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Hello Steemians, as many of you know, we perform monthly retrospectives during which we systematically reflect on how we function as a team with the goal of continuously improving our processes. We want Steemians to have as much insight into what we are doing as possible, so today we’d like to share with you a summary of what we discussed in our most recent retrospective which covered the past month. If you would like to see last month’s retrospective, go here.

What went well?

  • SMT work was finished and launched on a public testnet (WOOT!)
  • Properly set community expectations for testnet release date
  • Completed the Hivemind Core back end development for Communities
  • Completed most of the Communities UI work
  • Communities UI is ready for internal testing
  • Merged community PRs: set beneficiaries and show beneficiaries
  • Increased the tag limit in condenser
  • Successfully collaborated with community members on Communities UI
  • Merged in at least a dozen dev portal pull requests from @inertia. This is a great example of the SPS enabling Steem to fund its own development
  • Increased limit for custom_json size in jussi (helps support 3rd party apps)
  • Set up a self-hosted newsletter server and distributed our first newsletter
  • Settled on a canonical URL standard, got it deployed, and worked with other DAPPS to also support the same standard
  • We were able to avoid distractions and remain focused on our priorities
  • Completed a steem.DAO/SPS proposal UI for
  • Completed work on Platform Independent State Files (still needs real world testing)
  • We improved the process of loading state into MIRA from in-memory-replays

What didn't go so well?

  • We didn’t properly point size some SMT work which made it difficult to estimate the timing of the final pieces of SMTs
  • Canonical URL issues were a minor distraction from priorities


  • No escalations this time


@eonwarped and @quochuy are this month’s MVPs for their extremely helpful work with the Communities UI. For that reason we are making them the beneficiaries on this post.

The Steemit Team

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What are steemit incs main priorities now that SMT work is done and the testnet is live for at least the next 3 months.
Everyone going on vacation and celebrating?

Hah! I wish. We have a fair amount of followup work to do in relation to SMTs which includes library and some front end support. Also on the front end side we’re finishing up and polishing the communities UI and UX. There is still plenty of testing to be done with SMTs and as time goes on I’m sure some bugs will be identified that will need to be fixed before mainnet launch.

I think it would be great to rope in the community to help test the UX of Communities.


What is the roadmap talking about?


Looks like a lot of great work! What was the tag limit increased to?


8 - however, only the first 5 tags are indexed (this would be the same on other interfaces as well). So only the first 5 are relevant when displaying content by tags.

Why only 8?

Hmmmm - why more than 8? 🙂

In all seriousness, using lots of tags dilutes the effectiveness of using tags to sort and find content. I believe the main reason people wanted the ability to use more tags is for SE tokens that require the use of tags in order to earn them. In contrast, SMTs will not need to use tags like this at all.

5, 8, then 13? Fibonacci sequence revealed!

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

So tags limit is increased globally on steem now with this new version or fork?is this for HF22? 23?hah what are we even on now?

Merged in at least a dozen dev portal pull requests from @inertia. This is a great example of the SPS enabling Steem to fund its own development

Your doing things right if inertia is involved

Completed a steem.DAO/SPS proposal UI for

Happy to see this wallet page get developed! But lets also get @roelandp and his steemwallet mobile app get steem engine and SMT support! His project deserves the funding and attention, steemit should pay for its own steemitwallet. We really need steemit inc to pay for this stuff and not ask for funding from the Steem Dao i mean come on thats steemtincs responsibility they should pay for this stuff lol... hey whatever tho...i guess they cant be dumping even MORE steem to pay for blockchain development, they need that money to waste on amazon bills for steemit.,com that no one wants , we all want to see @steempeak get developed, we dont need . lowest active user rates in months, I still need to see a plan for that? Onboarding? We need onboarding not SMTs

But i am still grateful and thank you for the update! Thank you!

So only the first 5 are relevant when displaying content by tags.

Very important to know! Especially since it's the same on all interfaces.

I think it's 8 now

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I would love to know what the new tag limit is too!

Great job this month... we're looking forward to having a place for Communities and SMTs eventually connected to that as well.

Nice, great job to you guys as well!

