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After my post about the Grounding, that is the physical and psychic benefits by walking barefoot, I could not speak of the beneficial influence of WATER on our mood.
Maybe you already know, but when we admire the sea, a waterfall, a river, a lake, from near or from an image, we recall feelings of well-being in our mind.

Water is that element that brings the human being back to its natural state.

Let's not forget that we are made largely of water: only the brain is composed of three quarters of water, as well as our body, consisting of about 60% of water - varying according to age and gender and other factors-.
So it is no wonder if there is a biological connection between us and the water, causing immediate stimuli as soon as we find ourselves facing a large expanse of water.
The physiological and cerebral processes that occur when we come into contact with water, they have long been the subject of medical and scientific research.

What is its effects on our body and our brain?

According to scientists, the proximity of water is fundamental for reducing stress, increase creativity, improve generosity and empathy, strengthen the link with nature and have better overall health and well-being . More info.
Humanity is a slave to stress and forgets how important it is to rediscover contact with water and nature.
Some scientific studies confirm that living in contact with nature makes us HAPPIER but this figure increases by 5.2% when we are close to a watercourse. More info.
Even the seascape has the effect of a real anti-stress medicine: it lowers anxiety levels.

The anti-stress power of water is due to a combination of factors.

  • Thinking about water brings to mind the blue color, the most relaxing color for our mind.
    Scientists have now determined that colors have a strong impact on our mood: psychophysical wellbeing and colors are closely linked, our body in fact filters the radiations emitted by the colors transforming them into chemical energy. And blue is just the color that gives a sense of calm and well-being, even reducing blood pressure and body temperature. More info.
  • Looking at an expanse of water makes us calm at the subconscious level, activating the parts of our brain associated with positive attitudes and making us even recall the happy memories. So in front of an expanse of water we can put on stand by our thoughts. More info.
  • Even the noise of water triggers positive effects. Many studies have found a link between the constant and calming noise of the sea waves and the synchronization of the brain waves, as a sort of continuous lullaby for the brain. The flow of water downhill such as that generated by a waterfall in the mountains, it has the right dose of casualness and repetitiveness to relax while maintaining the concentration. More info.
  • Without forgetting the importance of the smell: the smell of sea saltiness, the smell of rain in the air, woody fragrance of streams flowing in a forest; these natural odors produce a myriad of chemicals
    that stimulate the olfactory receptor neurons which send positive signals to the brain.
    Numerous studies have confirmed that the smell can influence our cognition, our state of mind and our health. In fact, smells are some of the most powerful triggers of our emotions. More info.

Now we know what hypnotizes us and forces us to stop in front of an expanse of water, certainly the sparkling beauty of its surface, but above all chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and oxitocyn released from our brain at the sight of water, those substances that help to make us feel good mentally but also physically.

So what are we waiting for...

to decorate the interior of our houses with beautiful paintings with seascapes or with waterfalls or streams hidden in the mountains, in short, the background that we like most, the important thing that water is its protagonist.

Thank you for reading my post. All the pictures were taken by me during a holiday in Italy in the Abruzzo National Park, summer 2017.



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I completely agree with you when you say water is our element, I love it to feel the effects which you've talked about, nevertheless it's very interresting to get all the facts too, which you feeled before.

Normally I LOve the ocean, but this time your second pic is the best one, I think my PC have a new wallpaper/background image thanks to you. ;-)


Thanks a lot for your message, I really appreciate it. I couldn't live far from the sea, but I must say that the falls, even the smallest one really give a sense of peace. :-)