The Great Exodus From Merikos I - Art - SFEOS Game

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SFEOS is an open source game that is just starting out. The game developers are harnessing the power of the artist community here on Steem to communally create the art style of the game.

They have recently published several posts with initial story fragments and asked for concept art based on those posts.

About 200 years before the present day, most of the greatly reduced population of Merikos I left the planet on a great exodus. They were led by the heroes that came just as they were most needed. The planet has just suffered a catastrophic pandemic that killed close to 2/3 of he population. The planet was deemed unsafe and the heroes led the remaining people to build generation ships and leave to find a hope of a better colony world elsewhere.

Here is my rendition of one of the last moments of the exodus, as a lone colonist is looking back at the last ship leaving Merikos I after finishing the last few checks needed to head out of the system. As Merikos I is dwindling behind the rear thrusters, she is wondering if she'll ever make landfall again, if she'll ever find a home again..

SFEOS Poster 2.jpg

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. That means: you can copy, share, print, edit, re-interpret, remix and use freely even for commercial purposes.

I hope you like this concept and I'm looking forward to seeing what other artists come up with.

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Loving the concept already....
Great one
Definitely participating
What would be the first tag though?
And also... Since it's open source, can it be done under

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First tag should be #sfeos

I'm trying to understand utopian more. Please help in pointing us to the best place for understanding. I've been googling and reading about it, but still don't totally grasp the workflow.


Very good

Glad to see your art