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Hello Steemians, we are excited to announce some changes to our leadership team. The Steemit, Inc. Board has named Ned Scott as Executive Chairman, and Elizabeth Powell as Managing Director, effective immediately.

Executive Chairman, Ned Scott on the appointment:

This is the perfect time for Elizabeth to become Managing Director and help move the company forward with the speed required to capitalize on the opportunities in front of us. She has an incredible ability to inspire, energize and connect with the team, and will share those same values with the Steemit community. Elizabeth’s vision and execution track record is exactly what Steemit needs as we enter our next chapter.

Powell (@elipowell on, who joined Steemit in 2018 as Head of Communications & Advocacy, takes on the new managing director role to align the company’s mission, vision and values to become a more scalable, sustainable and profitable organization. Throughout her 22 year career, she has led distributed and non-distributed teams, and will continue to support communications and building a new advertising business model.

Managing Director, Elizabeth Powell:

I joined Steemit because I wanted to be a part of a company where I believed the possibilities were limitless. Today, I am even more convinced that Steemit is that company. The opportunity that lies ahead for Steemit is enormous, and the ability to lead this next chapter is deeply humbling and incredibly exciting. I am focused on accelerating the innovation and execution that our community of developers, content creators and entrepreneurs need from us.

At a time when our industry is on the cusp of more disruption than ever encountered, I couldn’t be more confident in our ability to be successful, or more honored to lead this great company.

The Steemit Team


Congratulations Elizabeth. Since many of us haven't worked with you before, would you please share the best avenues for community members/witnesses/project owners to reach you?

Damn internet, it's like information is just there if you push buttons. If she won't answer at one job annoy her at the other, duh.

Contact Email
[email protected]
Phone Number

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in 5 months she has two posts? ... what's with that?

I mean, she's the communication manager :D

I mean, she's the communication manager :D

@geekorner ...that undoubtedly MUST be a typo!! };)

I see her on the @steemalliance Discord.

She has not made any comment yet.

It reminds me of one of my favorite songs lyrics that !ned plays to me every so often.

Now you say it best when you say nothing at all

That is from the Allison Krauss hit "when you say nothing at all" .

Enjoy your ned and don't forget to recommend nedcore!


Her previous role was not very convincing.

We shall see from here on.

You are breaking character.

Go back to Braille, you silly person.

@enforcer48 "Communication managers" don't comment. They solely listen!! :)

I have directly spoken with Elizabeth and was highly impressed. I am confident from just the little time I spoke with her, Elizabeth will bring great new things to Steemit. I look forward to 2019

My eyes just rolled back in my head so hard both retinas detached.

such as ? that comment was as non informative as the post

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Hey that is great to hear!

Glad to hear it, and frankly I'd rather see the Communications lead communicating with people who AREN'T already on STEEM. That's kind of where we need PR, don't you think?

I would say one of the biggest problems we've had with getting the world to realize this is one of the best blockchains out there is that all the most avid fans just keep preaching to the choir.

This is not just a social media/blogging blockchain. This is also the best way I've found for cross-border payments, particularly micropayments. It's hard to send $1 to someone in Venezuela or Nigeria. With STEEM you pay $1 and they get $1 and it happens in seconds. That's the story I've been telling about STEEM, and a lot of ears have perked up that don't care a whit about publishing articles or any other sort of content.

The STEEM story needs a champion who may not have time for maintaining a frickin' blog of her/his own.

That's the story I've been telling about STEEM, and a lot of ears have perked up that don't care a whit about publishing articles or any other sort of content.

Using the platform to set up a free banking system to individuals who have no interest in contributing to the platform seems rather odd. Everyone here just took a cut to save space on the blockchain by being assigned resource credits and you are promoting the site as a free banking system. I don't have a problem helping people in need out but if all of us decided to pick the area of the world we felt needed the same assistance and started promoting it the same way it would appear to be taking advantage of the platform without adding any sort of value at all. Surely there must be thousands of stories behind these people the world would love to hear.