Yes I agree that @steempeakis doing a fantastic job and I hope @steemit can do the right thing, let go of ego, and sunset and redirect all traffic to steempeak and convert / transition into a style foundation site , saving steemitinc $600k+ on their wasteful amazon bills for an unprofitable site that forces them to dumpon investors and users for a while now, when they could just cut costs, let free market private sector solutions like steempeak run the front end game, and i mean, no one even needs steemit incs rpc nodes either as they failed and we all had to start using @anyx 's and he is now getting SPS funding to keep thata live :D

All the current steemit icn employees could stay and even get a RAISE, and work on more important FOUNDATIONAl aspects of the steem blockchain, competing with EOS for market share an users. TELOS will give us a new governance model with Telos Foundation members being voted in, arbitrators also being voted in,and voting for constitution and ratification of new amendments once a year or 2 etc. A few million SP can be put aside for free instant account creation faucet, and maybe they can use some of the money they use now to pay foramazon bills, topay for new account creation

I foresee a lean mean steemin machine in the future, maade deathly efficient by the bear market

You guys have done a great job in the crypto bear market andsteem price being low is only making it cheaper to develop on this platform BUT we still need a underlying and FUNDED steem foundation SEPARATE from the SPS, because we will need things done in the background everyday, that SPS cannot do for us, so a foundation for steemit inc to replace their duties running a front end will be the best thing for steem.

Sunsetting was part of dan larimer's original plan for steemit anyway, it was never meant for to last this long,we were supposed to be more ":decentralized" well steempeak can help us achieve this goal. So much money will be saved and can be put into account creation and marketing that we will finally see a new golden age . A new steem mobile app can come out and we will finally have Free Instant Steem Accounts for anyone downloading the mobileapp.

Just to clarify: I'm not receiving funding from the SPS right now for my infrastructure -- my proposal is currently under the voting threshold.
If you want it funded it needs more votes :)

Our AWS bills are not anywhere close to $600k/month, nor have they ever been. Production is currently around $25k/month. This is down about 87% from this time last year thanks to important technological advancements we've made which includes Hivemind, Appbase, and MIRA. However, these technologies help everyone wanting to build on the Steem blockchain, not just us. This is the ultimate form of dogfooding.

We also support a large amount of the Steem ecosystem via infrastructure that we provide. I welcome more decentralization though and the more people that can rely on their own infrastructure the better off we are as a whole.

We've signed up over 90% of the existing accounts on Steem and continue to do so, and more effectively than ever before.

As you may know, we're also getting ready to release a new front-end product for Communities. We will not be sunsetting anytime soon.

You should also take a look at what the foundation has been doing to get started as that sounds like a topic you're interested in as well.

Thanks for caring about Steem @ackza - we're all in this together.

Settled on a canonical URL standard, got it deployed, and worked with other DAPPS to also support the same standard

finally! what with the rss feeds, this is a big one! excite.

cant wait for more updates

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

heyman I have some DMs i telegrammed you with, i was going to ask if I could get an article made about my One Thousand Coin https://onethousandcoin its on EOS and steem engine

I have sent you 1 so you have 0.1% of the max supply. I think it could end up as a very interesting project, and it already sold enough on steem engine to make the account creation fee back :D

Withdraw to EOS by sending OTT to @eos-peg with memo "OTC eosaccount" with eosaccount your eos account name. 1% fee by steemengine, Ill be happy to use SMTs when they come out


I hope everyone recognizes how important steem engine and eos tokens are to SMTs. if we really want to make SMts the big deal we want them to be, we all have a lot of work to do learning from existing token systems on steem engine and eos :) And ill be happy to help everyone get a free eos account for their steem related activities by downloading myeoswallet and illhelppayfor CPu and ram fees on my other project SAND telegram where i have tip bot which can send CPU :)

When SMts come out, I will peg my EOS and Steem engine token to an SMT :)

Got a question: What is currently the limit or size for custom_json? How many KB was it increased to?

8kb which is also the current blockchain limit

That is pretty cool. Is this effective already or still need to wait for an HF?
By the way, thank you for your reply.

It's effective already, no waiting necessary 🙂

Increased limit for custom_json size in jussi (helps support 3rd party apps)

So happy about this.

I am happy to see progress on SMTs. I still have some questions though about what exactly SMTs are supposed to be and how the market is supposed to take advantage of them.

I've been blogging a lot about stable tokens and security tokens. This is how I think SMTs could be beneficial to Steem because we are missing these key components. The ability for example to earn actual shares in actual companies would be huge. The ability to earn real world assets like gold, or pieces of real estate, or even digital like Bitcoin or Dai would again be huge.

The question becomes how can this be done in a way which benefits Steem as a whole, the token, the ecosystem, the reward pool, etc. I have not figured it out and I don't really know how SMTs will grow the economy of Steem. I can see clearly how SMTs will grow the community but I cannot yet see how it will grow the economy, if this distinction makes sense.

