We’re excited to announce BitShares Wallet’s open source and formal version! 比特股钱包正式版发布及开源!

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Hi, all steemians,


Google Play Version

After about a month of development, our BitShares Wallet app has been formally published on Google Play: BitShares Wallet & Trade
If you love our app, you can give us a 5-star rate to encourage our job.

Open Source

Today, more importantly, I’m excited to announce that we formally opened our source so that everybody can prove its security, and can store and trade with our app without worry.

Here is our github link: https://github.com/bituniverse/bitshares_wallet

Our Opinions

From the very beginning when we decided to develop this app, we have decided to open source. Cause it’s the true community spirit of block chain industry. Some of our competitors announced that they won’t open source because they are just a “Decentralized Exchange” but not a “Wallet” and we think it’s ridiculous. BitShares itself is a decentralized exchange so that you can store or trade with, so the DEX is equal to a Wallet. I don’t think a wallet or a team who is not going to open source is trustworthy.

After this initial formal version, we are still going to update it regularly and provide more features and better user experience.

App Features

The features we have provided:

1.Check your balance
2.Check the transaction record
3.Send your BTS/bitUSD to others using this wallet.

Check the latest or history price of BTS

1.Sell/Buy BTS easily
2.Check the SELL ORDER and BUY ORDER
3.Check your open orders

What’s new in the next version?

1.Sign up feature
2.Deposit/Withdraw feature

And if you want more features, please reply under this post.

Contact Us

We also created a telegram group to communicate with: https://t.me/btswallet
Our official email to contact with: [email protected]
Our official twitter: https://twitter.com/bituniverse_org

Helping Us

We are also seeking someone who is volunteering to translate for our app. Now we already have 2 volunteers who speaks Dutch and Spanish. You can join our telegram group or send an email if you are interested in. We’ll thank of it and publish your name on our Google Play as a kind of respect of your contribution (or if you don’t want to expose, we will keep it in secret)

Looking forward to seeing you downloading our app. Thank you all for supporting!


Fantastic work, thank you! Dan would be proud of you and your team!

Thank you for supporting us. We are now wondering how we can get contact with the core members of BTS and make this wallet recommended on the official websites, to solve the problem of there is no mobile clients officially. We believe a lot of people need an app on their mobile devices.

did you thought about doing an audit of your application? Thanks for making it open source.

Where to do an audit?

Your open-source wallet ?

Umm.. Sorry I meant whom I can look for to do an audit?

I would suggest contacting Bill Butler on the Bitshares DEX telegram, or hitting the forum at bitsharestalk.org

OK. I'll give a try

I will support this project and will help translation in french. Join also telegram

Thanks for open sourcing! I will give it a try soon.

Thank you for supporting!

wow amazing job!

Looking forward to see how this one compares with the one I am using right now. Thanks a lot for sharing it open-souce! Namaste :)

May I know which one you are using? LOL

BitShares2-Light (Version 2.0.170118)

Wow well done Jeremy. I don't have an Android but will be sure to pass this on. :)

And we have an official twitter to announce our latest news:

thanks @jeremypeng

interesting applications and thanks have already open sourcing :-)

good teamwork :-)

Oh wow
That's good news
I will try that one source in upcoming time
Let's see

Nice to hear about app which make us easy to trade



Very helpful information and worth to try!

@jeremypeng Thank you for your work, I invite you to evaluate my work.

What's your work?

I will try it @jeremypeng. Good information and helpfully

Good job my friend. Please follow me @strab and I will follow back. More power to your apps. Thank you.

Upvoted. I'll be resteeming this now :]

FractalNode FractalNode tweeted @ 20 Sep 2017 - 09:16 UTC

We’re excited to announce #BitShares Mobile Wallet & #Trade is open source and formal

steemit.com/bitshares/@jer… / https://t.co/cZh8lznLNU

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thank you for tweeting for us!

business does not lie to results

I will check this out. Hope I find cold storage section.

hi, i would like to report on a bug on this android wallet. after installing and running, i chose to sign up to create a new account. i input a new account name and password but it seems the registration can't get through. by repeating the process, it now says the account name is already registered. done this process twice (2 accounts) and both result in the same problem. is this a bug or am i the only one who have this problem?

We haven't come up with this kind of bug, maybe you can try to log in with that account?

Great work dude.

No doubt it's a great bless for steemians.

Thanks for open sourcing,Ill download and try it soon :)

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