Steemit Music League Challenge S2:R6 | A DSound Community Initiative

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Here comes a new round to help showcase their talent, hard work, and passions to the community from all over the globe.

Wow with twenty-two (22) entries the Feel Good Music theme last round was as success. So much positivity and vibrations raising it was a privilege to witness. Results here

We are excited to witness the newest creations shared in this Round #6 of Season Two of the #smlchallenge


Courtesy of Light & Love OG Tech Shaman (& judge) @danyelk

The Steemit Music League Challenge is an open music contest for rappers, MCs, singers, vocalists, musicians, and producers. Basically if you have a passion for music you can submit an entry every round.

It was created to provide the vocalists, rappers, musicians, & producers of Steemit who are chasing their dreams an avenue to be highlighted and earn additional recognition, feedback, and rewards.

As another way to help support Steemians chasing their dreams with music, DSound is partnering up with the Steemit Music League.

DSound's support of the Steemit Music League will allow for greater recognition and rewards the Steemians who take part in the SML's contests and challenges.

We are very excited about this partnership and what it means for the community and look forward to inspiring more real, positive change here on the STEEM blockchain.

Without further adieu here are the details of the Steemit Music League Challenge S2:R6:


This round's theme is:

Celtic Crossroads

celtic crossroads.jpg

With St. Patrick's Day around the corner, what a way to show respect than to create some awesome Celtic Music.

Celtic Music is characterized by melodic variation. It is usual for the melodic line to move up and down the primary chords.

A lot of different instruments are used in the creation of Celtic Music like:


Rappers, musicians, and vocalists can incorporate the Celtic influence and/or instruments to create their entries.

Producers can create that Celtic style beat that incorporates the essence of this type of music.

However this Celtic Crossroads theme resonates with you let's hear what creativity and inspiration you use to make this music that will make you feel good.



Upload your entry using DSound by going here:

You log-in using your Steemit name. When you upload to DSound you content is posted to Steemit so your following can enjoy your music and reward you for doing so.

We don't want to exclude anyone so if DSound doesn't work for you please feel free to submit using the most convenient method for yourself.

If you have any questions on how to upload to DSound you can ask in the DSound Discord or SMA Discord channel or you can visit this awesome post by @prc here:

Just make sure it's an original entry based off of the theme of the round and use the tag #smlchallenge and/or comment the entry on any SML Challenge posts.

Any type of music passion from singing to producing and everything in between is welcome. We are looking forward to be able to help these Steemians in the music community shine and receive the recognition and feedback they deserve.

You have until March 26th at 11:59 PM EST / 4:59 AM UTC to submit your entries with winners will be announced Tuesday night, March 27th.

The entries are judged off of the following:

  • Sound Quality: does this sound crispy, in speakers and headphones, is there cracking or recording errors? How loud can we play it before you notice quality issues?

  • Technicality: what are the skills you displayed in making this entry? The technical aspects of the your craft.

  • Creativity & relevance to theme: how unique your entry is. How well it revolves around the theme? O we have never heard that sound or lyrics before? Extra points for artwork and video work related to the entry.


The prize pool is as follows (will be updated with community support in the SML Challenge Update post later this round):

FIRST PLACE WINNER: 8 STEEM + 40 Voiceshares + 25 Whaleshares for 73 points

SECOND PLACE WINNER: 4 STEEM + 34 Voiceshares + 20 Whaleshares for 58 points

THIRD PLACE WINNER: 2 STEEM + 29 Voiceshares + 15 Whaleshares for 46 points

FOURTH PLACE WINNER: 1 STEEM + 25 Voiceshares + 10 Whaleshares for 36 points

COMMUNITY FAVORITE: 20 Voiceshares + 10 Whaleshares for 30 points

The Community Favorite each week will be determined by the amount of upvotes and comments responding to their entries, upvotes on their submission comment, and total community support on post.

Round #5 of Season Two of the Steemit Music League Challenge starts today and will accept submissions until Monday, March 26th night with winners being announced Tuesday night (March 27th).