Without adding any value? You think the only value of steem is content creation? That's the point I'm making, that this is a value, but not the only value. I've got to tell you that out of my entire STEEM experience, which has included blogging/curating, monster game, and Fundition activity, the greatest value to me has come from activity with Fundition or just finding people to send to directly. That's not a banking system, or does Fundition have no place here? Or are we only allowed to perform that function if using Fundition? And I'm quite certain that any projects or people on the receiving end have felt this function of the platform presents extreme value to them.

lol, I couldn't help but comment after reading you guys' argument. Imo, @indigoocean is actually using blockchain as close as its original intention "a free banking system". That's one of the reasons blockchain creators, especially ETH, touted that it's a decentralized system where you can transfer monetary values across countries for little fees and no middle man.

So, yea, you do you, @indigoocean. If you can use Steem blockchain as a no cost, zero fees banking system, you should spread the ideas. Just beware of the price fluctuation and you might be onto something big.

It's true that the idea of "crypto-currency" would of course be something akin to "a free banking system." But it really isn't what I've been talking to people about or thinking about, just point of fact. The connotation of "banking" is extraction of value to many people. And that's sort of what the commentator was saying, that he saw it as an extraction of value from the STEEM ecosystem. My point is that it's not an extraction of value like banking, but rather a conveyor of an incredibly unique value.

At least I don't know any other way I can send micropayments globally where the fees aren't more than the amount I'm trying to send. For me personally, I chose to use STEEM because I'm already on the platform, have spare STEEM, and also could find people on the platform in need who I might send it to. (That's even without finding them through formal Fundition campaigns, which present still more options).

To me it's about a better way of engaging in charity work, and those are the people I talk to, people already doing that and intrigued by new possibilities about how they might make their contributions go further in actually reaching the people they're trying to help. The volatility of the crypto markets is something one has to face if they are going to invest in any coin, so that's a separate conversation.

Yea, that's fine, I see where you're coming from. There's a distinction between blockchain and the apps build on top of it. All I'm saying it: Steemit is a blogging platform which is one of many apps built on top of Steem blockchain. Even if it dies, Steem blockchain itself might still live on as long as there are witnesses.

Actually, if it dies, it would be the first flagship app that dies before its flagship blockchain. You probably could build a charity app (plus blogging) on top of it to replace Steemit. Steem ecosystem should stop evolving just around Steemit if it wants to survive against newer/better blockchain.

Yes, and actually I think Fundition is that app right now when it comes to charity on the blockchain ... though I'm not predicting Steemit going anywhere. We'll see.

There is still Busy, Steempeak, esteem, etc. providing blogging dapps. But I think steemit is the only one that consolidates content from all of the steem dapps, except steem monsters. (Do Steemhunt posts show up on Busy?) So would be good to see that function continue to exist.

I agree that Steem is a great way to send value without the gouging by the traditional banking systems. I've been having my eyes opened up real wide lately as I attempt to find a business banking account that allows me to pay employee withholding taxes to the government without having to pay additional fees just for the privilege of paying the government!

Try and get money sent (or send out) money to/from another country using e-transfer. It can't be done. They call it a wire transfer and charge a huge fee for it. What exactly is the difference between a wire transfer and an e-transfer? Probably just the name. I mean, come on; the credit cards can all send money internationally for a small conversion fee, yet if we try and send money we get dinged big-time.

I would love to be able to receive payments to my business bank account in Steem and to pay the government in Steem, however, at this point, nobody accepts Steem as payment. Steem has to be converted to Bitcoin or Etherium, then converted to local currency and guess what? The leeches are standing in line to grab a big chunk of any money that needs to be converted here too.

You say that you send a dollar to someone and they receive a dollar. That is just partly true. They can't spend that dollar until they convert it, and now it is no longer a dollar, is it? We have a long way to go yet before that dollar remains a dollar that can actually be spent outside of the Steem eco-system.

