The good old consumer extremism

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It turns out that I am a little behind the current realities of the Russian retail, but today all the gaps have been filled, spent the so-called "day in the office". This fashion came to us thanks to American consulting. The head of any level should at least a couple of times a year to work "in the field" directly with customers: sales offices, call centers, logistics and so on.

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Of course, when you are on the other side of the barricades everything looks completely different, and although I had worked with operator retail for several years, times are changing, customers are changing. The "consumer extremism", which seems to be already settled in every fourth client, at the same time pleases and upsets. On the one hand, it is pleasant that people are ready to defend their rights, try to understand the legislation, but on the other, how strange it is to observe the manipulations prevailing over common sense.

Cinematic "customer is always right" lodged in the minds, were not important any circumstances, evidence, people argue and spoiled his own smartphone, citing the requirement to replace them, and fraud plans, although self-signed terms (without reading it), connection speed, which depends on many technical and not dependent on the operator's circumstances.

Okay, when this happens to people far from the law, but it seems sometimes even the experts forget that any contrary law, the condition is void. In General, the joke that all Russians are good for health to have a legal and psychological education — confirmed in practice.

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I believe that the development of such permissiveness and perversion of the legislative framework leads to the spread of consumer extremism. People watching television programs with the inspection of restaurants, hotels and other things — increasingly began to abuse the right and there (blackmailing "discovered" hair, glass), actually engaged in fraudulent activities. What came before "progress" of these relations, when the restaurateurs are changing the camera in the hall for safety, and to monitor guests, for the cost of dishonest behavior are increasing from year to year.

Manipulations occur in all spheres of activity when buyers, having passed an intensive course of legal literacy, forced to cry not one lawyer of the corresponding companies. The way of pimping multiplied by the cunning of customers, as well as a large selection of public organizations that protect the rights of the consumer, puts the business in the framework between "quiet" losses and protracted litigation.

In fact, if you take the statistics of the legal Department of one of the operators, you can identify several public organizations that are professionally engaged in" blackmail " business. There are also the constant dissatisfied consumers initiating various checks of controlling bodies for the purpose "to demoralize the opponent" and to receive additional information for new lawsuits. Thus, even a large business is often compensated, which is sometimes much cheaper than qualified legal support in remote regions.

This is partly to blame for the unbalanced russian law, which provided reliable protection of consumer interests, did not take into account the possible consequences and liability for unreasonable claims. Of course, we do not like in America, for a Cup of coffee to sue for a long time, it is difficult and often unprofitable, but this does not make business easier. This presumption of guilt of business is present not only in regulatory bodies, but also in the courts, and the amendment on "consumer extremism" is considered at the level of expert councils for several years.

Despite the options available preventive protection, and today, economically advantageous not to bring the conflict situation to litigation. So we get a situation where contracts are becoming more and more, the font in them less, companies need to provide everything, and on the flow of claim work groups of people are formed-robots that comply only with the possible risks, not individual solutions to problems.

Yes, the desire of some people to get easy money by manipulating consumer law just won't disappear. Will fans of "free" refuse and realize that they can't always be right? I guess not. After all, the unwillingness to make conflicts public and the lack of time to collect evidence of wrongdoing of the consumer (expertise) give the manipulator only an advantage, and he is always ready to "discipline" business in his own way.


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