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Hello Steemians, today we’ll be sending out our first ever newsletter!


So much has changed in the Steemiverse over the last year, and so many changes are coming soon, that we think now is the perfect time to reach out to the over 1 million people who signed up for or added their names to the SMT mailing list.

For Steemians Too

These newsletters will also be a good way for active Steemians to stay on top of the most important news and updates in the Steem ecosystem.

We will be sending these newsletters out fairly regularly in an attempt to re-engage users. The first of these newsletters should be hitting inboxes within the next 12 to 48 hours. If you don’t want to receive this newsletter you can easily unsubscribe from within the e-mail.

If you did not receive the newsletter and would like to subscribe, you can do so with this link.

The Steemit Team


also remember of newsletter that runs since 2014

Make it possible for everyone (steemians & non-steemians) to subscribe for newsletter

This sounds wonderful because i talked about sending a massive mail to inactive accounts in my latest post. This post

This is how minds work together when we search for answers.

was mentioned at the last Witness Chat in The Ramble as well.. great to see the move. Nothing ventured, nothing gained

was mentioned at the last Witness Chat in The Ramble as well.. great to see the move. Nothing ventured, nothing gained

I have not subscribed for the newsletter (I did not even knew about the newsletter), but I received their e-mail anyway. Nowadays my Steem account is not inactive, and I am also using Steemit (okay, not for blogging, but I am still using it), but they wrote in the e-mail that they miss me. I wonder whether everyone is received the same "we miss you at" message or not.

Or to set on auto email text to all who subscribed

cool! if you cant find my email address please send via fedex lol

Cool! if you cant find
My email address please send
Via fedex lol

                 - michealb

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

At first I thought someone was spamming my email, but I was pleasantly surprised and delighted when I realized that the email was a genuine email from Steemit, Inc.,
Keep it up, bring news to us

Received the newsletter on our mail. It looks great!

Fun! Yes, today's email is the first bit of "spam" I ever received from Steemit, and I'm very pleased to see it. Feels like a sign of a strong establishment. Glad to see the leadership team too. Plus, I'm happy to notice that the mailing address is Austin - my hometown! I'd love to come and visit your office for some face-to-face high-fives. 👋

Yeah, how about hosting a local meet-and-greet for us Austin folks? We used to have a meetup group, but I think it's discontinued.

Are you going to send to the mail id that was used when creating the account ? What about those accounts, that were not created by steemit ?

A great way to get the attention of former Steemians who haven't been around for awhile!

Exactly. My ears perked up as soon as I caught the email.

Hey @cabelindsay! Hope all is well with you... I just thought of you yesterday when I posted some Wyoming mountain photos!

Be sure to set up SPF/DKIM/DMARC, otherwise you'll probably start going to people's spam folders.

 last year 

Yes, we did 👍

Sounds good to me, this is another avenue to make sure that users are informed of even presumed to be well-known facts.

I can't be the only one tired of hearing people moan about not hearing anything about the latest changes, despite their publicity on chain! :0)


Ordinary poets, story authors, and philosophical essay writers like me are still looking for a way to make decent money here. I can't be alone when I say, "Must nearly every profitable submission be about Steem itself?"

No, not every profitable submission must be about Steem itself. That is a myth. Have a look at my chaos someday. Scroll deep into my blog, tell me what you see.

I've had profitable stories too, but I'm not going to be naive here. Look at it statistically. Sort by payouts, and you'll see that most tags are irrelevant to writers who write about even general topics. And let's also take note of the fact that we both joined in 2016. Anyone who joins these days has an even greater challenge than we do.

Look at your audience. As of now it's mainly early adopters of STEEM and tech nerds involved with STEEM so it's only natural that's what gets the most attention. It will take a couple of years, smt's, a redistribution of STEEM power and more users to really mix up the trending page and the rewards. It will happen but for now it's supply and demand. The audience demands STEEM related content.

Nobody said it was meant to be easy. I'd hope in three years those people starting today have gained traction. Many give up far too soon. If they're starting today and expecting to be in the same position as a three year veteran within a few weeks or months, they will be disappointed. This platform and Youtube are similar in many ways. Every channel starts with one producer and no subscribers. Some have worked for five years and have yet to see a dime over there.

I should add since advertisements are a thing now, I do hope more begin to see the true value in all types of content and treat it fairly, since that variety now helps pay the bills, potentially placing everyone in a better position financially. The community is only shooting itself in the foot if people act like a work of art, fiction, comedy, whatever, are of less value to the platform than something like an announcement of new developments. All forms of entertainment, from the humourous shit post to the most detailed essay about quantum physics are equally important now, since each contribution has the potential to keep the attention focused on the platform, and those ads.

