💨 SMOKE and Other Bitshares UIA's 🎟 integrated into the Open Source Bitshares Wallet! 📲

For those of you living under a rock...


BitShares is a technology supported by next generation entrepreneurs, investors, and developers with a common interest in finding free market solutions by leveraging the power of globally decentralized consensus and decision making.

A crypto unlike other crypto's.. Bitshares blockspeeds and efficiencies are incredible and it is currently processing more transactions than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined!

BitShares allows individuals and companies to create and issue their own tokens for anything they can imagine. The potential use cases for so called user-issued assets (UIA) are innumerable.

Yeah.. And that.. It allows for Companies, like ours, to create an asset that can instantly be traded on the DEX!

Two Days Ago An Open Source Bitshares Wallet Was Introduced...

We’re excited to announce BitShares Wallet’s open source and formal version! 比特股钱包正式版发布及开源!


And now the app allows you to store, trade and send Bitshares User Issued Assets such as SMOKE!

Be sure to try it out and leave a review if you want to carry some SMOKE on you. :D

What Is ?

The Smoke.Network by 420Smokers.us is the first cannabis community to combine blockchain technology with social networking to build a platform that rewards users for posting and curating strain reviews as well as rewards commitment to the network.

More Whitepaper

After coming out of Ninja Stealth Mode, Smoke.Network and the SMOKE cryptocurrency ( Bitshares UIA ) hit the scene running last month by distributing over 13 million SMOKE on the DEX!


THE BIG BURN 500k Bitshares & 24.5 ETH Contributed! Over 70 Million SMOKE up in FLAMES!

The first phase of Smoke.Network distribution is now over!

Smoke.Network Is Partnering With DopeCoin's SMOKEEXCHANGE... 🌬 💨

After a successful meeting today with Dopey (Founder of DopeCoin) we are happy to announce the official partnership of our two exciting cannabis projects.

A Cannabis Dapp Is Coming to EOS

We started on a journey into the cannabis niche a little more than 2 years ago...

Whaletank Hangout - Co-Founder of Bitshares interviews TheAnxiousStoner 🔥

In this Whaletank session, Co-Founder of Bitshares, @officialfuzzy, Interviews TheAnxiousStoner about the SMOKE.NETWORK and SMOKE cryptocurrency.

Next Steps.

Follow us, @smokenetwork to find out what comes next... (Treats not on the current Roadmap)

Join our Community.

Reach out directly by entering our Discord channel.

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Congrats on your token sale via the DEX! I bought some SMOKE to support you guys... I really can't believe people are still using ETH to run token sales/ICOs etc. Bitshares is so easy and fast, just make a UIA and sell it on the DEX. Done!


I've been thinking the same thing. I think it's just a matter of time. Surely people will get passed the hype and find what has true utility.


Thank you for the support!

I know right? Hopefully others will see how easy it is and move onto the DEX in future for their crowdfunding efforts.

To be honest I think the main reason, is that most of the exchanges (Other than the all mighty DEX) do not list UIA's very easily but happily take on any old ERC20 token for the right price as it is easy for them to implement.

I am sure soon, exchanges will see they are missing out on potentially awesome projects and markets for their exchanges... Or they will all die out and the DEX (Or an EOS DEX) will become the new standard.

Feel great to support the UIA to made the BitShares eco better!


@jeremypeng you a rockstar man!

Keep up the solid work!!

AWESOME! Hooray for crytocurrency!

Probably a typo in the second paragraph:
"[...]processing more transactions than BTS [sic] and ETH combined!"


Thank you!

I store thousand smoke on my bts wallet .

look good

wow great job.

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This is awesome can't wait! push forward!

This is awesome news mate! How i wish i got some smoke on my wallet! If you are share dropping please go send some on my bitshares address : progressivechef69
I am also hosting a cooking contest, maybe some tokens as sponsor for the winners could be a great idea, let me know.
Thank you!


Hey bud, sounds like a great idea.

I will get a few sent over for your competition. (Perhaps your next competition could have some sort of "green" theme where the contestants have to make something with anything green [Herbs, Leafy Veg] as the star of the dish. )


That's lovely to hear mate!
The new theme will be out on Friday , please let me know if you wish to sponsor this one and how much for the winners.
I already have whaleshares and voiceshares sponsoring each week. 200 whaleshares + 75 voiceshares are distributed to the winners every week. +31 SBD that i give out from my wallet to the top 7.
You can hit me on discord or steemit.chet if you wish. Same username.

Great results! Thanks for sharing

I also support it

Your probably aware of this equipment already but just in case :-)
A Indoor Gardeners Wet Dream


Those look pretty dope man. (Personally I prefer a good old tent set up with some Dutch buckets and a COB LED or two. )

Hope you not just dropping it here for the do follow backlink. hehe ;)


Oh they are dope Dude, buckets of it LOL
As soon as a clone gets roots, Boom 12 hrs cycle and the whole barrel fills with Bud! no leaves to speak of right to the light tube.
I've been out of the game for years but have heard of LED's now, Gotta love that !

Yeah I have been living under a rock, and probably over stoned!
Really cool, but I have to wait for an iPhone version to carry my smoke :(