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Hey Everyone

Our sincere apologies for being absense from posting and keeping everyone updated. We have been really tied up with a lot of offline events and also supporting posts of meet-ups.

Our Theme

We are still curating Meetups and Philanthropy for now and we are planning to shift to other topic of interest very soon. We are also looking at setting up a Wordpress blog to achieve these objectives :-

  1. Be 1 voice and not get too cluttered with other posts on steemit
  2. Invite more guest authors to join us and is able to post thru the portal


We are looking to get everything up by July 2018.

In the meantime

If you have just completed a meet-up or have seen interesting posts you could drop it in the comments below. We would do our best to follow thru and get all quality posts upvoted.

@sndbox-alpha is officially managed by @jassennessaj | @bitrocker2020 as the @sndbox-alpha curation team Liaisons.


You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Our sincere apologies for being absense from posting and keeping everyone updated.
It should be absence instead of absense.

Wow, this is really interesting and worthy of commendation.
I know the post is no longer valid for curation but the message in the post is still valid. I would be glad if @sndbox-alpha would help my predicament.
Here is my plea for help
Please kindly check it

Hey @sndbox-alpha. Here is a meetup and workshop I organized together with other Steemians in Nasarawa state Nigeria

Also, I find this great meetup/seminar organized by @deandaniel which I believe deserved some encouragement boost.

Thank you.

Love to see this Rollin' again...
Good Vibes @sndbox-alpha!

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