I see Steem as a potential market network. A social network is a market.

really interesting approaches! :)
who should hold the keys for some community btc?^^

More questions than answers but there are no technical barriers. It's easily feasible to let the network hold the keys in a decentralized encrypted manner. In fact if you look up the research the Enigma project has done which leverages sMPC (secure multi party computation) and TEE (trusted execution environment), then it's fairly easy to hold a wallet in that way, using a threshold signature scheme. Not saying I would go with that approach but it's just to show it's not impossible.

The easier and more efficient approach is layer 2, and hardware locks. The issue though is how would you do it in a way which would benefit or provide ROI for Steem itself. You can do a lot of stuff with SMTs but the challenge is how to do it in a way which benefits Steem the most and what could that look like?

I Already have a smart media token, its called SAND its a steem engine token that is also on EOS.Its thus, smarter than anything on steem :D Any steem engine token can be made into an EOS token for cheap now, 1000 ENg and 50 EOS

I dont see SMts being used until we have onboarding. Telos has free accounts 1 million in a pool, and more if needed. @steemit needs to just come to realization no one is going to buy a steem account, and they have to just subsidize them at least a few million, and they will have just accept that agoo percentage will gamed and maybe only half or less will end up in hands of unqiue new users.We can help that by using existing socialmedia.There is no other viable way than to require an active reddit facebook or twitter account LIKE was already triedonce on steemit,but they cant just give upon it.

We CAN find a way to onboard social media users like reddit users.its almost the year 2020 dont tell me we cant find some SPS funding or better yet DIRECT steemitinc funding to onboard reddit users

THEN MAYBE maybe SMTs will matter if we can get USERS onboarded

IF steemit inc has some secret plan toonboard users thats fine but its been a secret for 2 years. Its time we call out stemit inc for their lack of onboarding. This is the only way to show you care. I care enough to risk being hated by steemit inc employees when i tell them how to do their job. Well it is possible that Ihave spent more hours working around steem than many full time steemit employees. I may value steem more than anyone who actually works at steemit inc now that ned left and sold the company to whoever ... its a great thing, ned was afraid to sell his own coin to

but the new owners are noobs and need to be shown how this shit works, how they have to actually get their coin pumping, how to market make. Steemit inc has a golden opportunity bring ALL their old investors back and reach $8 per steem again.

Even if Steem had a billion users you don't have any particular SMT that I can think of that I would want to buy. I have no idea what SMTs will do right now.

Can they be used for pegged assets? Can they represent securities? Are they going to be used as utility tokens? I am interested in the next step. I know EOSVoice is coming soon but I don't really know what EOSVoice is for either just yet because it's not released yet.

We CAN find a way to onboard social media users like reddit users.its almost the year 2020 dont tell me we cant find some SPS funding or better yet DIRECT steemitinc funding to onboard reddit users

Don't SMTs need to do something useful first? More users to do what with SMTs? I think you need the SMTs to attract the users but the SMTs right now are at best just going to be game tokens.

The issue I saw is SMTs not backed by anything and not part of some game are likely to not have value. Gamers give SMTs value in the context of a game environment sort of like crypto kitties or Steem Monsters or DrugWars and I think these SMTs will do okay. But I think community tokens don't make any sense just yet because what will the tokens buy? Steem gives away all content for free so I don't know how it would work.

Yes from what i see smt's and the steem price can diverge and there not necessarily be a corelation between steem price and smt's. So for instance one idea is well everyone starts these projects and businesses and they bring money into steem and there is a new demand for steem so the value goes up, as you require steem to use these tokens and trade against them. However it is also possible for the steem value to stabilize and have high volume of trade yet don't much grow in value. So it may just become more like a money or stable coin.

We've seen examples of this in bitcoin. Where bitcoin has a tremendous amount of volume yet the price itself doesn't necessarily go up or down. Now in a situation like that you could have some winners that have tokenized a particular idea or product.. a game, community social interaction. However as for steem holders and investors that may not translate to direct value to them and their investment. It just means that particular smt gains in value.

So it's not definitive we're going to get an smt that directly causes the value of steem to increase. Also my concern is smt's have been on the horizon for quite awhile so my assumption is they should have already been factored into the steem value to some degree. You spoke earlier about the value of the tokens. I think the tokens do have value just not in the sense we're thinking.

