State of the Sndbox Competition Entry - SOTS Light Bulb Sign

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State of the Sndbox Competition Entry - SOTS Light Bulb Sign

SOTS Light Bulb Sign - Gif version

Hello Steemit! I'm back again for another artwork for the @sndbox State of the #Sndbox Monthly Thumbnail Competition #11. The theme that I have used for this month is "Light Bulb sign". This theme is inspired by vintage theater light bulb signs in the 1900s.

SOTS Light Bulb Sign - 1000 x 600

⚙️ Process ⚙️

I used Adobe Photoshop for the art and animation. I looked into some photo references of light bulb signs in google. For the white part of the sign, I added a grid. I'm not sure but maybe they used this to align the text. I used the colors of the @sndbox logo for the lines(lights) at the top and bottom. I added a top and bottom border with light bulbs. For the text, I used Built titling font. Finally, I have added light bulbs on the "SNDBOX" text. If you follow me, you'll know that I usually try to create animated versions of the artworks that I make. For the animation, I just made it look like the lights are moving since I only have little time before the deadline. 😁

I would love to hear your comments. If you enjoyed this, you can follow me (It's free! 😆).

Salamat! 😄 Thanks!

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