Science, Jesus Christ, and A New Purpose for 2018!

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We often hear about debates between science and religion, specifically the teachings of the Christian Church. The idea is that science and religion are mutually exclusive, that they are on a constant war path against each other. Believe in science and you believe in empirical truth; believe in religion, and you believe in fairy tales.

Yet what I have discovered recently is that there is no debate. Simply stated, there is no greater truth than Jesus Christ and the Word. The scientific innovations that we have discovered, and we are continuing to discover, should astound us all. The deeper we drill into the microscopic world, the more we find networks of complexity that confirm the presence of an intelligent Creator.

In my own life, I have discovered the power and miraculous works of Jesus Christ, humanity's Savior. To me, any conflict between science and the Word of God is always settled in favor of the Lord. As the Scriptures state, I would much rather follow the foolishness of God than the (supposed) wisdom of man.

Moving forward, I would like to make my channel more than just a financially profitable platform. I want to bless and inspire those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear, to follow a greater and higher purpose in life. Yes, it's wonderful to have money and nice things, but at the end of the day, all these things are meaningless if you haven't invested in people.

I will still maintain a no-nonsense approach to everything I do; however, I will do so with the context that I'm living for a higher purpose. It's my sincere hope and desire to make you profitable; however, I now mean this in more ways than one!


We should know that no science is looking at it
So that it is subject to reason and logic and does not contradict instinct
This will lead us to the truth and can not contradict the existence of God(That's what Islam says)

If we go into this discussion then every Christian will say he found the truth in Christianity , Hindu will say I am on right path, Buddish would say I am satisfied, Muslim will say my God is the real one then which religion is real and which God you should pray?

I address this in my latest post on this subject matter, but long story short, I don't follow man-made religions or denominations. I put my faith in Jesus Christ, who stated explicitly that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

So you are saying from the point of view of a Christian. This is what every person of any particular religion says about his religion.

INDEED! The John 14:6 Testify Himself that He is the Way, the TRUTH and the Life...
We Ought to obey and believed God rather than men.
"men = man made gods and goddesses."

I agree with you

And did not consider it robbery to be equal to God(God the Father)

Fair enough question. The problem with "religion" is that it is man thinking he is smart enough to figure out and explain God. I have a friend who is fond of saying, "Any God that you can figure out isn't much of a God." While I agree with his statement, I think he needs to take it a step farther and ask, "Is God smart enough to explain Himself?". Over 20 years ago, I found out the answer to that question.... YES. The problem however, is me. I can only handle the answer in small doses. I asked, "God, who are you? What are you? Where are you? What do you want from me? What do you want for me?". Ever since that night, I have been on an ever increasingly incredible journey of discovery and wonder, both about God and myself. If you want to know for certain who God is, simply ask Him. Then buckle up and hold on because the ride is going to get wild.

Ok, I respect your answer and the action that you have been doing something to figure it out.
So if I want to ask God where are you or what you want to where I should contact him?
Can you give me his address or contact number?

He would have to be limited to the dimensions like we are to need an address or contact number. The only limits He experiences are those He chooses to place on Himself. This is one such case. He has the power....and since He did create us, the right.... to force Himself upon us. He chooses not to. Instead He waits for us to come to Him with an honest and sincere heart. He does draw us to Him. The method He uses to do this are different with each person. But, in the end, the choice is ours.

Just simply talk. He hears you.

Sorry but Hinduism/dharmic religions do not say my way is the only way .

Blasphemy etc are abhramic concepts .

If that's the case then it is really good.
So what do they say?Like you can leave religion if you want?

In Hinduism you can have different paths to achieve moksha ( something like going to heaven ) .
This is like you can have different religious views follow different religions and still achieve moksha . You will not be denied heaven only because you followed a different path (religions ), had different views (atheism , agnostic ).

A person may achieve moksha if he did good deed but not prayed to God and a person may be denied moksha even if he prayed all the time but not did any good deed.

If by leaving religion you mean stop praying to God's then people do this all the time .