So in looking at something like EoS VOICE. So first you can't buy the voice token. So how smt approaches tokenization i think is a bit more complex and uncertain. So Voice some believe is a offshoot of eos's "uri" or universal resource inheritance project. Some use terms like ubi. The point being the system rewards your value in the tokens.. your voice. You don't buy them. In similar fashion as to how you question why would you buy the tokens? I question why i would buy any of the tokens but i do understand why Voice makes sense because you don't buy the tokens the value is in the people and the tokens are only used to represent that value.

Now of course voice tokens will matter to some in that their value is tied to the network and platform itself. So that means they are valuable now because they can't be bought. So your position of your post.. " your voice" can't be pushed aside it has an internal value of it's own. So for instance on steemit we can purchase a trending page full of bidbots. So it's kinda this auction market.. however because you're not able topurchase voice that gives it a specific value to the user and their contribution. Similar to reddit. You get votes and your post rises based on community interaction and quality of the post.

So with the scot protocol that is used over on Steem Engine. We created a token we think makes sense that rewards people and they don't have to buy it they earn them just for being on the network similar to Voice. However they can buy and sell them on the market but it's also balanced by them receiving them monthly just for using the site. So the difference is whereas you have to earn on steem through stakeweighted voting. Everyone gets these tokens who use the site. So it's this mechanism now against being able to buy and sell them yet receiving them free. Which creates this counter balance.

It's also not like trying to catch a falling dagger because it's general and anyone can use it. Whereas with smt's you're going to have a million communities and it's going to be some winning communities that may not interest many. There will be some losing ones. For instance i'm not a gamer so if there is a winning game app i probably won't share in the bounty. So in conclusion i think tokenization will work in a situation like what Voice is doing. I don't think it will be significant enough to work with random groups everywhere. One issue is you're probably in smt going to end up with a huge concentration of value in one area. So the problem is going to be this area won't be a well distributed area for participants to gain value. However, if you have a system like our project or voice. You would then have a much more well distributed concentration to trade directly against the steem value if that makes sense. So then it becomes a value transfer more in harmony.

Is it true Ned left the company? This wasn't announced? How did I miss this?

@Ned is still on the board, but @elipowell has taken over the day to day operations as Managing Director.

You can read more about it in this post and this post. There are also a few external articles like this one.

I am urge to see how this SMT works. Thank you for the update!


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thanks for sharing

I am excited to see the new Steemit UI

@tipu curate

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hey thats cool so @cardboard how does this work? emojis= tokens? jk jk but seriously how does thsi work? 0/3mana? whatmana is that rc mana?

Can't wait to see the communities UI in action. great update guys! Keep up the great work and hope to see more community devs come on board and get their SPS funded

IF they are actually planning on unloading ALL developer funding costs the SPS then thats really cool

I guess its cool to see steemit inc making us investors pay for their development, but I mean, what are they doing with all the steem they dump on us? Oooh thats right $600k a month in amazon bills, $7k a month in rent :D We need t be harsh critics because they get paid no matter what . They dont need our moral support lolits other way around. They stil lhave failed us in so many ways we cant let them just get away with this. I care too much about what steem should be than to let our status quo make steem price like golos :D

Steem can be a magic place that fulfills the dreams of Project Xanadu,

but i just hope they aren't trying to get out of actual spending their own money and are instead making us investors pay for everything. But if ALl development is done via SPS and steemit inc burns some steem, thatd be cool! I know they arent perfect but they should have a lot more money , where did it all go? I feel like we should get an answer to what @steemit will use their steem for so we can price it in :)

Anyway I am trying to be super positive but no one is even in here talking about SMts theres maybe a few dozen commenters in here and im trying to engage and upvote them all :D

we need Onboarding, free accounts, and marketing. SMTs should be pushed back until we have an onboarding system :)

Project Xanadu
Project Xanadu was the first hypertext project, founded in 1960 by Ted Nelson. Administrators of Project Xanadu have declared it an improvement over the World Wide Web, with the mission statement: "Today's popular software simulates paper. The World Wide Web (another imitation of paper) trivialises our original hypertext model with one-way ever-breaking links and no management of version or contents."Wired magazine published an article called "The Curse of Xanadu", calling Project Xanadu "the longest-running vaporware story in the history of the computer industry". The first attempt at implementation began in 1960, but it was not until 1998 that an incomplete implementation was released.

Great work, guys!

