneficiary. Looking forward to the SPI tokens raining down on me. :)

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