The Meritocracy - CONCEPT ART CONTEST for SFEOS game by - Eloh Projects Submission

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The Challenge

"SFEOS is an open source game that offers a lot of opportunities for artists to contribute to its launch and be a part of from its early beginnings. Being such a big project, where a lot of art will be needed, I (@alexandravart) decided to start a weekly series of contests and challenges that will reward the contributing artists and allow them to gradually learn about the project.

The contests will be hosted on my art community based account

This opens up to opportunities for growth through collaboration for all the contributors.
This initiative means to unite efforts and create an open team inviting people from different areas of expertise to take part and help each other to set up the foundation of this game having a stake in it from the start .

SFEOS is a promising project started by @chadrickm."

Eloh Projects Submission - "The Meritocracy"

Below is my submission to the contest. I chose to illustrate a concept for "The Meritocracy" SFEOS' AI delegated Space Faring Vessel.

Due to time restraints I was only able to create a profile of the ship but if the design is chosen then I will move on to a full turnaround.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
That means: you can copy, share, print, edit, re-interpret, remix and use freely even for commercial purposes


Check out more about @sfeos

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy. If you have anything to contribute to this project you should consider joining the SFEOS Discord channel

Kind Regards,



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Gorgeous work! Good work takes time, so I think this is great. As for the unfinished work it's really hard to finish anything perfectly with the time frame most people place in this forum.

Thank you @coquiunlimited. This is a project that I am working on in my free time which is quite limited as is so I'm just taking it as it comes. Step by step.

Very nice. I love the fluid design of the sails and fins. Reminds me of a BETA fish, they have beauty, but a hidden aggression. The design could read friend or foe simply by changing the color from blue to red.

Great work!

Oh yeah definitely. That may actually be a part of the story... who knows? :)

And yes on the beta fish. Combining organic life forms with technology is a great way to come up with fresh designs.

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Love the aerodynamical design, reminds me of something a futuristic Horus might pilot :::)

Dude Kaliptus. I responded to this through eSteem a few days ago and apparently none of my comments are making their way to people. Anyway. Yeah, Horus is definitely an archetype that shows through a lot of my works. Horus, Jesus, Osiris, Thor, Odin yes these are the crystalline power sources that circulate through my mind:) Jesus is my bestie but I usually keep that to myself for obvious reasons. Can't bring that cult into the other cult:P

It is a beautiful craft. I can easily imagine it at the centre of an AI mission.

Mission Accomplished:)

Great concept artwork!! It's a really cool craft

Thank you @relief88

this is crazy good, I love it :)
thank you so much for this amazing entry, I am inspired by this in so many ways
check this cc resource , it has 3D models cad files free to download

This makes me happy:). Glad you like it

just realized I did not link the resource sorry :)))
here it is :

Thank you for this!!! Great!

Very pretty :) I suggest you place it next to a planet or moon to give a sense of sclae. I feel like it's a huge ship but since there are no obvious windows or ports it's hard to judge how big it is.

Indeed. Good call!! Thanks:)

This is Great