Step by step - How to convert any steem-engine token into a SPI token

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SteemPower Investment is starting to pick up and it was suggested to me by an investor to write a post about how to convert any steem-engine token into a SPI token. This is a great idea and todays post is a step by step for those that have received are bought other tokens and think that money would be better invested with @spinvest SPI tokens. So without wasting much of your time lets get started.


Step 1

Have a steem-engine account. Every single member of steemit will have a steem-engine account. If you have been air-dropped are sent tokens they are there waiting for you. To sign in, use either steemconnect are steem keychain and sign in with your steemit username and posting private key. If you already have an account which im sure most will by now, no action required.

Step 2

So that's say you have some other steem-engine tokens you have received in an airdrop, earned using other steemit fronts are just bought from the market and you would like to convert them into SPI tokens. Its dead easy. The first step is to pick which coin you would like to cash out out to reinvest into the better SPI token that carries actual value. I am going to use PAL as my example as i have some extra. Select go to market option

Step 3

Now you are on the exchange page for PAL token. I enter in the price i would like to sell at (0.39), the amount of PAL i would like to sell (50) and it works out how much STEEM that worth. When picking your selling price look at the Buy orders. I can see 2 people will pay 0.39 STEEM for PAL, 1 guy looking to buy 21 and the other looking to buy 100. I take this price for a quick exchange.

After you have ntered in your details and clicked on the Sell button, you will be prompted to verify the transaction vai steemconnect are Steem keychain wallet if you have one. The transaction will take a few seconds to process

Step 4

After you trade has gone through, you can check in the wallet to make sure your transaction has gone through properly. We can see i no longer have any PAL token and there is 19.5 STEEM pegged added.

Step 5

Go to the SPI market by searching SPI. From here, you will need to enter in 1.02 is the buying price. These are priced at 1.02 STEEM until 1 million are sold. Then the free market will take over. Once 1 million sells, you will never buy a SPI token for close to 1.02 STEEM ever again. You enter in the amount you would like and click on the buy SPI button and verify the transaction

Step 6

HODL and wait for your investment to mature, buy more while your waiting. Buy some every week, everyday. These will be worth much more then 1 STEEM when the roll getting rolling.

Spread the word, tell your friends, resteem this post, drop a comment, everything adds up. The more members that know about this, the quicker we sell the 1 million tokens and the quicker we all start making a boat load of cash.

Buy directly from @spinvest

Each share until 1 million are sold will cost 1 STEEM each. You can send any amount of STEEM you like to @spinvest and you will receive the same amount in SPI shares up to 2 decimals. All SPI tokens (shares) will be transferred to investor’s steem-engine accounts within 24 hours of sale completion .

Eample of how to buy SPI's for your friends. We can see that steemcryptosicko has bought 35 tokens for raybrockman. How easy it that?



Hi bought some will buy some more later
Do we get dividends? If so in what token and how often?

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Dividends is something that has crossed my mind as i like the idea. If i were to go down that road, it would be after all the tokens are issued was gives pretty of time to do dry paper runs and see how things go. Payments would be either quartly are every 6 months and would be paid in STEEM. Monthly would be alot of work as investor numbers grow. It is something to think about for sure, thanks for suggestion 👍

Thank you for buying some tokens and showing your support.

Cool. From an investors point of view especially at the beginning to attract people monthly might be a good option as people are inpatient and also want to see money regularly. Obviously that's work involved which I understand. However will be a selling point. Personally I have tipu tokens and that's a cool thing about them get daily interest and can sell at any time if I need them. Primarily this is for long term investment so you will be isolating a lot of potential investors. Just a thought 👍

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Your last comment was the last comment i read before going out to work last night and i have been thinking about it all night and what i can do. I have a few things rolling around in my head and what i have came up with is im gonna turn Steempower Investments in the community tag #SPI. Im gonna say that anyone that holds over either 50 are 100 tokens will beable to make votes on any changes, this way im doing what you guys want and you guys are getting want you want.

I was thinking of splitting all payments between investment and rewards until 1 million tokens are issued. I have alot of ideas rolling about, some good, some bad.

Overall i like your idea and thank you for suggesting it. Im gonna start to write todays post and see what feedback i get from it.

I see 894,7xx tokens in the SPI Wallet, is this the # available to buy?
I am going to "convert" S-E Tokes to SPI, and then buy some more...
I hope these are not yet the numbers SOLD, but yes, AVAILABLE!


The SPI token is 0.0063% SOLD OUT!!!!!

Yes, the amount held by @spinvest is for sale but could be used for dividend payments are airdrops to investors. Might be hard selling a million but if the token goes to being worth 2 STEEM each someday with 100k tokes issued, i could airdrop at a 1:1 ratio and bring the price back down to 1 STEEM with 200k tokens issued. Just thinking out loud here but to answer your question, those token are for sale

Very Cool, and thanks for the "supplemental info" as that makes a lot of sense. To further that thought, also be aware of "burns" and other mechanisms, but of course you (and we) want to maintain the individual value of the tokens at all times. A burn would be at the end of the investment phase. (obvs)

So I'm feeling a little math-challenged this morning, can you tell me total # of tokes sold? 😎
I also have many Q's about S-E tokens and swaps...

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Fantastically done brother!! This will help guide newbies to your token. Plus I would link to this post in all future SPI post right under your quick buys. Thanks a ton for sharing bro and have a ton of faith in this project!!

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Thanks man, im getting a few other ideas from people so get ready for #spinvest tag with investor's voting on important changes :)

I will be doing a few links for the bottom of my posts after i get a few more posts out, another good idea

@spinvest, sorry I am a little bit late. Can I still buy SPI with you? Let me know so that we can proceed. Thanks, Rosa

Hello, There are 1 million SPI tokens for sale so there are plenty and it's never too late :)

Anymore questions, please ask and i'll get back to you

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