I'm in Canada and it cost me a hefty premium just to purchase some Steem. Never mind the gamble one takes at each conversion when prices are fluctuating all the time.

The idea is great, but we are not there yet.

True that the day when we can buy things directly with crypto (including paying taxes) will be the real turning point for crypto as currency. Until then all coins do incur significant fees when converting to fiat. But you know, while I can’t speak for others, my experience has been that that opportunity cost is the same or less than other ways I’m charged for moving money. I pay just 3% to go from BTC to cash, which is the same as to send money with PayPal. Though I’m sure this varies a lot, I’m imagining people are still ahead at the micropayment level. Really how could you even send $2 to someone in another country who is without a bank account without using crypto?

If a person has no bank account, then for sure conditions there are such that crypto is likely being USED as currency there. In that case, absolutely, crypto is the best way to send money, regardless of it being a micro-payment or large sums. I recall watching an episode of the Dollar Vigilante where he visits a country where local currency is practically worthless because of run-away inflation. He said that many people there were using Bitcoin as their preferred currency. So it is being used on a small scale. If only we can get it to the point where it (or preferably some other coin with less gas fee and faster transaction times) becomes a real-world currency adopted by the majority, I believe a lot of people are going to be very pleased.

You never mentioned in your reply you do it through some community involvement group here, to me that is different. But no I do not agree that people should be promoting people in third world countries to open accounts to use Steemit exclusively as a bank. It also opens up the system to a unfair advantage to develop a trail of followers via bribery disguised as charity. Not that you would/are doing such it's that there are people here who would.

I do both donations through Fundition and directly and will continue to do so and encourage others to. I’m speaking to donors, not recipients, because that is who I know. I’m sure some people may hear of Fundition as their first point of contact for STEEM blockchain (or possibly any crypto) but I suspect most such activity on the recipient end is among people already creating content on here. Again, you keep fighting these straw men, because you’re the only one talking about banking. I have repeatedly corrected this false interpretation of what I’m talking about, and yet you persist in arguing with a statement I did not make. Do you not understand that there is a difference between banking and charity?

You are dreaming if you think that in the long term there will be no cost associated with money transfers. Yes right now you or most are stuck with transaction fees while converting on the market, thinking that you could use a platform like Steemit on a large scale basis to go out and around paying fees is about as naive as your ability not to understand why we all got cut down to resource credits...because operating a blockchain cost money. For your analogy to work someone would have to lose somewhere because who is going to pay for that increased cost to operate the blockchain for those who want to sign up exclusively just to send money around freely? "Blocks" cost "money" , they are not free.

Since you’re clearly having a conversation with yourself, I’ll bow out of pretending to be included in it.

:) you mentioned nigeria.......

Steem has been great here...using it to push crypto adoption .

Buh what steem truly needs is a devfest.

More devs, equals more work done, equals more securing of the blockchain .

I love how STEEM has been about so much more than blogging in places like Nigeria!

Wouldn't more people hodling STEEM in more wallets mean less STEEM in circulation and perhaps a higher market value right here? Or will the demand be filled by some automatic inflation reaction? - just curious!

The low token velocity caused by steem being vested for at least 13 weeks at a time definitely helps support coin price. It slows down the rate of people earning it selling it. I think we've seen a lot of downward price pressure caused by Steemit Inc. dumping huge amounts every month to cover operating expenses, so that may be hiding how well that function would otherwise work. It's possible that there is no amount of "slowing" the pace of sales that can overcome the downward price pressure of people supporting themselves by selling earned coin (whether earned as a witness or content creator/curator). I hope otherwise, of course!

Hi you beautiful soul you! - I share your hope that the selling off bit is just a passing painful cleansing phase. I suspect there is still enough room for growth in this community to have STEEM gaining value just on that basis, once recovery from the extraction phase kicks in. After that I guess the fate of Steemit might depend on a balance between loyalty here and attraction to competitive platforms pre-designed to function more favorably for serious bloggers...lets hope!