I believe in good karma :)

My English is not that good

The real God? is he who conquers your heart, transform your life and gives you love for others. I challenge you to meet Jesus Christ

So you mean to say Jesus Christ does all this?
For every religion, their prophet /God satisfy them. Every religion preaches love. My question remains the same 🤔.

Pray to God the Christian way

The Flying Spaghetti Monster is the one true god. All others are Impastas. R'amen.

I love the no-nonsense approach. I am fighting a losing battle with some Illnesses. mainly Cancer and body immune issues, This started a few years back and I thank God for letting me fight with dignity. I live now in Mexico with my Love. My boys are grown but I feel at 53 the no-nonsense approach is the way to go. Thank you for the great read

Thank you for reading and sharing your story! I admire your courage to "fight with dignity." I myself have become increasingly less dependent on man's wisdom of science, particularly health care and pharmaceuticals. Through researching medical journals and doctors that haven't been bought off by Big Pharma, I discovered that ridiculously simple things, such as a positive mindset, stress-free living, a wholesome diet, and rest/sleep, are far more effective than any artificial "therapy."

God bless you for encouraging me.

Thank you so much. god bless you

In my eyes, to attempt to describe our creator in anyway is in itself the "wisdom of man". Our reality may be molded by a force beyond our understanding, but even as a born Christian I believe our concept of "god" does not do such an omnipotent designer justice. It is in our own egotistical and anthropocentric view that has humanized this 'force' to create our notion of a god.

We view God from our human perspective (and therefore, our human limitations), but the fact that we cannot possibly understand the full brilliance of our Creator does not dismiss His existence.

Is it possible for us to even use terms such "his existence" or "our creator"? If such an omnipotent, reality-creating being such as "God" governs the universe, how can we begin to interpret it in any manner, let alone through the guise of religion? If there truly is a God, it (not he) is infinitely more complex than our traditional interpretation.

Yes, it is possible to use those terms. Just because we are too limited in fully understanding God's infinite wisdom and powers doesn't mean he doesn't exist. I explain this in a little more detail in my previous post on the subject --

The question still then remains, what made man, and what spawned that which made man. It still interests us to seek answers into the initial cause of what is, I believe we limit ourselves through language.

Yes man made god, but man did not make man. Even in science the big bang is the end of our knowledge.

Leaving 3-5 words on god seems quite boring, i'm sure I would find your opinion more interesting...

Humankind evolved from precursor species, and we can follow the trail of that evolution back to simple single celled organisms. What spawned the first life form, and where all the matter in the universe came from are deeper questions to ponder. But, just inserting a magical creator to fill in the gaps in our knowledge does not get us any closer to an understanding.

Agreed, jumping to conclusions isn't in our best interest. We have to logically work backward from what we understand to discover the true nature of and the reason for creation. I don't believe the answer to this is god; but neither do I wholeheartedly believe the action of creation to be caused by a completely unsentient force.

So what created the single cell organisms????

IT did.

That IT may be a monotheistic god, the natural order of a larger cosmic structure and law beyond our universe, or a omnipotent flying spaghetti monster that permeates the fabric of reality.

I do not know, but nobody does. Our language is limiting and this is all I can call IT.

(Hebrews 1:1-3 NIV) In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways, {2} but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom he made the universe. {3} The Son is the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven.

Wow. Great write up. I studied Physics in my Bachelors program and met many lecturers that didn't believe in an intelligent creator. They'd make several arguments against it. Until I found out that science only helps us understand God and his works.

For example I do not see the biblical story of creation to be different from the big bang theory... The bible said 'and God said let there be light, and there was light' and in the big bang there was an explosion that spread radiation spuriously. In science, light could refer to photons, of which EM radiations are quantized in.

So you see, if looked into properly, science only further proves the existence of a Grand Architect of the Universe.

We are also taught we cannot know God in [his] entirety. Not so different from the Universe we live in. God has a reason for all things. The law of physics and math require reason for anything to exist at any point in space and time.

The science community might have a strong atheist community, but these people by in large just do not believe in the literal interpretation of any of the major religions for describing the Universe and the laws we derive through experience. The debate & conflict really comes down to what set of language modalities are we to describe the universe we live in as we come to know it with more certainty?

