Share2Steem, back in business (without me, finally).

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Good morning, everyone,

The last few days have not been easy for Share2Steem, its creators and especially its users. A great misunderstanding is at the root of this drama.

To tell you the problem was first of all a relational problem between @algo.coder and me. He was a little harsh in his comments, and I was rather sensitive. The egos were mistreated, and for my part I felt things slipping away. So I decided to leave Share2Steem, but it was out of the question to leave with nothing. The discussion with @algo.coder got worse, and in a fit of anger I deleted the Discord server and everything in it.

It was a terrible mistake on my part, and a great lack of respect for users, and I apologize for that. It caused a big mess, and created other problems. The next day, I posted a message explaining that @algo.coder and I had different points of view and that @algo.coder had left with the source code and database. I was terribly wrong in my choice of words. I should have said that we had split up and that he had kept these elements, it would have been more accurate.

I also indicated that he wanted to leave the blockchain. Here again, it is a matter of understanding on my part. Rather, it was the principle that the project would not be 100% Steem-based.

But to be honest, my starting message was not this one at all. It was an angry message, telling the facts (in my own words of course) and explaining that I was leaving and why. But I was advised not to post this message, and to be more diplomatic. This is my big problem, I tend to act without thinking sometimes, and then I have to be slowed down.

So I wrote a more neutral message, which you could then read, which many then read and took for granted. I would like to point out that the invitation to revoke access to the Share2Steem application and the advice to remove delegations was not my idea and was not part of my original message. But I nevertheless take full responsibility for it.

Anyway, the members on Discord played the role of mediators between @algo.coder and me, and we finally managed to agree on the business model to follow (it will be algo's) and apologized to each other and to the public, which I renew here.

I am absolutely sorry for the turn things have taken, and the harm I have caused including the impossibility to access the website, but also for the people who have removed their delegation and who, as a result, will have lost 5 days of income, hoping that they will agree to delegate again. I will do my best to compensate for this loss as soon as possible.

At the site level, it now uses the address, and now redirects to In case you still get an error message, cleaning your cache and deleting from your history should fix the problem.

There, I think I've said everything. I therefore reiterate my apologies to all those who have been penalized by these events, and thank all members who have helped to resolve this issue. I wish you a happy holiday season, and see you soon for my daily posts on Share2Steem.

Steem on!

Update : finally it seems it is not sufficient for my ex-partner, who made public apologies in public and took engagements, but finally decided to go back in time.

As he finally exploits my idea without any compensation, I will make it public so anybody can benefit from it as he wants.


Ca fait plaisir de voir que le projet va continuer, il me semblait très prometteur et j'avais des projets pour ce début d'année prochaine qui va s'appuyer dessus. Je suis donc content qu'il ne soit pas mort presque né.
En ce qui concerne le problème humain, la réaction a été la bonne: laisser un peu de temps passer pour évacuer la colère, puis rediscuter pour que chacun admette ses tords, il n'y a a mes yeux pas de meilleur moyen de résoudre un conflit.
Je viens de renvoyer ma modeste délégation en renouvellement de ma confiance.

Longue vie à ce projet et à plus ^^

Merci à toi. Oui, il est parfois bon en effet de laisser la pression sévacuer, cependant je dois apprendre à plus réfléchir avant d'agir, peser les pour et surtout les contre. Merci en tout cas de ta confiance.


I'm Sebbbl's wife. I would like to comment on this post to put things back in their proper place. Seb mainly did this post to round off the angles.

But having followed the whole story from the inside, I can tell you that Algo coder really plans to leave Steemit in the long run, that he just uses it as a springboard. He wants to have Steemit's delegation and once he has paid it back through advertising, he will leave the site. The whole discussion is recorded as evidence that I am telling the truth. The same goes for the way he treats people. It is a person who spends his or her time pulling his or her own cover and denigrating the work of others.
Now it's up to you to make up your mind: stay on someone's deeply dishonest site or stay dignified and no longer use this site.

The best thing to do is to remove all your delegations so that it does not achieve its goals.

