Sailing on the river Tagus - Lisbon 🇵🇹

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Hey guys

Today first experience out in the water for sailing.
It was a race actually and we had 4 persons on board.


It was super intense and I didn't know how strong the wind could be. Pushing us from one side to an other while we needed to move around the sails.


I loved it, fantastic experience :)
I was the one on the front, helping to put out the spinner and the small sail. I was also moving from both sides to counter weight with my body while we were turning.

Does anyone out there knows how to sail? =D


Very good photo in the sea with boat @jlcrypto

Thank you

Nice mustve been a good time

Except the stormy weather it was cool lol

Ahh thought you were going overboard?

Wonderful Views bro ♡


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