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Hi guys, today I worked on a concept for SFEOS GAME, I am not eligible for the prizes since I am hosting the first CONTEST, but I still want to create some art for this amazing project.


I am sharing today an artwork that has been in progress for the last week but only today I had time to come back to it :)
I will give all the files I created so far, with creative commons, so other people can collaborate with me and create some variations that will enter the competition :)
So if you make a variation or take further the progress of this artwork you could make your work an entry for the contest and possibly win it. :)

What do I mean by variations?

Well you can change the colors, or her bone structure, you can redesign her costume or improve it. You can come up with another pose for the character , or design another background.
Whatever you come up with, will be much appreciated :)

What do I mean by taking further the progress of this artwork.?

By that , I mean applying shading and lights where I did not get to, so far I applied shading and lights to the face and very little on the hair.
If you do some of that you could submit our collaborative work for the contest and be eligible for the win :)

Collaborating with me, or with another participant to the contest, gives you the same chances for the win.
So if your work is part of a collaboration it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a better chance.
If your work is completely original, it will be judged the same, along with all the submitted artworks including those that are the result of a collaboration.
The best ideas and artworks will win no matter how many people worked on them, that is how Creative Commons License works.

I believe that collaboration will generate more artworks for the game and better ideas :)

Although I am hosting the contest, I am not the one that will choose the winner, that will be @sfeos, so like I said our collab won’t influence the way @sfeos will pick his winners :)

So here is my work :))

You can choose to do a variation at any of the stages of my work :)

sfeos capitan log line art.jpg

sfeos capitan log general values.jpg

general color.jpg


Hope you did not get attached to the face in the first stages, I decided to change her bone structure since she is living in space, in a fictive time. So I considered it might look more interesting if she has a less human face :))
The eyes are wider apart, and the upper part of the head is bigger than a regular person would have. I did that intentionally to suggest that she evolved with a bigger brain :P


I started here sketching an accessory that could link her brain to SFEOS AI...





This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

That means: you can copy, share, print, edit, re-interpret, remix and use freely even for commercial purposes
And I really encourage you to do so.

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Nice work! You are talented, love this:) Hope you are getting some entries for the contest!!

Yeah, it's true. You left this work for a while now. I am sure your hands were full so it is understandable. Always impressive.

Loving the character concept. There seems to be a great group of contributors coming together to support the SFEOS project.

It is a cool project :P

I like this art....thank you @alexandravart

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This is not the place or the proper way to call attention to your cause - DO NOT SPAM unrelated post links across other people's blogs on Steemit.

this almost looks addressed to my post too :))) but I know it is not ...
thank you for taking an interest in SFEOS project too, I personally believe it will be a great game, and for that I give my work to it :)
also thank you for dismissing spamy comments