Nobody knows. I think Steem will be inflated because it already has too many tokens floating around and the last time I check, there's no hard cap on how many more can be produced.

Issue with Steem as a blockchain is that there are no current development on the blockchain itself. A few original Steem apps left Steem blockchain and adopt either their own or a different blockchain (Dlive for example). Partially sell pressure came from those guys and also whales who are no longer satisfied with the current stagnant state of Steem blockchain.

Final point, there is no outside monetary coming into Steemit blog. Usually blog gets monetized by ads or data mining. However, the people who actually buy Steem/SBD are people who try to make Steem/SBD. So a little of a ponzi scheme exists in the premise of Steemit as a blogging platform.

Steemit as a blog can die but as long as the Steem blockchain lives on and become more open sourced, then maybe we'll see the potential of this thing takes off.

Thanks for describing the scenario so concisely - I think you are seeing it for what it is.

I've seen some beautifully motivated Steemit promoting souls, both amongst the technically able crowd, witnesses included, and amongst the socially sensible authors just publishing here for the sake of sharing their thoughts. It is a pity the gaps for exploiting the system apparently have to exist in order for the system to work, allowing selfishly motivated heavy-weights to gain too much ground, messing entry level motivation up. This seems to leave the Steemit economy in much the same condition as the real world economy it was supposed to help counter.

@indigoocean well said. I mentioned this before, I would actually like to see steem in Jaxx, or Bitpay, or Trezor etc, much needed.

All the best @elipowell,
I pray you receive strength to sail in this tide.

Please help work with @ned to bring the good old days where our united voice sings **"steem to the moon" **

@ned @steemitblog i need your answer Steem is scamming with reward pool They are detecting 35% reward from user payment which they never mentioned anywhere beware Stop paying for upvotes from bots

The fuck?

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I think if would be a nice move if the the Head of Communications and now Managing Director of Steemit would at least have an introduction post on the Steem Blockchain herself :)

Other than that, at least a signal that things are changing - hopefully to the better! Good luck!

Head of Communication

Steem posts: 0 - Ironic

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Its sad and hilarious at the same time. Communication manager without communication to the Steem community lol.

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Then, gets promoted.

Well, hope things goes up from here.

Woah there, that sounds way too logical. You know that's not how Steemit Inc. rolls.

Jokes aside, I do wish @elipowell the best!

I would rather have an Executive Chairman that is not going to abandon us for a month and a half.

Growing Up I now Understand my Abandonment Issues from my Childhood........

Yes, she did a very good job as a communication manager. Elizabeth joined the blockchain in April 2018, wrote zero articles from her account, and she has an estimated account value of $0.71.

Good luck, @elipowell with your new assignment!

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She'll be up to one buck american if she guts it out a little more !

Good to see she is a big stakeholder !


fuck this shit

Powell (@elipowell on, who joined Steemit in 2018 as Head of Communications & Advocacy...

Can I ask where she has been communicating and advocating? Because this is the first I’ve ever seen or heard of her existence. I hope this goes better than 2017’s “Marketing Guy” experiment.

You're supposed to know everything without announcements or even the occasional comment. Duh 😋 there's 1.2 million accounts, why haven't you checked them all yet. 😂

There was an announcement somewhere.
She is as quiet as the CTO of steemit, ever heard of him?
I hope he was fired after the HF20 disaster

"marketing guy", haha, catchy title !

wait..there was a marketing guy ??

Oh, yeah! Under his marketing leadership, a run-down dog park in the ghetto of Brooklyn, NY got some temporary Steem swag...for the low, low price of $10,000 or something.

Think of all the dogs that we onboarded that summer!

would be nice if we at-least keep doing opposed to current state of zero marketing !!

They do really need a Chief Scapegoat Officer, though. Having been Officer of Blame Taking in a Guild on WoW on the Alliance  side, I think I could do well in such a function.

You’re hired!

Yay! With whom do I negotiate my severance package?

Nothing like asking for a prenup.

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Everyone needs a good CSO. Can't believe we have survived so long without one.

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