Religious founders did not live in a world of generally well known mathematical treatise. They lived in a world of families and clans with social histories. Religion addresses being human among other humans in a world that is unknowable in its entirety. Science is a method that addresses overcoming human mental biases to understand the world in reliable ways. People might proclaim; "Science changes, but the word of God never does". As true as this might be, science is still just a method to over-come previously held notions of the world we live in (even if garnered by science) and describe the world we live in ways to make actions repeatable and reliable, so the end-game for science is not to know the world statically, but to continuously refine a reliable understanding of the world we live in all the scopes of observation available to the human mind.

I think it is more likely the evil one(s), who plays the trick on people to sing and dance the tunes that science and religion are not rectifiable. To err is human, to arrive at truth [forgive] is divine.

Very accurate, one of the biggest barriers for scientists is the predetermined attributes that come with a concept such as God, Jesus or central figures in other faiths such as Allah or Buddha. Like you hit on science focuses on mental biases, and for many, a large bias is an unreliable 4 millennia old text and the interpretations of God which are drawn from it.

I also hint that biases (or what prevents scientific understanding) is the scope of observation. 1 meter way, the observable truths of a wooded table are unreliable at 1 micron away from the molecular wood of the table. Many people unable to observe at the 1 micron level would fall back to faith in their scientific observations that a wooden table has three to four legs and is level. A person who only has the 1 micron experience in observation has is likely to have faith that a wooden table is an unfathomable work, they might even doubt in a creator of any kind.

To have faith in science is to have faith in the method of describing the material world accurately... many people fall victim to the fallacy of authority and end up having the same kind of faith in science related things as much as the people who they might criticize for having Faith in Allah , God, or another religions description of the spiritual life.

Very well said. It could almost be said maybe we really do look at the world synonymously to from a micron away. That is to say, we aren't getting the full picture of our reality either, if we could see the metaphorical "three to four legs and level" of the universe, we might have a very different outlook.

Hopefully you get what I'm trying to suggest there, however I also agree that scientific theory can sometimes become similar to the tenants of a faith. To give an unequivocal status of truth to a concept, such as the speed of light as a limit, requires a faith in research and observations likely not made by the chemist who employs them in the lab. Those who operate to enforce such a mindset can limit their ability to see things outside of their belief system and blind themselves to new discoveries beyond their realm.

Who created your creator god?

God is outside of this dimension and always has existed. He's unchanging, not like people who change daily. God isn't made of matter/flesh. Romans explains why God made all this and the purpose of it all. It's all about God's glory in His grace to his enemies. It's the most beautiful story ever written and we're in the middle of it.

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

@ikechi Thank you so much! I completely agree with your statement, that "science only further proves the existence of a Grand Architect of the Universe." Whether you look at the latest advancements in scientific research or to simply ponder your own existence, everything points to a supremely intelligent Creator.

I agree with you post but I will say I feel we must abandon traditions and ideology of the "christian faith" and seek the savior without bias to be sure we are on the right path that our savior has made for us. I say NO MORE hand me down religion NO MORE faith and traditions of Men. We must seek His truth and not accept anyone's interpretation without seeking and proving there interpretation. Blessings

Yes, I agree with this general principle. The mainstream church has been deceived with sterile doctrines that rob us of the true message of Christ.

What an amazing post. Your candidness is appreciated.

"For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength." ~1Cor. 1:25

Thank you very much, I appreciate your kind words! :)

You are very welcome.

Life isn't designed by a central planner it's made from decentralized ordered patterns. It's the dynamic mixing of individuals creating cycles of mistakes and corrections. One does not require the belief in a central designer in order to have purpose and higher conscious. One only needs to have empathy. If we must have been made from a more divine creator then that creator could not exist without there being a more divine creator therefor canceling out the divinity.

To be frank, "decentralized ordered patterns" sounds absolutely chaotic and disorderly. Besides, ordered patterns don't come from random events -- they are derived from deliberate intelligence.

