The son of david 1-5

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Chapter 1
I was only 5 when it happend, I can vividly remember how my dad was beating my mum, a lot of evil taught runing trough my mind. I knew were sharp objects in the house were located , I wasn't afraid of stabbing him, all that prevented me was the promise of a girl i had so much affection for, she promised to share her lunch with me the following day and be with me through out during break. Every thing that was happening seemed to have happened before but i couldn't remember when. I started thinking deep, trying to remember. I couldn't her the sound of my mothers scream any more but all i felt was weakness and dizziness.
I suddenly started to feel my eyes close when i didn't want sleep. I couldn't fight it, I felt i would just enjoy the sleep. I felt a sharp pain on my left harm, i woke up and droped the knife .
Where i found my self looked so dry like it was a wilderness, i didn't notice if it was a dream, my mind didn't think it was a dream, the only thing that was in my mind was that something very important will happen soon.
• Chapter 2
All that was in my mind was to go after the serpent that bit me, but I sat on a rock wondering, what could be that important thing that would ever happen in a dry place like this. While I was trying to think there was a serious earth quake, I heard scary sounds that drew nearer so faster than any humans speed. I tried to fight the fear but my heart kick so hard that I felt paralyzed till I saw one of them. It was no man or any creature I have ever seen before, it's teeth were uncountable, they were silver, they were sharp. I immediately gained the adrenaline to run when i knew he was coming for me, I ran till the sun was up. There was no more scary noise, no more earth quakes, but there was a very long que. I didn't know the end of the que but I joined it, i felt every one on the que were safe. As i was on the que I was observant, I didn't want anyone to notice me because i was a stranger then I asked the old man at my front what the que was for. He told me it was to see the oracle and ask for three things you desire most. I wondered what i wanted then I asked the old man what he wanted. The old man said we are different, our wishes can never be the same. So I teased him to say it anyway. Then he said

"To see my daughter get married"

"To not die of brain cancer"

"To know how my elder brother makes his money"

Wow i said.
The bright light from the blue flame drew closer till it was my turn then I was asked to make my wishes, then I said

"To be famous"

"To be wealthy"

"To be free from those scary creatures that would have eaten me"

The oracle asked if I was sure, it also asked, why didn't you wish to be with sandra, the girl that promised me love. I told it that I would easily have that if I can have these.

• Chapter 3
I was given a compass and a flute, this is the way you shall follow, I will lead you, guide you, be with you, for you have choosen wisely, the oracle said. My mind was filled with joy, I had no fears all I had to do was walk, he was with me, every battle he faught was won. We were not alone, as we passed through every path that was meant for me I felt the past of the lands we walked, I immediately knew my quest, I saw clearly of the past, I wasn't the first to walk this road, there were many compasses & flutes on the floor,
Then the Oracle told me my flute and my compass are most important to me, they are my strength every other things I will carry might distract me but the flute and the compass never will except you are being deceived by something through them.
I saw other things I liked like the golden trumpet covered with white feathers, I wept. I hoped I wouldn't be eaten on this road or abandon my quest. I was inspired by hope and blew my flute for the first time singing if they can wait for me to complete this quest I would never let them down. As time went, my tools got used to me, my taught was what they did. At this point I knew that my capability wasn't limited there was more to it I must find.
The oracle was always with me, he guided me. And taught me more things. He only shows the way to do them he never played your game for you with his hands, he teaches you how to win your game with his mind and defeats your enemies with his sword when you tell him to with your mind.

