What Makes A Role Model? @anomadsoul contest

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I was hesitant to even make a post for this @anomadsoul's contest for the 500 SP delegation but after talking to my husband, I decided to go for it!



Is not permanently Powering down - nothing wrong with powering down a few weeks if you need money, but permanently powering down means you don´t trust the platform and are not very committed to Steemit.

  • What' powering down? I have never done that.

Posts original and quality content - quality is subjective, but we all have a certain standard.

  • I do write quality posts and when necessary I do properly quote.

Cites sources whenever part of the content does not belong to her/him.


Tries to reply to the comments on his/her posts

  • I never leave a comment unattended. I will carry on full conversations most times.

Comments on other people´s posts and gives some feedback to the author.
I comment more than I post. This past week I had over 109k characters according to @abh12345's Steward Of Gondor's update post.

Does not selfvote more than once a day.

  • I haven't self-UPvoted in months

Does not use bidbots to get votes - nothing wrong to use them once in a while to boost a good post or to promote an initiative or project, but come on, not on every post.

  • I have not used bots. I do all my self-UPvoting.

Spreads his/her votes as wide as he/she can within their SP posibilities.

  • I spend 10-12 hours a day on steemit cruising the pages and feeds. I am definitely spreading ALL I can.

Hangs out in some chat channels regularly.

  • I am in Discord just as much as I am on steemit. I'm connected by laptop, cell phone, Kindle and tablet.

Approves at least 10 witnesses (30 would be better but well).

  • I have 17 I believe at last count.

I don't know, why don't you tell me?



  • I joined steemit in mid-July 2017, and have a reputation of 59 currently.
  • I am a moderator for the homesteadersonline Discord group
  • I am the un official meet and greet ambassador for the same group.
  • I am a @fulltimegeek Steward of Gondor; which means he has delegated 10k SP (steem power) to me to be his “spokesperson” and find new talent among the steemians.
  • I am the sole writer of a newsletter at @qurator ( which has about 700 members) and write posts every morning, as well as collaborate to approve incoming members for the group/curator.
  • I belong to thirteen Discord groups; while I am active in six every day, I do venture into the others for updates.
  • I have a weekly recognition post where I recognize fellow homesteaders called HOLLER OUT Tuesday
  • I just started doing a weekly update for the community with new contests and all other pertinent topics
  • With the assistance of @beatitudes8, we have a weekly seed exchange that happens every Monday. Giveaways and things for other homesteaders. We hope to grow this more and expand bigger in Spring 2018.
  • Every week I have been EMBRACING a new homesteading member and offering 100% UPvotes every day for a week.
  • I just completed a Secret Santa giveaway and have a current one for the New Year where I just spread the joy and pay-it-forward to other homesteaders with consistent and good quality posts.

I just started to figure out how to delegate my own SP to another steemian and will be finalizing that this weekend.

I was named as one of @abh12345's number two Curation League's members this past week.

And just today I was- had been nominated to be one of @gmuxx's muxxybot's curator minions.

I am definitely 100% committed to making steemit's platform successful as well as other members of the communities.

Some of the events, challenges and I am considering: **

  • Delegating my own SP to a homesteading steemian (yeah, yeah... been there done that... but this time, I WILL SUCCEED and know I did the delegation correctly)
  • After realizing, and remembering, how important having extra SP helped boost my own steemit account, SP, visibility and reputation, I have decided to make a second delegation
    (I will be handing the first delegation this weekend, even after my snafu the other day; while the second person I choose will be receiving his or hers within the next few days. shhh, they don't even know it yet!
  • I will be having another @qurator membership contest coming in the next week- so watch for it
  • I will be doing a special January thaw- details coming next week
  • I have plans to expand my portion of the homesteadersonline seed exchange
  • I will be continuing to do my weekly Holler Out Tuesday post with some more and exciting twists
  • We all know I am EMBRACING a homesteading steemian every Sunday... well, I am also going to be adopting a gardener starting Monday- watch for the post coming

So that's it... that's my definition of a role model

Join Link: https://discord.gg/VKCrWsS
Community Link: http://homesteaders-online.com

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You are all over the place hahaha and I can see you comment on most of the things that I like and see how you further enrich the community.

Rooting for you and other communities based articles.

Wow loved your post...loved reading it....it's amazing....thank you for sharing have a good day.


Thank you for stopping by and for your support.

Great application post! Very deserving. Good luck!!


Thank you! There are some great applicants; all I can do is wait and see.


You got this!

Wow! You're amazing!
Thank you for putting your energy to good use. It looks like you are really helping the community and i really admire that!
Thank you for posting this. You're absolutely beautiful. 😊


Thank you! I have such big plans formulating and I will implement them; whether I receive this delegation or not. It would be an honor and I'd be thrilled; but there are so many great steemians who have applied too. I wish them all the luck in the world.