Well that's exactly how natural systems work. Some people think the jungle is chaotic but it is a functioning ecosystem with order and balance. Whenever there are two mediums they create mixing spirals and patterns. You can measure a whole forest just by taking details from one tree and running it as a fractal algorithm. Nature spontaneously finds order all the time without any central planner.

@bullishmoney May God save us from religiousity!

She really does not care what humans think.

Then why create humans? Why give them emotions: the ability to love deeply, to feel sorrow when a love one dies and not care? Why give them language and not care what they speak or write poetry? Why give them the ability to dream, to fantasize? Why give them brains to calculate, store memory, create stories, create virtual worlds. Fuck her then!! She probably needs to get laid.

I'm not a big fan of religiousity; rather, I trust in my faith and relationship with Christ.

What does this relationship consist of? Does this Christ communicate with you in some fashion?

There's a problem: even if there is an intelligent creator, the odds of it being the specific god you believe in are small. I believe that there are also a few issues with the Christian God.

  1. If he's all-loving, all-knowing and all-mighty then how come there's so much evil in the world.
  2. All-mighty doesn't really work (can God create a rock he can't lift?)

I am looking foreword to your new post.@upvoted and @resteemed

That's great and also motivational for me because its my very first experience in such a unique platform.

Thank you, and welcome to Steemit! :)

Congrats on the new direction for your channel. I think it's great when people are confident enough to showcase their beliefs in whatever they are doing.

In regards to the war between science and the Christian Church, I don't think people should take either side to the extreme because they may come up blindsighted. It is far better to leave room for explanations on both sides and to hear each other out.

In my own journey, I have come to realize that there are fallacies to found in both Christianity and Science. And so, I now listen to what is being said and weigh what I take in as my own beliefs.

You won't find a single fallacy in the Bible and any of the 66 books. I honestly do think it's the Word of God. It's not something I want to believe. The more a person studies the Bible the more they start to realize it's actually very real and the only possible way out of the hell we're in.

I can't fault you on that.

You would think this god would have had a better understanding of the entire planet if not the solar system.

Now, there is a conversation to be had.

Thank you for your kind words! I would say that the "fallacies" are "necessary" fallacies because we live in a fallible world; therefore, our interpretations of God and the Scriptures will be limited due to our limited human nature.

Great insight @bullishmoney. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.

God- Decentralizing Himself Since ∞

Haha, that's clever! :)

La investigación científica, es de suma importancia para poder llegar a conocer el porque de las cosas, pienso que nuestra labor científica no tiene porque intervenir en nuestra fe hacia dios.! debe existir un equilibrio nadie tiene la verdad absoluta.! saludos y éxitos.!

🌟I do agree that science is here to reveal the greatness and wonders of Christ.🌺

Thank you! Every discovery that man has made only reaffirms our belief in a Creator!

Hey there Mr. Money, first of all well written text and thanks for your thoughts.
I think what you are saying at minute 5 in the video is way to drastic. It's like saying if you don't pray to my lord then your life is meaningless, since you are never going to fulfill your purpose.
And that's something, espeacilly when dealing with science but in every other aspect of life either, that shouldn't be done. To take someone the opportunity to build his own opinion and choose their own lord.

For me statements like these widen the gap between science and religion and also between religion and myself. I am doing what I want to do. I build my own opinion. I'm my own lord.
And if my doings delight someone else, let it be your lord or someone elses, it's just a side effect i think.

I appreciate your point of view; sounding "drastic" wasn't my intention at all. I wanted to share my belief, and everyone who listens can check out the facts for themselves. I certainly don't want to force anyone to believe anything.

Have you read or listened to 'God is not Great' by Christopher Hitchens?

If you love God you understand life, if you follow Christ you have life. Will wont see more post like this @bullishmomey

Wooow. "I would much rather follow the foolishness of God than the (supposed) wisdom of man" these lines got me thinking. God bless you!

All gods were made by foolish men.

Thank you, and God bless you! :)

God is Love! Let there be "PEACE" on earth.

He really is! :)

How do you know that 'He' is not a 'She' if no living person has ever seen him/her?

