Crazy, Cool town!

Yesterday ...

I talked about how we had driven into a town where I was a bit skeptical! The town was an odd mix of broken down gold mining town from the 1900s and restoration project in progress! @mariannewest and I took a walk all around the town after being settled into our room , and the more we walked.... the more enchanted we became with the potential of this odd town!

Victor, CO hosts an active gold mine!

It's quite a spectacle to behold - and after it was sold - and repurchased, the new company had to go through a lot of environmental procedures to make the mine safe and healthy for the occupants of the town (and our world!)

Take a look at these pics and tell me what you think? Run down town that should be discarded? Or unique architecture and charm that should be restored!

This one made me think of you @thekittygirl :)

There were so many murals on the buildings! Really very special looking! These were old advertisements but I thought they looked like works of art since they were kept so well through the years!

An old trolley - kept in the park as a lovely reminder of a time long ago!

Some mining equipment... I love that it doesn't look like trash in this field... It actually looks like a statement piece! These were really neat to look at! I'm not sure I captured the heart of it though..

More mining buildings. They looked so forlorn up on the hill - but in a very nostalgic way! I always want to touch buildings like this to feel the old wood and imagine what it was like when people filled its spaces!

One of the many curio shops in the town. I loved the display of all the different sizes and shapes of bottles!

Look at the details in the architectural design of this building. It was no exception as most of the buildings had ornate carvings and fixtures! If they do ever restore this town to its former luster... its really going to be remarkable!!

How fun is this old fire truck! Can you imagine this riding around the streets, coming to the rescue of citizens? I can! :)

Finally, the town hall! Again - a masterpiece of classy design. Love the banisters above and all the beautiful little touches throughout the structure!

Hope you enjoyed this walk through Victor, CO - and if you find yourself in the area - be sure to stop by for the gold mine tour, and step into all the little museums! @mariannewest and I thought it was a real treasure! :)


I wish I was there... this looks AWESOME!

I wish you were here too! And YOU are awesome :)

Absolutely beautiful! Are there regular people who live there, or is it pretty much deserted except a few people to keep the memory alive?

Oh yes
.. regular people! And more are coming cuz they are rebuilding the town!! :)

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Thank you so much! :)

I have enjoyed hearing about your and @mariannewest's adventures lately. Brings a smile to my face to see on-chain relationships grow offline.

Great example of community!

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Hi @sumatranate!!! How are you? :)
It's been so fun to meet MORE Steemians in real life hehehe

Community is where it's at!!! 🤗

Hey @dreemsteem! I am doing well. Staying busy with life off-chain and trying to enjoy all of the developments on-chain.

Hope all is well on your end.

it is... very well :) staying busy off-chain as well - but off-chain and on-chain is slowly becoming the same hehe

Thanks for sharing this lovely place @dreemsteem. Love the old fire truck and the murals of advertisement.

Thanks for visiting hehehe I really enjoyed the old fire truck too!

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I love the seventh picture really, reminds me of the old romance architectural design and well I love the mundaneness of the image, can't tell the kinda camera used though.

It was my smartphone camera 😂😂😂😂

I can imagine a Monkee riding in the firetruck or climbing around on the old equipment

I can actually imagine that too lol

Weeee said the monkee as she pushed the siren button

Hehhehee just did a weekend freewrite with @mariannewest!

I think I'll upload it's an interesting one!

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Hey we are C-Squared buddies today

Nice!!!! They must know awesome people when they see them hehehe

gonna check it later, just found it in #pypt discord channel.
The places seems interesting so later..

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Ok.... what your favorite pic is when you get back! :)

sure..the one I love is the old trolley, not about it's designed but it's meaning and usage. It feel's so sad to think that this one was from the old times.

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How sweet that you thought of me! Thank you! That is a charming little structure, definitely! 🤗 Loved the walk-through of the town and some of the amazing things you found there! 😃

Thanks for visiting!!! Hehehhe it was really nice! And still is! Hehehee

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i think they already have an outdoor museum. They just need tour guides like you to bring it to life.

Hehhehee for sure..
.I'll see if theyre hiring!!! Lololol

Thank you @mariusfebruary and @curie! 😊

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