Share A Part of Your Heritage and Win STEEM! Announcing Sankofa Contest #10

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Last week's contest closed with some really good entries. We appreciate everyone who contributed through stories from all corners of the world. We all win when we hold the hands of others into our individual cultures and heritages. That is the beauty of the sankofa contest.

The top entries from last week, as selected by our judges are below. We invite you to click on them and enjoy reading them.

First Place: 5 STEEM

@iamthegray's "The Tree Of Akpobrisi"

Second Place: 3 STEEM


Second Place: 3 STEEM

@bookoons's "Panleke - The Protector of his people"

Second Place: 3 STEEM

@shemzy's "The god's heritage"

Third Place: 2 STEEM

@igweyakubu's "A Dirge"

All prizes have been sent to the respective winners. Congratulations, and thank you everyone for entering.

Screenshot (604).png

The next round is hereby announced open!

Share any exciting folktale, folk song/dirge, proverb or article on folk cultures. It's a wide theme to explore. Entries must be presented in the most original and creative way possible. The best ones win some STEEM.

  • Share your story on your blog as a new post.
  • Use "sankofa" as one of the tags.
  • Additionally, drop the link to your post as comment on this announcement post.
  • Resteem this announcement post to help spread the word.
  • Entries close 14 days after this announcement post. Tick tock...


We have a 23 STEEM prize pool in total, to be distributed thus:

  • 5 STEEM each for the first place winner(s)
  • 3 STEEM each for second place winner(s)
  • 2 STEEM each for 3rd place winner(s)

Remember, the best prizes are the author rewards that very good contents attract. We have had many entries in the past already go on to receive a curie upvote. Make the most of the contest.

Good luck! Have fun.

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Here's my entry

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