For Jesus said I and the Father are one. John 10:30

That was an awesome post....the best i have read today.

Thank you so much! :)

Brave write up... I have drawn a line between both so I don't get caught up in since arguments. I love religion and science, but the former is and remains my first love!

I personally don't consider myself brave...I just wanted to share my thoughts and beliefs with my readers, but I thank you for your kind words!

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Right ear truth this art helps give ears to hear. If you would like eyes to see, I can help with that, please contact me.1 (2).jpg thank you bullishmoney for the post I love Jesus.

Verynice.... Hope you like my art sir 😘

Amen bro! Thank you for sharing that post and your faith. I join you in the new hope. We've all done foolish things and are just examples of the broken man that I am. I daily strive to improve my relationship. I believe in love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul. As well love your neighbor as yourself. The keying being you can't love everyone else, until you can love yourself. God bless you.

Thank you, and God bless you as well! I'm on that constant struggle with my spiritual walk, but I would have it no other way. I also wanted to thank you for subbing my YouTube channel! I recently received an email from YouTube saying that I don't meet their 1,000 sub threshold and that they're going to kick me off their YT partner platform, so I'm very grateful for any subs I get :)

Yeah sure no problem. I got the same email. I have 2x the required yearly views, but I don't have 1000 subs, so come Feb 20, I'm out of the partner program as well.

@bullishmoney very clever words. I share the opinion that the important thing in life is to help others in their needs no matter if it is spiritual o temporary. The bad thing about money is not to have it, with it we can help people to solve some needs and draw a smile in their faces. The glory of God is to carry out the inmortality and the eternal life of man. God is the best engineer, architect, doctor, lawyer, economist, teacher, craftman etc. Yes Jesus is my best all.

Yes! Jesus is all those things you mention, and the absolute best in those professions as well...thank you for your comment!

For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.

I want to bless and inspire those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear, to follow a greater and higher purpose in life.

Amen to this! I'm so happy to see you speaking the words of life! Let God be true and every man (who contradicts Him) be a liar! @ironshield

Thank you for your affirmation! :)

I upvote you and also resteem your post. Is a nice post. This is mine, i appreciate your upvote and comment in my post. Thanks.

Jesus Christ is Lord and King!!

Many thousands of people suffered and died over the Bible and pushed the creation of the printing press. It's amazing 66 books came together like that.

thanks for this good post i gave upvote and follow you @bullishmoney please follow me friend @exchangetimes

WOW! I can't remember the last time I had this huge amount of engagement from one of my posts! I first want to thank all of you who upvoted and took the time to comment; irrespective of your personal beliefs, I respect the fact that you listened to what I shared. I also want to give a big shout-out to the heavy-hitters that voted: @thejohalfiles, @amartinezque, @edb1984, as well as frequent supporters such as @b52tailgunner and @artbyjulia.

Really, though, I'm so honored that all of you felt compelled to respond to what I stated in my video! I'm going to reply back to all of you soon...thank you so much! :)

Interesting title , I think the facts you presented in the content really tides up good with the content . It is very good you made us understand the context from the very beginning so we would know what to expect when reading .
This is a very important thing we must appreciate.

I appreciate that, thank you! I try my best to stay on point and not click bait or mislead people.

Keep on doing that

What we are remember for if we die matters a lot.

We can also say that science and religion can be interlinked. I am Hindu, and I have found that most of what our religion says is indirectly linked to science. We have yogis who has flown (literally) and has proved that it is related to science, directly. And ya it is a very controversial topic all over the world...

I like your point of view, everything we have is thanks to God, we are stewards of what he has not delivered and we must use it to be a blessing in this land.

Like you said, investing in people is the real deal..
One of my teachers 1ce told me a long time ago that success is not by the amount of money or number of cars and houses a man posess. Success is measured by the amount of kindness you have deposited in people, that's called Legacy...

You couldn't have put it any differently. Right on point.


thank you for this brief but clear post on religion and science. I believe we have a super God. There are certain things that can not be explained and I would rather not ask. I live my life peacefully and try to follow Gods commandment to the best of my ability.

