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Since I became a member of STEEMJET I understood what it means be selfless, and also learnt how to impact positively in others lives, theses our features of our forerunner @dimimp.

Working in a team can be great fun, you feel part of something bigger, accomplish more, learn new skills from others and even learn a lot about yourself. STEEMJET community is the best, thanks to all members and I'll advise you to join this family if you aren't here already. Talking of cryptocurrency, I knew nothing about it even as at when I joined steemit, I never knew of this life changing something until I met @dimimp who changed my life and encouraged me to study crypto. Well, I was ready to do anything for money then, LOL. I had to set my mind towards that because MIND SET matters a lot, I was ready to give in my all to understand crypto and how to invest at the right time on the right coin... Well, it was a success, after lots of study and lessons from dimimp.

But I refuse to succeed along, I choose to carry everyone alone especially the broke youths around. I told @dimimp I want to organise a cryptocurrency awarenwss progam in my school UNIVERSITY OF UYO, NIGERIA because it hurts me when I see broke youths when the answer to needs is right in the air, in front of them, all the need is someone to point and show it to them.

After I made the request to @dimimp and stated the amount needed for the exercise to hold, @dimimp didn't hesitate nor said anything outside what I asked, he provided the funds. Like I said before, he's our forerunner, our MENTOR.

It was a success, the turn up was huge, 150 above in attendance, organisation was perfect.
All the speakers I contacted where present.
Special thanks to @samstickkz for all his presentations and all other people who where there.

Also, the STEEMJET media. Those guys ate amazing, there where right behind me. There got the whole event covered.
There make their report as soon as possible.

The summary of the event; IT WAS A SUCCESS, everyone went back home happy.


My session.


@samstickzz session.


@dannytroniz session




@Utin Peter's session


@empato365 sessions


@Lifeofdalington session


MC Rich with comedy.


The Airdrops king.

Refreshments session.


The STEEMJET media is going to post the remaining stories once it's ready.


Global adoption is our aim.
We're achieving it..
A step at a time.

I'm grateful it was a success, and to every one who stood beside me to make it great,thanks so much especially @dannytroniz, @folly-pandy, @nicebassey, @justubong, @lifeofdarlington and other..

This is the 1st time and it was so successful, who knows, maybe I could organise the same thing for my country next time... smiles

That's so much @Dimimp


Thanks for your time...


Lol... I'm confused!

Hahahahhahahaahahahhahha boss what's this??


ahh fame.. she is like the Ocean

Hey sir i m new here ...pls help me in order to get rewards

Wow nice one Boss.....And yes you did it. You're a leader. Thanks for the vision you had reaching out to others and letting them know of the great opportunities found in steemit and steemjet. I feel really bad for not been present yesterday but won't fail to be in attendance when such a priviledge comes up again. Gratitude sir and i pray more wisdom fall on you...

Welcome aboard steemjet

Thank you very much sir.

It was a success... All thanks to God almighty and @dimimp for taking Steemjet to a higher level.

proud of my friend, you and the rest of the steemjet pioneers did great. Am really proud to be a member of these community.

You are a born leader, a motivator, a pioneer in every aspects of life. Live strong and see the beauty steemjet is creating in the lives of people.

Never thought, such ever existed but am a blessing and a testimony. Am really grateful and happy that I attended. Steemjet forever live bro!! @deandaniel

Am glad that I was oppurtuned to me @samstickzz, @deandaniel, @empato365, @folly-pandy, and the rest not mentioned. Stay strong guys

Thanks so much bro, for coming from such a far distance.


Dear Lord, we thank you for yet another day to make things right with you, we thank you for good health, sound mind, provision, protection, success in all our endeavours and above all....The gift of life.

Prayer for @dimimp

We want to specially thank you for @dimimp, the man you brought to us, despite the fact that we don't have any clue of his true identity, but he has blessed so many lives, transformed the lives of so many, helped and supported many that thought there was no hope. Without you Lord, we wouldn't have met someone like @dimimp. We pray that you strengthen him, bless him, direct him, give him good health, long life and everything he's ever asked from You.

Prayer for @steemjet

Dear Lord,
We thank you for bringing to us the name @steemjet through @deandaniel, the provision, talents, gifts, love and care you've shown to members of steemjet,the strength, enablement, to serve You, @dimimp and @steemjet, and also to serve the whole world at large. We pray you give us the grace to accomplish our goals as members of @steemjet community, and to make the world aware of steem, steemit, and @steemjet (Global Adoption).