I should add since advertisements are a thing now, I do hope more begin to see the true value in all types of content and treat it fairly, since that variety now helps pay the bills, potentially placing everyone in a better position financially. The community is only shooting itself in the foot if people act like a work of art, fiction, comedy, whatever, are of less value to the platform than something like an announcement of new developments.

It would be nice if you and a handful of others were not the only ones thinking that way. I've been trying to get a community of gamers going here for quite some time. Unfortunately, most of my regular participants have left the platform! I just checked on my oldest and most loyal players and none have made a post in 2 months or more. It is becoming like a ghost town here for those who enjoy playing games.

Once communities are launched, you can start a gaming community. You can reach out to those users you used to game with and invite them back.

Thanks for the comment @crystalandbones.
How does one reach out to those who are not logging in to their accounts?

Nope. But it seems they are more interested in gaming reviews rather than playing board-game style games here on Steem. I would say they are interested in AAA games, not something you need to write comments to in order to play.

Thanks for the link though.

The list of Steem hashtags sorted by earnings (expertise) reveals an interesting picture:

Life, photos, travel, cryptos, etc. - many competitive topics

Have you invested into the tribes like creativecoin to better reward content creators like yourself?

I got my newsletter this morning. I was very surprised to see it, but it did prompt me to visit and read the links provided.

Yep, same here. I take it that means I'm already subscribed then? Bit naughty vis-à-vis GDPR but I'm not complaining.

"If you don't have enough steem power or dollars to upvote me; resteem me instead. Resteems are worth their weight in gold!"

Don't forget, you can upvote peoples comments too!

No GDPR issues in the way they have done this.

So I actually wrote the GDPR policy where I work. To do that I had to go through the directive. I'm unaware of a way of sending an unsolicited email, all be it one that I'm actually happy to receive, without first gaining consent? It's actually a misconception that "Inferred Consent" is acceptable. For example "Well, they've been on our mailing list for years!" This is not acceptable that's why we all got emails asking us if we were happy to remain on Social Media platforms, forums and mailing lists when the GDPR came into force.

Like I say. I'm happy to receive the newsletter and emails from Steemit et al 🙂

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There is something about email discovery I think (not my area) but I would have to talk to legal at where I work to know for sure. The marketing department were looking into it a few weeks back.

But, I will defer to you on this as I can't personally attest to having looked deeply into the laws

It's not a problem, tbh I was merely making an observation. #hugs

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Awww, #hugs

Perhaps there should be a Hug Newsletter edition to bring people back for all those who didn't get enough hugs as a kid from their parents ;D

People are far too sensitive these days. LOL

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I received mine, it worked cause here I am, I'm back! lol

E-mail? Great! But...

Does this mean that only users who have registered for a free account with will be able to receive the newsletter?

anyone can subscribe.. they needed to start some where .. so they used what they had.



The newsletter really took me by surprise. Marketing team is doing it's job, kudos. <3

Poloniex delisting this SCAM SPAM TOKEN))))

That would be nice to see you started using #newsteem tag with these posts!
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Wow! This is one of the biggest marketing innovations I am seeing from the Steem marketing team in a long while. Cheers to @Andrarchy and the rest of the media team.

Sounds like a very good idea and allowing people to easily unsubscribe ensures only those that are interested get the newsletter.

Will theses news letters be one way only? Do-not reply type things, and no options other than to unsubscribe? or will we finally have somewhere to reply to with our concerns about the steem block chain, Example of @steem account removing delegations from down vote only accounts.

Excelente idea, yo estoy activa pero veo que la comunidad debe crecer y esta es la oprtunidad adecuada, gracias

So, would you be addressing what you will do about STEEM delisting from exchanges in these newsletters or will you dance around that subject?

I received one newsletter e-mail from them so far, but that is pure marketing. Self advertising. They are writing about "all the cool things happening over the last year and more good things to come."
But that may be good to reach out to the inactive users, and if they return and be active in the long term, then the activity and the interest in Steem will increase, which may lead to relisting (or listing) Steem on exchanges. We will see.

Two questions:

  1. Did we opt-in to this newsletter?
  2. Please, explain why you started using canonical links on

Thank you.

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Good idea. Time to bring back everyone!

