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art by @elohprojects


To learn more about this amazing game and the people involved in its development, check this post :)



This contest is sponsored by @chadrickm and multiple winners may be chosen by him :)

This is a concept art contest, we are looking for the best concept at this point, so not necessarily a high res, finished in detail artwork. :)
You can choose to create an image illustrating the entire story, or design elements from it.
One winner could be chosen for the overall composition,another for the ship design,and another for crew character design.
You can even design just a costume, or a galaxy background from the story and your artwork will still be taken into consideration for the prizes :)
The art you are submitting for this contest should be Creative Commons Licensed. The winning artworks will serve as starting point for SFEOS game final art, and may be adapted, edited, by a number of artists in a future collaborative challenge /contest.

Collaboration and feedback are key for this project and for the entire duration of the contest we encourage interaction ( in the comment section ) between contestants and organizers :)


1-- create an artwork inspired by the story above , in a medium of your choosing/ digital or traditional

2 -- make a post on steemit containing your artwork,and mention that it is your entry for “ CONCEPT ART CONTEST for SFEOS game” by

3 -- add the Creative Commons watermark logo and the text, under your artwork


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
That means: you can copy, share, print, edit, re-interpret, remix and use freely even for commercial purposes

4 -- make sure you understand what Creative Commons License is.

5 -- upvote and resteem this post and the post linked above :)

6 -- link your entry post in a comment along with your feedback about this contest and the game :)

7 -- use ( #sfeos; #ccommonsart; #creative-commons; #slothicorn ) tags.
This is not mandatory but it will bring your post, upvotes and resteems from communities that support Creative Commons authors and cryptoart/ cryptogames creators.


First place winner ( 20 SBD)

Second place winner ( 10 sbd )

Third place winner ( 5 sbd)

By using #sfeos tag you may win an additional prize (3 SBD) for promoting the game if your post reaches the highest number of votes from all the participants

This prizes are guaranteed but, as I said multiple winners may be chosen if there are many amazing concept artworks.

this post is a collaboration between @sfeos / @chadrickm , / @alexandravart & @elohprojects

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continuing my work on this :P

general color.jpg

Here's my initial idea for the Meritocracy ship design. Hope you like it.
The game idea seems interesting but it's hard to know whether or not it's fun to play until it's launched. I know that just like in the real world, sometimes douche players can ruin the fun for everyone else. I hope it wouldn't happen.


thank you so much for your entry, it is inspiring :)

that is why is so good is an open source project, you can get involved with suggestions and ideas from the start, to make in a collaboration this game awesome.
that is why feedback is so important at this point .

Here is my submission for The Meritocracy. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for getting this contest going.



guys, want to collaborate with me on this? ;)


I will take a crack at a collaboration on this if I can find some time later this week. Writing up my submission post now for The Meritocracy.

Here's another submission for the SFEOS game. This time, inspired for some comic/ hero/ space/ game/ science fiction... style

; )

Suit 1_05.jpg


thank you for your entry :)


this costume is amazing she looks like poison ivy space edition

Here's another concept, just a scene that came to me of what it would look like at the Great Exodus.
Hope you like it :) The original PSD is rather large but I'll be happy to mail it to anyone interested.

Great contest. I will create the ship and submit in a few days:)


thank you for being a part of this, can wait to see , will start work soon too :P

How long does this contest remain active?


8 February :)


Oh man. I'm too late to the party.

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