Thanks for your comment! I think that you're on a great path in life :)

I loved your post. In fact, I have posted an answer to your post here where the relation between religion and science is explained in depth. Even a christian sister accepts Islam on the Live Show after knowing these facts. Here is the post link,

Excellent article. To the extent that man understands that Christ is the ONLY WAY to understand what is in our universe, in that same measure they can improve their lives. God bless you friend

As you said @bullishmoney once you start studying the universe and how complex it is -one example of this being the human body -one can start to think it does not really make sense all that to be created just by pure random chance. As Louis Pasteur said: "A little science estranges men from God, but much science leads them back to Him".

Indeed in my study of bible, I discover one fundamental truth about the ministry of Jesus Christ , and the truth is that the ministry of Jesus Christ is the ministry of humanity. To save humanity. Anything you do and does not touch or benefit your fellow human being does not touch God. Therefore I sincerely agree with you sir, and God bless you.

Praise be unto God on his throne of Everlasting and astonishing mysteries
Thanks .. keep steeming and touching lives out there, your upvotes would definitely safe a soul today. We love steemit @smartbcamp

Very true. The creation we see around us proves that God exist. As you said, Christiqnity and science are two different paths. Science cannot prove that God does not exist, it always do opposite. Learning biology into details proves that there is a Creator who designed the cells for their various functions. You have a good heart. Continue to help people and God will bless you abundantly.

The son of man, who knew and lived a human life, forgive man's ego with unconditional love and redeemed the ego of man into a level of consciousness that may allow them to be touched by a holy spirit. Truth be told, i havent been following a christian life but on a philosophical level, if this is all true then indeed this notion is powerful. Language and words interpret the abstract to find logic and patterns but there is nothing like the raw display of emotion which may open one's limited understanding.

the truth have to believe in something, believe it or not. 😇

No truer words have been said!

I hope so...

Nice one brother.....people are everything, investing in people is the most fulfilling thing you can ever do

Thank you! Yeah, all the money in the world doesn't mean anything without a greater, meaningful context...

Infact you are absolutely correct @bullishmoney there is no other way except Jesus christ, he is the way and the truth. And i see no reason why scientists should want to go in dept of discovering about the existence of God always wanting to uncover His works and mighty powers..But one thing i kept asking myself is that have they one day ask themselves who created them?

What a thread!
Anyway, the more you invest in this channel, the more you get it. Admit that this is financial blog. :p

Yes, I freely admit that this is a "financial" blog primarily, but I also have many "lifestyle" content as well. Recently, I've been inspired to profit my listeners beyond finances, and this has been a true blessing for me.

This is great is is such a hard aspect to describe how the technology of today and tomorrow has nothing on our bodies or mind or anything in this world. God it great and holy!

He is most certainly great and holy...thanks for your comments!

Total nonsense written by Constantine and his cronies and shoveled out onto the steemit platform........will you ever should, you have and internet connection do a little digging on your "Lord"

Actually, Constantine was responsible for standardizing Sunday as the Christian Sabbath, arrogantly changing God's Law, and thereby plunging both believers and non-believers into ignorance.

I love this theme, when you have had an experience with god it is impossible not to believe him.

Great post @bullishmoney
Have you ever read 'Signature in the Cell' by stephen c meyers? It's a thick book, but awesome read nonetheless. Some of the things gone over in the book are the chicken and the egg analogy... the whole which came first puzzle. DNA and Protein, which came first? DNA is made if protein and you need DNA to ake protein. He also talks about high level coders that were studying biology for tips on how to write better code. They discovered that it's a self correcting code. Intelligent design is a must. There is no way there isn't a god.

One last tangent: The idea of believing there was a man named Jesus Christ is ridiculed by the media and certain acedemics. However, there is more evidence that he existed comoared to Alexander the Great. Soceity eh!?

Science to me just further prooves the authencity of christ and christianity.

Nice post, but I'm really here for that pie...

Nice one sir,he is real to us

Profitable isn't always monetary. The world would be a better place if everyone would learn that. Wonderful post!

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