SMA Feedback Contest Round 4 Winners Announcement.

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SMA Feedback Contest Round 4 Winners Announcement

Apologies for the delay in the Winners Announcement, I was knocked out of commission for a few days with some health problems that needed direct attention, and it was unavoidable. But I am still alive n kickin and I keep my word, delivering up the prizes for the contest.

There were a few songs that did not get any comments, hopefully some of you will go back and hit em up! I would, but that kinda defeats the purpose of the contest. :-) And a few of the feedback comments were a bit light in the analysis department, so hopefully next time we can get a bit more depth with the feedback.

I want to thank each one of you for your time and effort that you put in, because it shows that you definitely care about helping out your fellow producers/musicians. Kudos to you all!

Now moving on to the results.

1st Place Winners Are:
@joymatters & Clara's Retro Vibe with @hilladigahackles feedback.

2nd Place Winners Are:
@hilladigahackles & Bass Clock with @fireawaymarmot's feedback.

3rd Place Winner Is:
@wolfworbeikood's feedback on the Track Sun Down by @novili.

The Prizes Won:

First Prize:
@joymatters 7 SBD & 13 Whaleshares & 20 points.
@hilladigahackles 7 SBD & 13 Whaleshares & 20 points.

Second Prize:
@hilladigahackles 5 SBD & 10 Whaleshares & 15 points.
@fireawaymarmot 5 SBD & 10 Whaleshares & 15 points.

Third Prize:
@wolfnworbeikood 3 SBD & 7 Whaleshares & 10 points.

To claim the Whaleshares I need your Open Ledger Account Username. Any WS or VS not claimed will be kept in the prize vault for future contests. The SBD has been sent. And the points will be given by @chiefmappster when he is ready to do that.

Thanks again for all the effort, it is appreciated! :-D

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Well my goodness! Thanks so much @inthenow , @chiefmappster , all involved! I love the Steemit Music League Challenge ! I am truly enjoying stealing all these point in the whole game of it all!! it is keeping me in the mix near the top 10 i believe! I also truly enjoy writing the Feedback! It is very fun for me! More people should submit to this! but if they dont, I am gonna keep stealing these points!! Thanks so much guys for the points and prizes!! Im having fun! #smafeedback !!!!

Ayyyy much love @hilladigahackles love what @inthenow is doing what a guy :)

And heck yeah glad to see you taking full advantage of the opportunity. Much love and respect brothaman.

Thx for your contributions my friend, much appreciated! It's not stealing, you earned them. And if everyone else is skippin out, then more for you LOL! :-)

I agree!! i am simply talking smack to try to grt the other players in the game!

Right on! Lay it on em LOL :-)

Loveee!! Always inspired by the artist on steemit.. Really ignites my fire to create outside of the box! Thank you for this amazingness you guys have going on.. Ill be sure to enter as much as possible.. Conrats @joymatters x @fireawaymarmot and @hilladigahackles for winning twice! Remain above yall...

My account name is di13

Thanks @wolfnworbeikood for takin part in the contest, WS prize have been sent. Have a great day. :-)

Thanks to @inthenow for the 2nd place award, and congrats to @hilladigahackles for the double win! It was a lot of fun participating and I look forward to doing this again.

Thanks @fireawaymarmot for puttin up a track and submitting some feedback, much appreciated. :-D Next post coming tomorrow.

Glad to take part. So, I just signed up for a BitShares account, but I'm not sure if that's sufficient to claim the whaleshares... Do I need an OpenLedger account also?

Hiya :-) No probs, just let me know your BS name it will be fine.

Thanks, my username is gmcnn

Thx :-) WS Sent to ya!

Excellent contest..i am interested.....

Hi :-D If you are a musician or producer you are more than welcome to participate in the contest. There will be a new contest post tomorrow. Thanks!

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