Question: seems to always be down whenever I try to visit it. It gives HTTP ERROR 503. Would you be able to make it live all the time so testing on the Testnet can happen?

Keep up the good work, these things take time. Glad to see @eaonwarped working on this, that assures me that tribes will have a straighforward integration with SMTs mi thinks.

That makes me feel really good! I am very happy to hear that @eonwarpedis working on this

I am hoping steem engine tribes will have an easy integration with communities too!

Maybe thats what eon has been so busy with :D

I still wont stop complaining about onboarding until I see a steemit inc dev make an announcement about how they will mass onboard! :D

But this is really cool to hear there could be some integration with SMT and i hope communities. I mean why wouldnt we ? Aggroed said he would have steem engine ontopof SMts

OH AND @datajunky just toldme how WOMBAT has free accounts for all chains, maybe steem can eb added, and how eos 1.8 has free resources u can unlock, steem couldhave some free resources innext hard forki guess

Increased the tag limit in condenser

Good job! I hope to see other positive changes.

Can you add more info on site? What about battery power or RC?

Thats the key! RC mana will def be needed for SMts soyou may have to buy and power up Steem to really use or make an SMt and oir community, at least I hope! it will create a reason to buy steem!

Anyone got a link to information about the canonical URL standard? Thanks highest respect!!..amazing what you’re doing!!..thank you for this, hope to will have a chance to give you something back, surely there will be an occasion one day...meanwhile..up.. follow you of course..resteemed..and steem on!!...send you my honest highest energy!!..

😘😘Hope it will be good for newbies as like as me. Best of luck. We are beside all the time.. 😘😘

This is so good.

Great job!

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wow! you have done a lot of work! Cheers!

What does it all mean?--that is the question!!

it means to go buy as much STEEM as you can

Awesome ! Nice work guys :)

ty for sharing

That's great news. I knew that a pond full of devs would eventually start real ecosystem.
I read a few articles and decided to power up again. This is the last chance though. There are fewer and fewer places to actually trade STEEM for BTC nowadays but with the way things are going @blocktrades is sticking around. So that is nice.
I am glad to see SMT testnet and communities getting near completion.
Don't be STINGY now that crypto ads are allowed by Google. Spend some money on ads it just might be the best time while the crypto market is becoming less and less volatile.

I forgot every time I sent a message.

Thanks for the post.

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Thanks for updates

I want this towork but No matter how much work on SMTs is done, untill were given a bone about onboarding, SOMEthing, then who cares? Nooen will be here touse SMTs.My plan to get SMts on newdex soa real decentralzied exchange can trade them, it won't matter if steem doesnt have users!

we need to first worry about onboarding ,not SMts that no one will be able to use because we have no account faucets ORno oneuses them.Imyself have the ability to create over 2000 accounts, andI ASK people i BEg peopel to take them and ask me for them and no one wants them

Steem needs marketing and onboarding and everything else is just bells and whistles. we have steem engine if we need tokens. SMts, who will use them? Steem engine projects? DOnt tell me there's someone whose WAITING for SMts and will magically invest in creating them? Sowht? Whose gonna buy an SMt? Same people who buy steem engine tokens., If we want SMts to be popular STEEM bust be UBIQUITOUS, we need to see AT LEAST 10million steem accounts. Because 10million is about the number of active cryptocurrency users/traders/investors around the world

Steemit Inc MUST GIVE UP over 10 Million steem to create accounts, and then invest money into a system that requires oauth in from active social media account to get the free steem account to avoid gaming.

We have to make steemit inc realize, unless they spend a few million steem on account creation, no one will ever use steem and the price will never go back up and so its not like they are making a sacrifice, its an investment to ensure the value of the REST of te steem they have left will actually be worth anything. We can end up like golos price. But we have a lot more going for us, and steem can go BACK to $8 and even compete with eos marketcap IF it scaled and actually made the decision to GIVE UP 10 million steem to create over 10 million steem accounts.

We only need that many people with mainnet accounts, everyone else can use a @liquidapps-io style second layer or side chain scaling solution.


I reblog it

Hey @steemitblog, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!


Great post thanks for share I enjoy your content. 🙂

Always a good thing to evolve. Nothing survives without evolution

Thanks for the update.

What will happen to the Steem Engine released tokens? Will they be continued as SMT´s on Steemit?

Best regards.

I'm scared because really I have no idea what SMT are going to mean, where to get them or how to make them..

I've been sleeping for a good 7 days or so :o


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esto esta interesante :)

Very good job done by the dev.