The team of @chiefmappster, @beatseb, @seveaux and @derekmiller are pumped to see what is in store for this week.

Don't forget it helps the judges and the community for you to make a post about your entry, with how you created it, the meaning behind it, how the theme came into play.

It is just another way for us Steemians to get to know you and your message.

The Steemit Music League is a community with the goal of providing the most feedback, recognition, and rewards all while bringing Steemians together.


Currently the following are the seven contests in the Steemit Music League which is part of the Steemit Music Alliance (SMA) [click on contest/challenge name to go to most recent related information]:

SMAContest Initiatives
Steemit Music League Challenge (#smlchallenge) (Hosted by @chiefmappster): An open music contest for rappers, MCs, singers, vocalists, musicians, and producers.
Beat Battle League (#beatbattle) (Hosted by @chiefmappster): A challenge for music producers to produce an entry based off a theme or sampled material for that round.
SMA Feedback Contest (#smafeedback) (Hosted by @inthenow): A feedback-based contest for music. Provide music for feedback and/or provide feedback and get rewarded for doing so.
Chord Challenge (#chordchallenge) (Hosted by @antminer): A weekly challenge for music producers to create music by using the provided chord progression.
Kill The Pad Challenge (#killthepad) (Hosted by @jamesgetsit): A weekly topical text-based rap competition for creative writers to show their prowess as a lyricist.
Educator Showdown (#educatorshowdown) (Hosted by @novili): A bi-weekly competition for people who make educational content revolving around music.
Poetry Slam (#poetryslam) (Hosted by @jamesgetsit & @scuzzy): A weekly spoken word contest in the traditional poetry slam competition format.

The winner of the Steemit Music League is determined by the amount of points earned through League contests and challenges.

Another great way to connect and interact with the community is through the SMA (Steem Music Alliance) Discord channel.

You can connect with other community members, ask questions, play music live, get feedback from community members, get beats and tracks demoed, and listen to music with others live via the SMA Discord bots.

Live radio shows by @qsounds and @scuzzy happening now :)

To join the Discord Channel go here:

SMA banner.png


Voiceshares are tokens are on BitShares. So make sure you have a BitShares Wallet to receive and send them for upvotes on your Steemit posts.

All you need to do to receive your Voiceshares is click here to create a Bitshares account here: and then you are good to go : )

Thank you as always for your time and attention. It means the world to me :)

Image Sources:



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O heck yeah appreciate you being apart of it @ricardovierira. If you make a comment on your post we can upvote it to show support (since its outside the 7 day window).


cheers! happy to participate on the contest!

Appreciate you @ricardovierira

Great #smlchallenge, gonna get my entrie ready soon. Something like this:

O heck yeah @thecruelhorizon much appreciation. Excited to listen and watch :)

Ok, SMLians! (Or are we Smellians, if we pronounce it!)...
Here's my entry for the Celtic Crossroads theme...
This song was written in a traditional celtic mode...
(You'll want to put on your headphones for this)

Ayyyy love that SMLians :)

O weeeee appreciate you. Excited to grab the headphones and tune in.

Radness mr @chiefmappster!
Hope you dig it!

If you didn't sing so well and have a top notch entry, I'd take offense for being called a 'smellian'! ;-)

Haha... @onemedia, Luckily all of us SMLians, old and newbie, have a sense of humour... hehe ;)
And thanks for the awesome compliment, mate. I appreciate it immensely!

Old and smelly but a relatively new smlian myself! ;-)

O weeeeee yessssssss man this made me smile to see an entry from @spawnband and this photo holy smokes gotta love that crowd. Excited to listen. Appreciate you all.

That was indeed an amazing crowd!

O heck yeahhhh appreciate you @guifaquetti . Excited to listen :)

Thank you :)

this is my entry for this round, is an old song from my band, re-recorded in a celtic style, hope you enjoy it!!/@luismarcanoxd/20180318t234725618z-rey-ahogado--version-celta

Ayyyyyy let's goooo much appreciation :)

Awesome theme (as always haha). I'm a big fan of Celtic inspired music, especially Shane McGowan, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly etc. We might have something folky up our sleeve that is ideal to drink to on St. Paddy's Day :-)

O weeeeee yesss glad you enjoy it :)

So excited to hear what you have up your sleeve.