If you don't believe me, I can easily provide all the proof I need.


After apologize, you shouldn't published like that comment. bcoz, when you feel regret nothing is more there.
on the other hand Mr. @sebbbl offer to others deligate again and he compensate to affected users but you offer alternate "The best thing to do is to remove all your delegations so that it does not achieve its goals."
what is the confusion create you, again?
and end of the day, share2steem have nice unique idea and have great prosper on steemit blockchain. If you are all walk out together as an united then share2steem will reach new ERA. bcoz s2s will get ready-mate more more users(steemians) who are almost everyone using twitter/instagram/media/youtube. most of the user still not know about share2steem, how easy to use it.
Can you imagine when facebook will be added on the s2s platform will reach more popularity.
if it is possible to implement advertising system like as adsence or dclik for that both (s2s & s2s user) will get benefit.

long live share2steem or s2s


This answer comes from the fact that after having agreed before yesterday on the terms of their collaboration, algo coder decided on its own that Sebbbl would no longer be part of share2steem. As a reminder share2steem is an idea of Sebbbl and he has been working on the application every day for 3 months. This proves again the dishonesty of algo coder. That is why I ask people to withdraw their delegations.

quite an introspection you have done there...well done !!

Thanks, it's was necessary.

very impressive , I haven't seen many folks able to do that..

Finally it has not been useful, I've just been kicked off the project.

its indeed sad...perhaps we should all move on...project is still in infancy

For my part I won't go very far. And I must say now it's up to algo to do what he wants of the project. I don't care anymore.

shit happens, lets move on. I'm glad to see this project back up and running. Nice work.

You're right, shit happens, it's up to us to make sure it splashes as little as possible. What I didn't do this time.

I hope everything is fixed, because I think it is an interesting and important project for the growth of steemit.

A strong greeting!

I think everything should be fine now. (edit, or not, finally).

Les grands projets ont besoin de gros caractères pour aboutir!
Les relations humaines demeurent et resteront finalement les paramètres les plus complexes à gérer.

Comme le dit le dicton, selon l'humeur du jour : "Breton : ou tout bon, ou tout con ! ".

Vous avez de l'or entre les doigts: entendez-vous pour le faire fructifier !
JE vous renouvelle toute ma confiance et j'envisageais même d'augmenter ma très modeste délégation.

Bon courage à vous!
Et puis, dans un couple : il y a toujours des crises à surmonter !

Merci pour cet encourageant message. Comme je le dis, un business model a été adopté, il est temps de passer au prochain épisode.

I've checkout the site at ... Everything is back to normal. Not to forget, crypto price is improving. Apologies accepted, at least you guys kept us updated. Thank you for the awesome service.

Glad to read you accepted my apologies. Now it is time to move forward.

Very gracious, @sebbbl and thankyou @kalypso56 for the context. I delegated 5 steem to the new account - hope it finds its way to where ever it needs to be. I really enjoy #share2steem and the way it integrates to @steemit, so I, for one am delighted it's back and again.

Thanks again!

Hi @sebbbl. I'm so sorry to hear about the troubles you guys were having.

I only just bumped into @algo.coder's latest posts, so now I'm working my way backwards to figure out what has happened.

I know S2S was your idea and it is always awful when you have to leave your 'baby' behind.

Trust in yourself and your creative mind, and once the emotions have cooled off a little, you'll realize all this will have been a huge learning experience.

I haven't read your previous post, but I can already say I think it's brave to openly admit that you've made mistakes.

Thanks for all the hard work and the love you've put in.

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And you know, this is why it is hard for me to think up ideas for Dapps, cause It may be hard to get a developer I who I can trust.

You're right, it's the last time I do this. He wanted to keep hit anonymity, now I know why.

But now the question is, how can we make Dapps without knowing code?
I realize a lot of the times, the people with the ideas don't know how to code.

Yes, and many devs are not able to find ideas by themselves. Few months ago, this one was begging on Discord for an idea to code... Pathetic.

Seems someone needs to make a smart contract for idea creators and devs, have know clue where to start or if it already exists.