My 12 entries to "Steemit Got Talent"!

in #sgt2 years ago

So first round of steemit got talent is over, and i thought about doing a recap of my 12 entries to this contest!...


I qualified for the 2nd round starting next week, so i guess i should prepare something special for that...

Some of my entries where old videos i uploaded to youtube, though i did a fair amount of exclusive videos for this contest, so hopefuly you can check them out if you missed some

Here are the entries by week order:

Also remember i'm doing this guitar-trail jam, so you are welcome to grab the backing track and jam along!



I made mention to you and linked to this post in my 2nd Edition of the #metaltree series that I am starting to rewrite.

Keep up the good work. You are a bad ass guitar player. :)

Wow that's so cool! Thanks a lot my friend! :D lml

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