Chapter 4
It was so cold in the night,I taught I was alone till I saw the blue flame burning on a rock, I felt relieved until I started to hear the sound of a girls cry coming from the river. I ran to see why she was crying, behold it was the waters, I felt pity from my heart to this cry, it made my flute play then the cry stopped and a woman came out of the water, she had scales, her hair went down to her knee. I was afraid of her sharp teeths but I wasn't going to run because I was blessed with the bravery of a lion by the oracle, I wasn't meant to be afraid because they will feed on your fear till they can feed on your flesh, if I had taught that her teeth were sharp enough to eat me they would have been. because I knew this, my fear was no longer pure for her to feed on.
She begged me to play again, I did. I was amazed of how she danced and the other creatures from the water also dance to the sound I made from my flute then I sang Mermaid dance don't be shy. Then she really started dancing. She transformed to a beautiful girl my focus was on her, I couldn't see any other thing but her.
According to the oracle I was turning old and she was turning more beautiful as her skin became gold while she danced.
The oracle called me with the sound of thunder, the sound of the wind, but I was deaf while my soul is being eaten away by this creature, I was so concentrated on her dance.
The oracle doesn't lay sword on creatures without a sword or a weapon. If she would have used her teeth as a sword, the battle would have been easier. He lit the flame of my heart then I remembered my relationship with the oracle, I remembered my quest. I wondered why the dance of this creature amazed me, I wondered why the feeling was so good that I didn't want it to stop. Then I remembered a principle he told me.
The mostly used weapons of the devil against the soul through the flesh are.

"Things you want so much"

"Things you underestimate or ignore"

"Things you are afraid of"

By this time, I noticed I have fallen.
I tried not to want the dance, it only worked for a while. I tried to look away but she was dancing all over my mind. I ran to my flute and the flame, I was begging for mercy lest my flesh turn to bones and my soul gets locked with this creature as a slave to always play for her. I notice that the mercy I pled for has shown me what I would have lost. Then I begged not to lose them, I saw I was almost about breaking my flute out of frustration, I taught it would stop the manifestation, but it wouldn't have, it would have only made it easier for her and she'll create another. But I didn't break it . I knew how foolish I was to the wisdom I expected, so I begged for wisdom. Immediately I felt this anger wondering how she would have defeated me because I ignore the power the oracle gave me through my flute. I created an image of her burning in my mind, and the sound of the flute changed. This flame was like no other, it was a consuming one, like the opposite of the one I see dwelling in my heart to preserve it.

                   Chapter 5

After the incident of the mermaid, the oracle told me that he sees good in me that has been so difficult for the enemies to break, he made me understand that when a good that is difficult to break becomes bad, and a good man turns evil, he is almost impossible to turn good back, this encouraged me to remain good.
Learning is amazing when you seek knowledge, knowledge is unique when you apply wisdom, wisdom can be acquired when you admit foolishness, foolishness is the nature of man, man is flesh. I knew all this, but if I didn't know my worth in life, all this proverbs will be a waste. I am unique i said to my self even if I am just flesh. I prayed that those around me get to know how unique they are, this was one of my quest. But with all this, I still feel like the golden trumpet covered with white feathers, have the oracle left me, no he hasn't i said to my self. I tried to understand what these feeling means, I cried because I knew a trumpet might want to blow the most beautiful sounds, it might want to play a song that would make the trees in the forest grow and make the wounded animals get healed, but with no one to play it, it cannot. I immediately knew the message. I understood that every one in life is like a golden trumpet that needs help to make that beautiful sound. I hoped that i would be the owner of my life, but the oracle told me it wasn't possible, every golden trumpet will find the rightful owner with time. this was the time I felt bitter most, then the oracle told me not to feel too bad before the nephilim make me their puppet. I immediately gained comfort, I wept no more and asked the oracle why it had to be like this then he said how dare you wish to be the author of all power, when the creator created you, he said let us create man in our own image and not i shall create man in my image, or will you rather be deceived by the Devil that you are without owner or a golden trumpet that can make sound on its own. He made me understand that I wouldn't be own by someone on earth for too long if I have faith in the creator, he said remember you have me to guide you. You can easily be deceived making you move at no specific direction because not only one demon possess a man, but your creator is one. Then he shows me. Every nation has their own difference, this difference is their strength. They rather war against each other because of their difference instead of coming together to fight the common problem they have. Then he promised me that if I was a golden trumpet covered with white feathers, and all I wanted was to play good sounds that will heal and make things grow, he will send the wind to blow the feathers away so the world can see me. If no one still saw me he will send an angel of the creator to play me. Then i understood that i could alway make sound with the help of my creator, I was happy that i no longer had to worry about "who" was going to play me as i played my flute and sang. I hoped that the people around me get favoured and used by the right people, I prayed that they gained the wisdom and understanding so they would not for ever be a man that kisses the rings of another man till their death.

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