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Email does still work and this is a good idea in my opinion! 1 million emails? Sheshhh, that can be pretty pricy to send 😅

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It actually isn't for us! @justinw had to do a bit of work, but we use Sendy which has a small one time fee, and then it's just the cost of the server, which is really not much. Yes, if you were to do it through Mailchimp or something like that it would be super expensive. But credit to @justinw who found a really good alternative option that is very affordable. Cool right?

Saving money is always good.

Hi markangeltrueman, we miss you at and wanted to catch you up on all the cool things happening over the last year and more good things to come:

You miss me? How come.. I'm here all the time, I even use occasionally. I think you need to work on how you decide who is around... I mean, I know it's been quiet around here lately but I wouldn't just assume that people aren't here!!

..perfect!..that’s what was looking for..

Please how do i contact support?

Great news to keep users engaged 👍🏼

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so you are saying when I signed up for steemit I somehow gave you permission to send me emails ? hhmmm

Yah!! Let's connect!!

This is a great idea!

Idea of a newsletter is great. I know how important a newsletter is for a large group of people. I write for my annual family reunion. Not everyone can attend each year, but they are assured to receive information about upcoming events and post-reunion happenings on who won the registration prizes, etc. I've received numerous calls about my newsletter telling me how wonderful it is that they are not being forgotten and that I make feel like they are important to family. I then take the opportunity to remind them to update their email or physical address if it changes so they can continue receiving their copy. I also ask them to spread the word about the newsletter by forwarding it via email or telling someone else to send in their contact info so they can receive one.

I check Steem all of the time. I never check email. I don't understand the idea.

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 last year 

It's more about reaching out to those who are not checking Steem daily, rather than the ones who are

I know. Newsletters still do a good job driving traffic. I was just trying to be funny.

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This will be a very good idea... It would help steemians and non-steemians to be up to date with all the know how about the block chain changes as it goes directly to your mail once the change occurs.

Nice. But unless the sign up process makes someone tick a box to recieve emails you are in breach of grpd. One must opt in, not opt out. I hope the sign up process deals with this 😉

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They already are, or did you ever consent to cookies here? At least I don't remember doing so.

As they are a US company only they don't really need to care though for now. Yes, the EU claims the law to be extra-territorial. There's no instance yet where the enforceability in the US has been tested though, and it's highly unlikely a small and hardly profitable enterprise like Steemit Inc. will be the first one they try with.

 last year 

Cookie consent prompts are presented to users with IP's in EU

Thanks for that info, I wasn't aware. Maybe better to care before you become the example case :D
Good to see that you're fully compliant then.

I agree with @paulag. Also, we know from @arcange's data analysis that 1 million people did not sign up for because less than 600k accounts have ever been used at least once.


As we stated in the post, we added the e-mails from the SMT mailing list.

There is something in the law about being able to use emails that have been provided as long as there is an unsubscribe ability. I don't know the precise law though but I don't think they cross into GDPR trouble with this.

We reviewed all of the relevant laws and regulations and are fully compliant

Email marketing does still work, although comments here suggest otherwise. I think this is a good move, once you are complaint. I haven't looked at the sign up process and well it's also not really my concern. Hopefully this will curb the "steemit dont communicate" feeling people may have and I am in support of this effort for sure. Give me a shout if u need to ask any grpd questions 😁

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Oh I know I might be pushing my luck, but I would love to know the open and ctr.

I don't know if the email I used for my steemit sign up two years ago is still an active account. If it is not where can I go to sign up for this news letter?

 last year 

Yes, you can now subscribe with this link 🙂

Thanks friend :0)

A very welcoming development. It would prod many inactive accounts to activity again!!

can someone help me, I lost my password to a pass account and was wandering if i can restore it? is there a way to get a new password for my account? I know this has nothing to do with the post Im sorry for the bother but I don't know who else to ask. thank you

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Thanks for the post.

Los felicito interesante iniciativa para tenernos actualizados con las mejores Noticias de esta gran Comunidad

yes just received one. good idea!

If a person logs into with their Active Key, the page usually doesn't load all the way after the login.

If it doesn't load, it sometimes logs out when the page is refreshed. Then once a person logs in again, and if it successfully loads, they will be logged out if they click on the "Settings" button.

I have found that the Active Key does not offer as smooth of an experience as logging in with a Master Password on

  • Please fix this so that the active key works as well as the Master Password on the SteemitWallet.

There is a lot to learn

I think it is a very good initiative to bring back users who leave this platform.