O my here it is lets gooooooo :)

my entry
I play a song by the composer
Turlough O'Carolan on the classical guitar.
it is a piece for 3 guitars recorded on a multitracker!/@fairy-kingdoms/20180326t002204074z-turlough-ocarolan-beauty-in-tears

O weeeee I am excited to listen. Your beats are always so majestic. Thanks for being apart of the community.

Great theme for this week!! I look for the winners post to see how every one does this week and good luck to all of ones!!

Sounds good my friend. Going to miss hearing your music. Let's chat on Discord about the computer.

What a topic man, I am looking forward to it!! <3 <3 <3
BIG UP & huggins to ya Chief <3

O heck yeah glad you like it :)

Appreciate you huggins right back atcha

I doo & I am almost finished with my entry, whoop, whoop!
All I can give away is... I used some celtic traditional instruments... hahahaha! ;)
Huggins <3

Hahahahahaha o snappppppp :)

Excited to listen o weeeeee

Hehehehe, gotta get on it then <3


and since this week you can present your track to be live played on the ''needle on your record'' music curation show where you votes and feedback on it, aswel al instant judging from us ;)

Amennnnnn gotta love synergy :)

Appreciate you brother

I really dig the theme! Ended up at a bit of a St. Patrick's Day party myself today randomly...I have to say Dropkick Murphys sound even better after a few pints! :) Not sure I'll have time to submit anything this round though...I'm trying to release a few new tracks soon so may have to focus on those and put Steemit in the waiting room!

O rightttttttt man they sound good after a few pints hahaha :)

Awh totally understand buddy. Appreciate you trying. Excited to hear any @mindseye-music that is released.

I mean, they sound pretty decent when being sober too ;p

Hahaha o totally gotta love those Dropkick Murphys :)

Dropkick Murphys are indeed awesome! Good luck staying away from Steemit @mindseye-music ;)

Of course I never quite said I would totally stay away... ;)

Hehe ;)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I just shared a celtic song myself, I would tag and participate but it is an old recording and links from youtube, I already installed ifps to upload on dsound in the near future but have not yet. Not sure if older recordings are eligible cps I love the theme and play celtic instruments but not sure I can make a recording before the 26th. I just posted it last night. If you were so kind to check if eligible. It is a celtic harp spring tune if so I will add the tag, trying though to do a recording before

Awh yes this is incredible. Totally eligible for this round. Much appreciation this is what I dreamt of when announcing the theme.

And if you need any help in the future with DSound I can help you in Discord.

Thank you so much for being apart of the community. This is truly awe-inspiring.

So is it fine if I edit and add the tag, or should I do anything else? I will do tonight to include maybe some gifs to the post in same edit. I am out. I actually play quite a few of the instruments in the picture, on dlive you can see them behind me.
Thanks for your help with dsound, I will join there for sure soon. I wanted to have though the video playing while people reading so I went for embed. Hope dsound allows embed soon. Honestly I tried the other day again but it was not working for me. I could not play others either, not sure if it is my browser. I am fairly new around steemit and try to make the best if it. Goal is to make an open mic and have not had time yet! Lol

Surely that is fine editing in the tag works. O yeah I thought I recognized the your name from @dlive that's amazing you got some serious skills.

Ahhh that makes sense and I hope they have the embed function soon too. Hahaha o weeeee hope you find the time I know open mic can get you some large rewards and recognition on the platform.

Thanks again for being apart of the community.

Aww thanks I already edited, added the tag and a link to the contest at the end too, thanks for considering my entry too :). I also edited the post and included lots of gifts and made a few changes all around :)

You're very welcome and thank you for your awe-inspiring content.

I am really sad I filmed the film musoc, it is another of my fav genres, but was enjoying earlier on the selections and finding new discoveries around too. I will get more into it when taking a little break.