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Hello Steemians, we are excited to inform you about changes to our account approval process that have occurred behind the scenes. While we cannot disclose too much information about our account approval process in order to mitigate against attack vectors, we do want to inform you that the average wait time for a Steem account that is processed has been dramatically reduced. Account approvals can take as little as a few minutes, and as long as a couple of days.

Signup Abuse

There are some important caveats to this announcement. These approval speeds are dependent on the current rate of signups and the current quality of signups. One of the challenges we’ve always faced is that the easier it is to sign up, and the faster the approval process, the more prone the faucet (the system for distributing blockchain accounts) becomes to abuse.

Invite Your Friends!

The more people who sign up with their real e-mails, and their real phone numbers, the faster they get approved, and the faster everyone else in the queue gets approved. Malicious signups on the other hand clog up the system.

For anyone who has been holding off on inviting their friends due to the long wait times, that should no longer be a concern.

That being said, it will benefit everyone if you only encourage high quality signups, and encourage those people to use their real e-mail address and phone numbers to maximize their user experience, and the user experience of other faucet users.

Problem Solved?

This is by no means a permanent solution, but it is a major step in the right direction. One of the most common complaints we hear is that the sign up process takes too long, and we agree! That’s why we’ve reduced that time frame by 85% in many cases.

RCs: Another Onboarding Bottleneck

One important feature that is coming with SMTs is RC Delegation Pools which are critical to improving Steem onboarding. We don’t want to onboard an order of magnitude more users if it means that everyone’s ability to transact on Steem is greatly diminished. Steem has finite resources, and the RC system is designed to ensure that those resources are not over-consumed, while keeping Steem free-to-use.

The RC system is incredibly innovative and has performed extremely well to mitigate blockchain spam. That being said, there are far more resources available than are currently being used because large stakeholders often have tons of RCs that they don’t use.

Getting RCs Into More Hands

Those RCs represent network resources that could be used by smaller stakeholders and new users to have delightful experiences on Steem, but because RCs are non-transferrable by design, they remain “locked up” in the large stakeholder’s account. RCs are implicitly transferable via Steem Power delegations, but transferring voting rights is often not desired by larger stakeholder's and can even be detrimental to the ecosystem as a whole.

RC Oversubscription

RC Delegation Pools will enable large stakeholders to delegate their RCs to “pools” from which a multiple of those RCs can be distributed, without delegating Steem Power. For example, imagine I have 10 Steem friends all of whom only ever use 10% of their RCs max. We can delegate RCs to an RC Delegation Pool which in turn could distribute 10 times the number of RCs we delegate to it without experiencing any diminution in service! We call this “oversubscription.”

In many cases that could mean that just a few Steem stakeholders could delegate RCs to thousands of users. Just a few groups like these could easily support an order of magnitude increase in the user base without creating a negative user experience on Steem. RC Delegation Pools will enable a major leap forward in blockchain onboarding, and a large piece of the puzzle for onboarding the masses to the blockchain.

To learn more about Resource Credits and RC Delegation Pools, check out this interview with Steemit’s Senior Blockchain Engineer, @vandeberg:

The Steemit Team


Just a few groups like these could easily support an order of magnitude increase in the user base without creating a negative user experience on Steem

Maybe. Currently it costs a certain amount of RCs to create a post, a certain amount to vote, etc. These numbers are not fixed. If there is an order of magntude more demand for resources, these prices will increase, regardless of where that RC is coming from. These parameters were set, roughly, based on sustainable resource usage rates for blockchain sustainability. While some progress has been made on scalability and sustainability with MIRA, its numerous limitations mean that doesn't seem to quite get us there, yet.

How much headroom for increased usage is there within the current physical blockchain scalability without significantly increasing the RCs required for each basic operation, which is essentially two steps forward, one (or two?) steps back?

I would really like to see this question answered, as my basic understanding of RCs was the cost of actions was determined by the number of actions and associated state cost to the blockchain - I thought that if there was an increase in number of actions / state cost without corresponding rise in vests, the RC cost associated with each action would rise accordingly. Is that not the case?

Vests dont play a role. The size of the RC resource pools was set by developers based on their assessment of hardware resources and likely hardware improvement trends over time. To change those assumptions requires a fork, but forking to change the assumptions doesn't, by itself, change the reality of hardware resources.

Other than that, your comment is correct. More actions will increase the RC cost associated with each action to rebalance back something in line with hardware resources.

Thanks for the response - I thought for some reason the "size of the pool" was relative to total vests, thanks for the correction.

Awesome. Was just looking for a fast way to approve a contact without creating it myself.

 4 years ago (edited)

Put us to the test! Just reinforce the importance that they use their real e-mail address and phone number. If they don't get approved relatively fast, you'll know why!

Excellent, thanks. When it comes to real email, what does that mean (for clarification) - most won't want to use a work email that gets monitored :)

I dont think it is possible to calculate the number of hours that have been spent on solving this problem. looks like you guys have got an 85-90% full solution here, in that you have solved the RC issue, but not quite solved the instant onbaord issue. looking forward to seeing it working. congrats. a huge huge break!

That's what is for!

Will there be a grandma friendly post about this so I can share on Facebook?

Maybe like a promo post about Fast signups.. Something that will share well like on FB, LinkedIn, or Twitter..

In all seriousness, this post is the sort of thing that needs to get advertised to other platforms.


That being said, it will benefit everyone if you only encourage high quality signups, and encourage those people to use their real e-mail address and phone numbers to maximize their user experience, and the user experience of other faucet users.

I don't wanna doxx em

This is great news and although I hope people will respect the idea of good accounts... I'm sure some will sneak though.

It took only half day to activate my steem account. Thanks to the new system.
I saw on blogs that the sign up process took a week for some people earlier.
Great job Steemit team.

Yeah RC delegation will become a key of SMT. Seems we have 2 ways to earn then!


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Does delegating steem also delegate the voting rights for the witnesses and proposal system?

No. When the post mentions voting rights it is talking about voting on posts and comments.

Okay, got me confused. Thanks.

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It shouldn't. You would have to specifically set a proxy for that to happen.

Very encouraging news to hear of the upcoming RC Delegation Pools. Hopefully coming in the near future!

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