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Earthquakes, storms and flooding – what passes as normal in NZ?

For previous info, see my post from yesterday and a post from who’s in the Wellington emergency response team.

It has been confirmed that there were actually two earthquakes (presumably this is why it went on for so long) at a magnitude of M7.8 (originally estimated at 7.5)

There have been over 2000 aftershocks.

We are now seeing news from the small town of Waiau which was closest to the epicentre. Their power and water supply have been restored, but water to the rural areas is still disrupted, causing concern for stock.

Carnage inside the Waiau pub - Source

Over 400 tourists have been successfully evacuated from Kaikoura. The State Highway will remain impassable for the foreseeable future. The inland road from other parts of rural north Canterbury was open to military vehicles for a while today, and a water tank was brought in. But due to more heavy rain this afternoon, and more slips, it has closed again.

Checks are continuing into the welfare of people in isolated areas, with most areas having been checked now.

In the Wellington CBD, more buildings have been evacuated. One of the main thoroughfares through the city has been partly cordoned off due to a building that has been closed and neighbouring buildings evacuated.

The new Defence department building will be uninhabitable for about a year. This is one of a number of government departments who have been moved to new buildings in the last couple of years. These new buildings were supposedly earthquake proof, and it was thought this would prevent disruptions to vital government work, in the event of a disaster. Unfortunately, in at least two cases, the old buildings they were in are still fine, but the new ones are badly damaged. Needless to say, questions are being asked!

There has been more rain today, and the winds are picking up in Wellington. Overnight and into tomorrow, we’re likely to have more rain and gale force winds, probably causing more flooding and slips.

Currently public transport into the capital is mostly running but with delays. I’m supposed to be going across to the other side of the city tomorrow morning to teach a class. Who knows whether this will happen!

As things change, I’ll probably do more short posts on the situation. But as I catch up after my six day training course, I’m keen to get back to my more usual recipe and health posts.

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As well as more really bad weather, more buildings are being found to be unsafe due to damage, and are being evacuated - town is not improving today!


The wind is so strong now, that each gust feels like another earthquake!


Thanks for adding this pic. Although mention had been made of the raising of the seabed, it's only this morning they're talking about it being raised 6 metres near Kaikoura. That's massive.

Haha! It's a general rule that the more legislation tries to do something, the opposite occurs... Sounds like the situation there is pretty bad at the moment... I guess this was to do with the Super Moon as well, since that tends to increase the seismic and volcanic activity. There was eruptions in Italy I think also?


And I think earthquakes in South America. The theories here taking the blame range from the Supermoon to the ship in NZ water doing the sonar locating thing for oil to fracking to Brian Tamaki of the so-called Destiny "church" blaming sinners. (That man makes my skin crawl). But any theory is better than the one that we just live on a multitude of fault lines and we have no control or way to predict what will happen and when.
Never a truer word spoken about govts and legislation...

Thanks for the update @kiwideb

Stay safe...


I will do my utmost :-)


I will. Thanks :-)