Beat Battle League S2:R5 Announcement | A DSound Community Initiative

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Here comes a new round to help Steemians showcase their talent, hard work, and passions to the community from all over the globe.

We had twenty-one (21) Steemit music producers take part in Round Three of Season Two of the #beatbattle . Such an amazing collection of souls creating content each round and helping each other with feedback. Looking forward to hearing what the Steemit Universe can come up with this round's theme.

For the results of Round 4 go here:

The Beat Battle League is a Beat Battle challenge every 10 days that the music producers of the world can produce an entry based off a theme or sampled material for that round.

Beat Battle League.jpg

Courtesy of @nicnas

Round #5 of the Beat Battle League starts today and will accept submissions until March 20th at 11:59PM EST/ 4:59 AM UTC with winners being announced Wedsneday evening (March 21st).

The judging panel of: @chiefmappster, @beatseb, @seveaux, and @derekmiller are looking forward to your creations this Round #5 of Season Two of the #beatbattle.

Thank you again for all the time, effort, and resources you put into creating your art.

Without further adieu the theme of Round #5 of Season Two is:

Movie Soundtracks


We all know those epic movie soundtracks that live on forever.

Those dramatic scenes in movies usually involve the use of music to create emotion and drive engagement.

This round leaves some flexibility as producers can create their own beat that would be an ideal fit for a certain movie to be an epic movie soundtrack. Share the backstory and let us know why it would be a fit for a particular scene or type of movie.

Or producers can take this theme a different way and use past movie soundtracks as inspiration.

However you feel this round resonates with you let's hear your take on this epic movie soundtrack theme

Looking forward to hearing the creations from the amazing producers in the Steemit Universe


Upload your entry using DSound by going here:

You log-in using your Steemit name. When you upload to DSound you content is posted to Steemit so your following can enjoy your music and reward you for doing so.

If you have any questions on how to upload to DSound you can ask in the DSound Discord or SMA Discord channel or you can visit this awesome post by @prc here:

We don't want to exclude anyone so if you can't use DSound feel free to submit your entry as you wish.

Just make sure it's an original entry based off of the theme of the round and use the tag #beatbattle and/or comment the entry on any #beatbattle posts.

We are looking forward to be able to help these music producers shine and receive the recognition and feedback they deserve.

You have until March 20th at 11:59 PM EST/ 4:59 AM UTC to submit your entries with winners will be announced Wednesday evening, March 21st.


Remember the entries for the Beat Battle League are judged on:

  • Sound Quality: does the beat sound crispy, in speakers and headphones, is there cracking or recording errors? How loud can we play it before you notice quality issues? etc

  • Technicality: what are the skills you displayed in making this beat? The technical aspects of the your craft. The layers and sounds do they match? How many? etc

  • Creativity: how unique your entry is. How well it revolves around the universal theme? Holy smokes we have never heard that sound before? A creative video and/or artwork o yeahhhhh.

Also, sharing the story about the creation of your art in your Steemit post helps the judging panel and community gain perspective and knowledge on yourself and the message you are sharing.

The prize pool is as follows:

(Will be increased to reflect community support and updated in the Beat Battle Update that comes out later this round)

FIRST PLACE WINNER: 8 STEEM + 42 SMOKE for 50 points


THIRD PLACE WINNER: 2 STEEM + 31 SMOKE for 33 points



The Community Favorite each week will be determined by the amount of upvotes and comments responding to their entries, upvotes on their submission comment, and total community support on post.

Round #5 of the Beat Battle League starts today and will accept submissions until March 20th night with winners being announced Wednesday evening (March 21st).

The team of @chiefmappster, @beatseb, @seveaux, and @derekmiller are pumped to see what is in store for this week.

Don't forget it helps the judges and the community for you to make a post about your entry, with how you created it, the meaning behind it, how the theme came into play.

It is just another way for us Steemians to get to know you and your message.

The #beatbattle is part of the Steemit Music League which is a community with the goal of providing the most feedback, recognition, and rewards and possible all while bringing Steemians together.


Currently the following are the six contests in the Steemit Music League which is part of the Steemit Music Alliance (SMA) [click on contest/challenge name to go to most recent related information]:

SMAContest Initiatives
Steemit Music League Challenge (#smlchallenge) (Hosted by @chiefmappster): An open music contest for rappers, MCs, singers, vocalists, musicians, and producers.
Beat Battle League (#beatbattle) (Hosted by @chiefmappster): A challenge for music producers to produce an entry based off a theme or sampled material for that round.
SMA Feedback Contest (#smafeedback) (Hosted by @inthenow): A feedback-based contest for music. Provide music for feedback and/or provide feedback and get rewarded for doing so.
Chord Challenge (#chordchallenge) (Hosted by @antminer): A weekly challenge for music producers to create music by using the provided chord progression.
Kill The Pad Challenge (#killthepad) (Hosted by @jamesgetsit): A weekly topical text-based rap competition for creative writers to show their prowess as a lyricist.
Educator Showdown (#educatorshowdown) (Hosted by @novili): A bi-weekly competition for people who make educational content revolving around music.
Poetry Slam (#poetryslam) (Hosted by @jamesgetsit & @scuzzy): A weekly spoken word contest in the traditional poetry slam competition format.

The winner of the Steemit Music League is determined by the amount of points earned through League contests and challenges.

Another great way to connect and interact with the community is through the SMA (Steem Music Alliance) Discord channel.

You can connect with other community members, ask questions, play music live, get feedback from community members, get beats and tracks demoed, and listen to music with others live via the SMA Discord bots.

Live music shows by @seveaux and @scuzzy happening in the channel as well.

To join the Steemit Music Alliance Discord channel go here:

SMA banner.png

Thanks again @prc and @dsound for helping inspire that real, positive change by supporting and helping the music community achieve its dreams.


SMOKE are tokens are on BitShares. So make sure you have a BitShares Wallet to receive them and leave your address in the comments.

Download Bitshares Wallet

Thank you as always for your time and attention. Really appreciate it :)

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I need to buy a calendar to keep track of these competitions .. keep em comin! :D

Ayyyyyy appreciate you :))

Hello, My topic is a soundtrack to a love movie. I tried to create something new for the Beat Battle R5 S 2

The idea - as a credits music to the end of the film!/@fairy-kingdoms/20180320t205042475z-credits-4-lt3

O heck yeahhhhh appreciate you. Especially after the last beat I heard from you, I am super excited to listen.

Im going in! I already have a beat in mind I want to use

Address: 3NkhRvxDDQ5SqtHzEv5qeDRigjF1jEeHfo

O heck yeahhhh excited to hear it.

Cant wait to hear more beats just wanted to try it out ima send in entrys every time y'all put out the contests

Thank you for that really appreciate it.

Wow wow I freakin love all of this. Centralized backup hahaha yessss and this video o weeeee. Man you always know how to push the buttons.

Props to you.

I'm in, my hiatus is done 😉 let's see what happens

O heck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh :) And what a GIF that is legendary.