Above all, make us ambassadors for You, steemit and @steemjet. For all these we ask In Jesus Name.... Amen!!


On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem.

This is wonderful @deandaniel,you really did a nice and good job
Together we can make it.
More wisdom bros.

Thanks man...

Bless you.

Hi @deandaniel

Great initiative buddy. Steemit needs people like you. Respect!

I just accidently bumped into your profile just to realize that we seem to share a number of interests :)

In particular that we both share a similar passion towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology :)

big fat upvote on the way! :)

I will follow you closely :)
Take care, Piotr

Thanks so much..I appreciate.

Much love from crypto space force...

ThankGod I was part of this great event. I sign-up as a steemian without a mentor 2 months ago, I tried tho but nothing was coming forth the 1 month after and so I decided to pause for a while not until I was opportune to attend this program that made me to go back to my 2 months abandoned account. Well I never knew such a group/community exist @steemjet if not by now I know what I'd been able to produce because I'm a type that likes motivation and competition. A big thank you to the organizers, you've actually change the mind status of most uniuyo students and I'm one of them who is ready to succeed.
I still remain ur humble newbie in the system @Hopeovat

It was a wonderful experience. I thank you for this opportunity! I

Super impressive, I would have been there myself if not that I had a workshop a day before your events. Once I heard @samstickzz was party of the planning team, I knew it's going to be awesome.

I have tried reaching you on phone but I can't get through. We'll talk soon as I can. Keep doing the great work.

OK mate... I've heard you.

The Dean.... Congrats.

Sorry I was choked up throughout Saturday but I'm impressed with what I've seen.

Thanks Pee..

It was a success.

Twas awesome indeed...
Thank God for steemjet

@deandaniel yes it feels great and gives you immense happiness when you helps others to grow in their life. you have made your life / your birth meaningful by helping others. god bless you.

You are inspiration to many youths around.
Keep being awesome @deandaniel

Thanks bro...

Great one man.. Wish I was in Uyo.. But all the best man

You guys are doing great job @deandaniel , keep it up.

btw @deandaniel you are looking cool man!

I am so grateful to God for the innovation and I'm happy I was present at the event.
I'm have really benefitted and met great people who wants others to be great too.
As an obedient child, I have done what the Bosses asked us to do. And below here is my link:
The Bosses Bless a loyal follower.

Congratulations sir..
I will be there
I hope for the best..

Congratulations! Steemjet is now Biggest tag in steemit platform.. upvote and resteemit done sir 👌👌👌

I am very happy to be present. It was a cool experience.
I also made my own post about it

Steemjet: on the wings of superstars we are words and STEEM😊😊😊

I am glad you guys pulled this through. Indeed the knowledge of cryptocurrency and steemit needs to known by the world at large especially the broke ones. Thanks to @dimimp, the bedrock of the STEEMJET community for the empowerment he bestowed upon us. The best is yet to come!

You are really so great post.

Congratulations! Steemjet is now Biggest tag in steemit platform.. please upvote and resteemit

Hello @dimimp I'm part of ninoh22 team you recently hired, you delegated to @jsoft intead of @josoft, please undelegate @jsoft and send it to @josoft
Thanks @dimimp

Did well in promoting steem offline.
That is where the impact should begin

Quite a work ,everyone trying to give something to expand the community ....
On the wings of superstars we are words and STEEM

It was educative and interactive
Thanks to steemjet

Your are extra efficient and a great leader.
I am really impressed with your work. Its very important to make people aware about this awesome prospect.
Great work boss

Hi @deandaniel, I've got an offer you might be interested in as a content creator in the cryptos space. Please email me on [email protected]


Just made this during my leisure time, i hope you love it please check out the post

Thank God we are done. It's been a long time coming.

Nice one bro, keep up the good work.

Sir @deandaniel people are working very hard for Steemjet ... hat-off for you sir .... I wish to be the part of Steemjet community... I hope you have seen my recent post regarding to Steemjet logo contest... sir I will be so thankful to you if u can help me to be the part of Steemjet community B1B179C5-2FD0-431A-B77F-5F500FDEED89.gif4E87FB07-F54C-4638-AC18-19833B38E4E3.gif

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