Wow, that made me tired just reading all that you do! ha-ha Everyone needs a role model and you seem like an amazing one. I am new to this steemit thing and have loved reading how many different things go on and the variety of people that post. I know I will get the hang of it, new things are always out of my comfort zone. 2018 is the year of new and great, different things. I believe, I believe, I believe!! Many Blessings.


Getting familiar with the platform and its algorithms took me a long time to settle into. It can be intimidating; heck, it still is today. But I'm here long term, so every day I learn new things.

You're definitely working towards the greater good, just like the intention with the Stewards of Gondor is. You are definitely what I would call a role model and even though I haven't talked to you that much, you seem very genuine and awesome. Your incredible model-photos in this article reflects that too. ;)

Also, I have every intention of delegating my own SP too, but I'm still just a small fish in this ocean. But I have decided to delegate 500 SP for each 1000 SP I get in the future. So even if I never will be able to delegate as much as @fulltimegeek and others, I will be able to delegate to someone. And that will bring Steemit even greater results in the long haul.


Your incredible model-photos in this article reflects that too

Hubby said... you look cute and all worked out for the day- take the pic!

I will be finalizing the delegation in next day or two. Gotta build up my courage after the last incident.

I never once thought I'd be at this level to be able to help someone, or so many other people.

Good luck to you as an SOG too!! It sure is a great feeling!

You are pretty amazing and definitely a good role model for all of us!


Thank you! I appreciate that! Need to see what Michigan pics you have up recently! I think I missed some

You don't sleep, do you....?


Yeah... but with my mind still on high!

Hubby says as soon as I hit the pillow, I'm out!

I like making homemade food and DIY. Does that qualify for the homesteading?


Yes that can be classified in the main homesteading topic. Many of us make our own food from scratch and have various DIY projects.

I like that you do not use voting bots. I think they take away from the community even though my vote is only 1 cent it still feels good every time I give it out.


Way back when, I considered trying the auto-UPvote thing, but it's just not the same. I have ginabot so she tells me when certain keywords are used and when certain people post.

Great entry @goldendawne you definitely are a great role model. Wishing you the best of luck.


Thank you!! And back at you!

What can one say? You, @goldendawne are very committed. I'm kinda new to these parts, and low-tech at that, which leads me to ask what the hell are voting bots?....it sounds like science fiction. How do I vote for witnesses? Any way, I am excited to be included in the @ocd post this article is featured in. I seem to be most successful with writing about one of my passions which is art history. Hoping to reach the big (60) by years end. Got any tips?


Witnesses you vote for by going to the upper right hand corner on the screen. Click the three lines and open up a drop down like list. CLick on Vote For Witnesses.

Voting bots are were you can set up auto-votes for certain members that you know put out good quality posts all the time; plus there are some voting bots you delegate your voting power to them and tel them what you want done. I prefer to go in myself and read- I'm a HUGE reader.


  • Join Discord and get involved with a community
  • Comment like there's no tomorrow
  • Interact with other members
  • Have fun
  • DON'T watch your wallet like a hawk- it will DRIVE you CRAZY

You have my vote keep a cookin along 8 }


Thank you for your support!

This is so inspiring @goldendawne! You've been a tremendous ambassador for steemit. You swooped in, made me feel welcome and guided me to a wonderful and supportive group when I was wandering around lost. Keep on doing whatever you are doing and I am rooting for you on this!


Thank you!!! You know the old saying... when you love what you're doing, it doesn't feel like work- well, that's how I feel about every aspect of steemit. From the homesteading group to Qurator... to being a SOG and all the other curations... the people.. the EVERYTHING!

Wow, you are really active, and probably have lots of valueable connections with people here on steemit. Going to follow you. Don't know about you, I've made more connections here on steemit (and more valuable) in a few months than I have on every other social media platform combined.


Yes I am fortunate to be able to dedicate so much time to steemit.

I agree...

Don't know about you, I've made more connections here on steemit (and more valuable) in a few months than I have on every other social media platform combined

I have had more success and made some of the BEST connections and contacts here than anywhere else.

You are definitely one of the deserving candidates on Steemit for this delegation and I wish you all the luck.


Thank you for your words of encouragement! Fingers crossed!

I put a good word in for you in the comment section of his post! You do alot for many of the minnows Steemit and for many communities on Steemit and Discord. I know you deserve all the delegations you can get because you always upvote and comment on many posts. Thank You!


Thank you for commenting on the original post! That was so sweet of you!

We'll see what happens. And thank you for your support.

This is a great application. You're already doing so much to help people and Steemit as a whole. Keep being you, you're amazing! Good luck! :)

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