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Snail in Action

Another Night Photography Adventure for @bullionstackers , searching for #insects and creatures of the dark.
I found this lovely Snail - ( family species Gastropoda ), plotting along the dead plants with such long neck. So I sat down momentary, observing what it is doing.
My Lantern was so bright, it actually cause reaction to the Snail .
As you can see , the Snail are sensitive to light brightness.
This show you why, Facts , Snail are more active during night time. They hate Light.
They also do moves faster, if the ground is moist / wet.

As @ace108 were asking, why my Snail moving so fast?

The 6 facts
  • I do have Moist ground
  • My Snail have smaller Backpack , lighter house to carry.
  • It only eat Healthy Foods
  • It goes to the Gym daily , Did I said that? Ha ha ha
  • It doesn't smokes weed , that stuffs Bro @dumar022 were talking about.
  • It doesn't do thing like, @patelincho snails did. Ha ha ha

So if you wants, your Snail to move faster, send them to the gym and don't smoke that weeds stuffs.

This Snail is an Actor

Good at

Playing Dead?
My Snail is an Actor

Snail in Night Photography 10 - Photography and Written by @bullionstackers

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Night Photography - Original By @bullionstackers
Camera Iphone 6 with Lantern Light.
All Copyright Reserve

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Hmm.... that means I have a couple of rare shots because my other snail are in daylight.

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