The purpose of the shoutoutsaturday tag (2x100 SP delegation up for grabs.)

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The past few hours have been very busy for me on the platform.

@danielsaori saw the initiative and the value and added an article about it to his current competition entitled Steemit Comment Challenge #22 - $5 SBD + 400 SP (1 Week Delegation) - Comment like a Champ, Grow your blog like a Champ!!

I extend a virtual handshake to Daniel.

(Credit Pixabay)

Daniel and I don't know each other that well, we might have spoken once or twice. But something happened tonight something magic. We communicated because we have common goals.
Recognition, Networking and growing the platform.

What happens now we have started this friendship?

BOOM in that short space of time we have created a mutual contest for shoutout saturday where two lucky people will each win 100 SP from myself and from @danielsaori.

But more of that after this.

credit @shadowspub

My interpretation of shoutout Saturdays, is that we look to engage with different people on the platform. To pull away those too busy looking at the big guns and shout "Hey over here this is where you want to be, you're good, people want to meet you."

We all communicate with one another and the people I mentioned in my post are people I talk to every day. But you can bet your bottom dollar that now I make it my mission to find six new people that I havent discovered yet, and I want to tell you about them.
Secondly our activity on Steemit decreases at the weekend, we wind down like we would in a normal Job?? Why this is social media it should be even more active not less active??

To me that is what Shoutout Saturdays are about, I cannot force your hand at what you post and how you choose to do it. But I can honestly say this you don't know who they know. Think about that for a moment, a new person who is on the platform might write some of the most amazing content ever to be seen, and you just discovered them whoa!!

So if you are going to do shout out Saturdays have that in mind, you never know who you are going to meet. Wouldn't it be great it we brought the entire community a little closer together, how much power would we have as a collective then??

Lets kick all this off with a contest.

(Credit Pixabay)

So @danielsaori has kindly offered to help with the contest for next Saturday's, shoutoutsaturdays tag. By delegating his own SP for 1 week, so thats 100SP from me for one lucky winner, and another 100 SP from him for another lucky winner.

2 winners will be chosen and announced on Monday 25th of March.


  • You need to meet and engage with three people you have not spoken to before, you need to engage with them as much as you can this week.

  • Create a post shouting out about who you met and why they are so awesome, and put in the following two tags shoutoutsaturdays and steemitcommentchallenge.

  • Post you link below this post with your contest entry.

  • Only one entry per person please, any additional entries will not be accounted for.

  • Only posts included in the comments will be considered.

  • The key word in this is Saturday so wait till Saturday to post it, remember we are doing this as a group so if you post up before your post will not count.

2 Winners will be selected each winning 100 SP for one week from myself and Daniel.

I will personally resteem all entries

Now go network. Thank you and good luck


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This is great! I've met so many great people at steemit this week will be hard to pick 3? hah looking forward!

Sounds like a great challenge! I hope that you get a lot of participation!!!

Love this contest! thanks @danielsaori for introducing me to @crazybgadventure's blog.
Resteemed !!.png

Cool idea @crazybgadventure.
I hope I will remember to make a post on Saturday, because I really want to join :0)

As always, you know that you all have my support. You or may not have just talked me into joining this #shoutoutsaturday sooner that I had orginally planned. This is a wonderful thing that you have started. It makes me so happy to see people join in and help out with what is really important on Steemit and that is the community.

you post very good

It was already great to see others doing the shoutout saturdays! It's even cooler seeing you guys invest in this initiative and delegating SP (even if just for a week). The community will continue to grow as long as there are people like you who really care <3

I love it!!! Great idea and glad you are doing this.. I also see that in addition to be connected to @danielsaori, you are also connected with @asapers... Both organizations I support! I will be resteeming this in about an hour (just resteemed something else)... But I will help you 2 spread the word!

Great job, great ideas! I'm happy to do what I can to help you @crazybgadventure!

We shall build the community together. I will wait till saturday to post my link. Networking activated. Thanks for the contest

I absolutely love this initiative! I love finding new members to engage seems like there's always someone new to put into my GINAbot notifications every day or two. I'm going to work hard to find three new people that I would recommend checking out and doing my own Saturday Shoutout! (Also, resteemed this post for more traction!)

I am proud of you, because you are so great in the world of steemit, from the pictures you post, very good, in explaining the picture is also very organized, I am happy if you take the time to go to account @zayanfaruk, what else if you want to give me upvote , hopefully you become a successful person for all ages, go ahead never give up, ok. thanks.

This is so great! Can i include you in the 3? We never interacted before and you are creating such an awesome contest now:)

You could but I am already getting lots of recognition for this it would be better for someone else to
be rewarded.
But you could mention that it was my initiative what started this if you want to :)

briliyent post

I really love this initiative ... It will really go a long way to bring people closer on this wonderful platform ... Nice idea @crazybgadventure also not leaving out my friend @danielsaori

Love the thoughts behind your initiative @crazybgadventure, great community building!

I've got a question to ask though...

In your last post, where I initially found out about the #shoutoutsaturday,

You gave a shout out to 6 people.
Now you're saying 3 people.

Please is it 3 new people and 3 old people whom we normally have chats with?

i need clarification on that please.

That is a great question and thank you for bringing that up. You are right I did shout out to six people the reason I wanted to make it three was for people who do not really network to ease into it. It is easier to shoutout about three people then six when you have not done it before. The competition is really for three new people thats why I said three and not six to give you a chance to engage with them, and make new friends and shout out about them on Saturday. However if you want to shout out about more then that is ok too I hope that helps.

Thank you very much.

I understand now.
Your explanation is well understood.
Thanks much....

Looking forward to partecipate in this initiative on Saturday.
It's a great one for sure @crazybgadventure!

Have you done your post yet @bafi I have been waiting to read it. :)

Hey @crazybgadventure, I've been super busy lately, I am a lot involved with the Italian community plus real life stuff to do. I'll publish it tomorrow, won't let you down! 💪

Well look at what a little networking does!!! Congratulations @crazybgadventure !! I love the tweaking where you need to meet new people for this one:) I'd say #shoutoutsaturdays is taking off!!

A little appreciation goes a long way, doesn't it? :)

It certainly looks that way I hope many people get on board with this, I can only see it being a good thing for the community.

Well I know that all of us at @newbieresteemday are on board and promoting it, plus those of us in @asapers ... well, we can't go wrong :)

...and I just added it in post-promotion on @helpie as well (another great Discord group helping new folks ;)

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What a great challenge! I dont normally get on during the weekend except to check my comments and respond back. We try to do family stuff during that time but for this, I may have to get on for an hour or so! Resteemed for support!

The best thing I can suggest @smylie2005 something @shadowspub is doing is she writes up the post mid week and then just posts up on Saturday, so that way you are updating as you go along with your networking and then you just have to copy paste it and you're done hope that helps.

Thats a great idea! Thanks for sharing it with me. I hadnt thought of doing that!

I've been dropping this around, how is it going @crazybgadventure? Are you getting the traction you are looking for???

a roaring success @davemccoy thank you for asking I hope you jumped on our train also.

I am on the train in terms of supporting you... I have spread the word in many places... but I wasn't able to play as i am so swamped trying to stay on top of everything... No worries though, I love the concept and will continue to do my best to play a support role!

And congrats, I have very happy to see this succeed!

I love this idea! I have shared my shoutouts today, which you can find here:

Thank you for this opportunity to bring us together. Here is my post -

good... I was just checking to see if your post was getting some attention and it looks like it is! Awesome!

I showcased @crazybgadventure in my last post because I thought it was such a cool's all about appreciation Dave ;)

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